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After the beasts had left, the entrance of the shell automatically opened up for everyone.

The Alliance players swiftly jumped upward and straightway started turning their heads, checking on the Turtles\' conditions.

Shit! We lost more than half!!

The player\'s faces turned black instantly after seeing that more than 15 Turtles had disappeared from the face of the ocean!

This left them with only 15 Turtles which were grouped up together in the center.

It seemed like the Turtles on the outside received the full brunt of the wave even when they weren\'t their targets.

After all, they were blocking the way for the beasts to reach their targets.

Sigh, this is going to make it less efficient to locate Landlord. Miss.

Mikasa said with a gloomy tone.

No need to bring down the mood. Golden Elixir clapped his hands twice to attract their attention and said, Two hunters will share one Turtle.

This might not be as good as using one Turtle each to locate Landlord, but it was also much safer and secure.

He shrugged his shoulder, I know that most of you will underestimate him and decide to fight him alone after sending the coordination.

The players didn\'t show much of a reaction at hearing so since he was completely right! If they saw an opportunity to kill Felix without the need for others, they wouldn\'t hesitate to take it!

The contract merely banned them from hiding coordination.

It didn\'t say anything about fighting Felix as one or all.

If they could obtain his Turtle, they would do so in a heartbeat, especially when they had seen the terror of the Oceanic Beastial Wave!

Let\'s begin by splitting the teams. Miss Mikasa pointed at her Turtle and asked, Who will be partnering up with me

Only Surreal Fog and Golden Elixir dared to raise their hands.

The rest preferred partnering up with someone weaker than them so they could always overpower them when Felix\'s situation gets solved.

Knowing what was on their minds, Miss.

Mikasa pointed at Golden Elixir while saying loudly, To not delay time, we will let the Queen decide on the partners as well.

No one voiced their complaints about the notion.

Thus, the Queen created 14 teams or so randomly, and they were split on each of the leftover Turtles.

Even Golden Elixir had left his Turtle behind and joined Miss.

Mikasa since it was decided that his Turtle would serve as their base.

This meant the three fishers would be left behind with two more players to guard them.

After seeing that the Turtles were finally on the move, Lisa swiftly focused the camera on Felix who was chilling inside his Turtle\'s shell while Blue Whale\'s clones were preparing to start fishing!

Felix had already copied 12 Blue Whale clones and bought them new clothes since Blue Whale\'s corpse had a hole in its chest.

Since his ability copies everything the same, he had to buy the same clothes to hide that hole.

Besides the nasty personality those clones had, no one would notice anything weird about Blue Whale\'s clones since they 100% resembled him!

This was just 20% of Felix\'s plan that would allow him to continue fishing without even bothering to move from his position.

Another 20% was the multiple scouting fish that Felix made them swim until they reach his *Perfect Sand Copy* range.

His range was massive alright as his copies could reach up to twenty kilometers away from him!

This would allow him to feel and connect his senses with his copies that were inside a twenty kilometers radius from him.

Since the Turtles were humongous, they wouldn\'t be that hard to notice if they were heading in one of those fish\'s paths.

Felix only needed to know that they were coming beforehand and he could easily order Blue Whale\'s clones to either paddle out of sight or destroy them by thought.

Just like this, he had successfully turned his Turtle into one that belonged to Blue Whale while continuing to use his cheating method of fishing!

Do you understand now why Blue Whale\'s corpse was a big deal The Maganda Chief asked while looking at his stunned daughter.

Princess Bird nodded her head in a daze and kept watching those Blue Whale\'s clones ride on boats and row in different directions.

However, they didn\'t go beyond two hundred meters from the Turtle so they could always return in a jiffy.

While they were getting busy either capturing fish or lazing around on the boat, Felix was switching between the scouting fish\'s vision every 10 seconds.

So far, the coast was clear and he was hoping that no one appears so and disturbs his fishing session.

Too bad, by the time 7 minutes passed by, Felix had ended up spotting two Turtles approaching him.

Both of them were coming from the south but quite distant from each other.

\'It\'s quite soon, but it\'s better to use one now to avoid getting interrupted constantly.\' Felix thought to himself while switching his senses to one of his Real Clones that were sent away each with a Turtle.

Naturally, those two Turtles had survived the 1st Beastial Wave since their shells belonged to players who were at the top 20 of the ranking list.

Felix had already ordered them to carry on moving in a wide circle at the ends of his *Perfect Sand Copy* range.

Noticing that the clone he picked was the closest to those two Turtles, he quickly ordered the Turtle to move in their direction!

While his senses were still in his clone, Felix jumped outside of the shell and sprinted on the Turtle\'s neck.

He then stood on top of its head and placed hands in his pockets.

After getting in this posture, he ordered his copy to stay like this and switched back to his original body.

Landlord is quite unlucky. Lisa abruptly commented while swiping her finger at a small screen, giving it some space in the big screen.

What she had shown were actually the two Turtles that Felix had spotted earlier than her.

The viewers could see the direction they were heading to and they didn\'t know if Felix\'s plan of using Blue Whale\'s clone was going to fool them or not.

Huh Why did they suddenly change their direction Baffled, Lisa commentated while zooming in on the two Turtles which were now heading east!

This left the clones to carry on fishing without any fear!

What the hell I refuse to believe that he is that lucky!! Lisa murmured to herself while quickly trying to find the cause of the anomaly.

It didn\'t take her even a second to notice that both Turtles were chasing after another one that was one kilometer away from them.

Bewildered, Lisa zoomed on that Turtle and her breaths couldn\'t help but quicken after noticing a tailed man wearing a black hoodie standing on the head of the Turtle!

Who could it be besides Felix\'s clone!

How is this possible!! 

Alas, Lisa still didn\'t dare to believe what her eyes were feeding her as she could see that the distance between the copy and Felix was almost twenty kilometers.

Such an unprecedented range was unheard of for even legendary tier 7 bloodlines!

Shocked or not, she still did her job and quenched everyone\'s curiosity by showing the ongoing chase on the screen.

Father Is that range normal Perplexed, Princess Bird asked while blinking her eyes.

Normal my ass! The chief narrowed his eyes at Felix\'s clone and said solemnly, I am a Legendary Peak 6th stage bloodliner and I don\'t have that range in all of my 12 abilities!

Princess Bird didn\'t know what to say after.

If even her father, one of the strongest and influential bloodliners in the Empire, didn\'t have that range, how could a 1st stage bloodliner have it

Are you still disinterested in him She smiled smugly, If only you listened to me before, we could have tried to find him without the rest competing with us.

The Chief shook his head and said, I am not interested in him but the source behind him.

A 1st stage bloodliner can\'t create those unique bloodlines on his own.

There must a greater force behind him or at least a reclusive genius geneticist, who didn\'t want to be found out.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_52456572147791499 for visiting.

He paused and eyed Felix\'s Copy, which was escaping from four Turtles now instead of two, and said, Whatever it was, we need to reach out to him first!


While the viewers were paying more attention to the range of Felix\'s ability, the Alliance members were conversing with each other by using the Queen\'s messaging system.

Although emotions couldn\'t be delivered, the content made it pretty easy to guess that they felt excited.

\'Haha, to actually get found out right at the start.\'

\'He is heading east.

Someone please try to intercept him!\'

\'Collide with his Turtle if it had to be!\'

\'I am almost there, carry on chasing.\'

\'Did you guys notice the color of their shell\' Miss Mikasa asked while standing on her katana.

She and Golden Elixir were currently rushing towards the latest coordination given to them.

\'It has a natural red color.\'

\'Hmm, that\'s weird.\' Miss Katana frowned her eyebrows and asked, Golden, do you think that he stopped feeding his Turtle after it reached this color

That\'s highly likely. Golden Elixir nodded his head and said, That\'s what I would have done to avoid getting noticed so early on.

Miss Mikasa nodded her head in understanding as she believed that was indeed a smart move to make.

That should explain the color, but it just feels like something is off. Miss Mikasa pondered out loud, Why would he stay on top of the Turtle\'s head to expose himself And why didn\'t he at least make an effort to change his clothes and hide his tail inside his clothes

Golden Elixir shrugged his shoulders and said, Maybe he wanted to get a better vision to scout ahead.

As for the clothes...Uhmm, I honestly don\'t know why he didn\'t change them. Golden Elixir shook his head, A person can\'t be smart to foresee that ahead but also dumb to ignore such an obvious loophole.

Something is fishy about this chase. Feeling unease, Miss Mikasa started biting her nails and said, I feel like we are being baited into chasing him.

Baited or not, we can only know after we caught him. Golden Elixir sneered, Who knows He might be using reverse psychology on us so we can overthink such a simple matter and end up not using all of our forces on chasing him.

That\'s a possibility. Miss.

Mikasa nodded her head and sent a message to everyone, \'Keep your eyes open for any random Turtle you spot, but still focus on chasing Landlord.\'

\'Aight.\'...\'Okay.\'...\'Will do.\'

After receiving their confirmation, Miss Mikasa  stopped thinking about the matter and focused on the chase.

The viewers were left in awe at hearing their conversation since only now did they understood Felix\'s strange decisions previously.

He considered everything to mislead even the sharpest and most intelligent player in the alliance!


Mikasa was known for having a high IQ since most of her wins were from puzzle games! Yet, she was being bamboozled just like everyone else!

The viewers understood that as long as the players had no idea that Felix was utilizing his clone, they would assume that they were chasing the real thing!

After all, no one was in his right mind would consider that Felix was using copies from tens of kilometers.

Until now, not even the VIP viewers thought that was possible!

A marvelous strategy by Landlord! However, how much time is it going to buy him though

Lisa commented while displaying a screen after another, showing that every Alliance member was heading towards Felix\'s clone from every direction!

They were tightening the encirclement around him and she knew that before long, his clone would see nothing but Turtles around it!

What was he going to do about it then She wondered in her mind.


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