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After Felix reached the white shell, he jumped upward while holding two blue tentacles.

When he landed, he started to drag it upward as well.


Seeing that the corpse was on the shell, Felix pulled his boat and went to help his clone who was emptying the boat from the fish.

A few seconds later, Felix went and brought the feeding bucket next to the Jellyfish.

Since it was too big for Felix to lift it and threw it inside the mouth of the bucket, he summoned the Eagle Guardian and asked him to do it.

The Eagle Guardian easily lifted the giant Jellyfish with one hand and placed it within the bucket.

Immediately after, the Jellyfish disappeared inside the bucket\'s void.

Felix received a notification accompanied by small-sized fireworks.


>Congratilation on capturing Epic Tier 3 Thunderous Jellyfish! 4000FP/2000GP rewarded!Whoosh Whoosh!

Every Felix\'s copy and material had broken to sand particles and drifted with the air.

This left only Felix, the big bucket, and a couple of fish copies which were left behind for scouting.

Thud Thud!

Big Boy, wake up! Felix stamped on the shell twice and said, It\'s time for lunch!

Rumble! Rumble!...

The moment the order was given, the silent and immobile white shell started to shake akin to earth tremoring from an earthquake!

Felix caught his balance and started gazing at the humongous wrinkly grey limbs, which were coming out of the four openings at the sides.

Even the rear had a small wrinkly tail emerging from it.

Yet, Felix\'s attention was still captured by the tiny grey head of the Rainbow Turtle.

Instead of making its entire head and neck leave the shell, the Turtle first peeked with its cloudy black eyes in every direction.

Only after seeing that the coast was clear did the Turtle fully exited from its shell.

Upon noticing the fish bucket, The Rainbow Turtle\'s eyes widened up in desire but it still didn\'t start eating since the time wasn\'t over it.

Come down here. Felix ordered with a gentle tone.


The Turtle lowered its head until it was in front of Felix.

Due to its long and thin neck, it wasn\'t that hard to bent it backward like this.

Felix started patting it gently while glancing at his bracelet.

The moment he noticed that only three seconds left, he removed his hand and pointed at the bucket, Eat!


Felix didn\'t need to do so as the instant the alarm resounded in the map, every turtle had automatically placed its head in the bucket and started gulping a fish after the other without even chewing them!

While it was eating like a starving wolf, Felix was checking the shell\'s color, wanting to see if it was going to change anytime soon or not.

Unexpectedly, the color was indeed changing from creamy white to light yellow!

Felix guessed that the process was happening so fast was due to the high quality of fish that was at the top of the bucket.

Meanwhile the common and uncommon were mostly at the bottom.

\'So far so good.\' Felix stopped studying the shell and went to sit on the original wooden boat.

After getting comfortable, he requested from the Queen, Please show me the current ranking list for fishing points.


Rank 1) Unpaid Landlord, FP: 31,500

Rank 2) Golden Elixir, FP: 6800

Rank 3) Surreal Fog, FP: 5990

Rank 4) Miss.

Mikasa, FP: 5100

Rank 5) Blue Whale, FP: 4800

Rank 6) Sunny Night, FP: 3700

Rank 7) Fist Over Brain, FP: 3400

Rank 8) The Tranquilizer, FP: 1999


Rank 20) Drunken Cat, FP: 1750

Rank 71) Lightning Touch, FP: 1550// 

Just like Felix was inspecting the list, the viewers, Lisa, and the players were also doing the same.

While he was nodding his head in satisfaction at the massive lead he had over the rest, they couldn\'t even breathe properly at the sight of his whopping 31k towering over everyone akin to an unsurmountable mountain.

\'Is this some kind of a bug\' In utter disbelief, Lisa could only remove the list from the big screen and place it again, hoping that it was some kind of a sick joke from the Queen.

Alas, she removed it over and over again until her heart started thumping loudly at the implication of it being a reality.

She knew that outrage was going to raise in the stream after showing possibly more than twenty players on the big screen and the stream, but Felix who had such a game-breaking amount didn\'t receive a single ounce of attention from her!

The Stream The stream!!

She swiftly turned it on as she always had it off since she didn\'t like reading the chat like most MCs.

Alas, the moment she noticed that everyone was cursing her left and right for being incompetent and useless, she knew that she f*cked up big time!

Especially when she saw that most of the comments were just spams to put the camera focus on Felix, informing her about what she was missing!

Most of them were naturally from his fans but the rest were from random spectators who weren\'t supporting anyone and just watching for fun.

Boooo!!...Lisa you suck!!...You suck!!...You suck!!....You suck!!...

Leader Emma and the rest of the fans didn\'t hesitate to take advantage of everyone\'s shock and silence to start cursing at Lisa while booing at the top of their voices.

What the hell is wrong with his points

Is he cheating

Let us see what he is doing!!

The rest of the spectators woke up from their stumper and started either doubting the legitimacy of Felix\'s points or yelling for Lisa to swiftly put Felix on the screen.

They needed to know what\'s going on for the sake of their idols!

31k F*cking hell, they knew that it was impossible for their idols to catch up even if Felix stopped fishing at once!

Such a massive lead wasn\'t supposed to be in the game!

Not delaying even a split second, Lisa hastily looked at Felix\'s small screen and saw him chilling while watching the Turtle feed off his spoils.

This time she didn\'t ignore it but displayed him on the big screen anyway.

After doing so, she straightway started watching Felix\'s replay from the moment he landed on the shell.

The more she watched, the more she felt the need to slap her cheek at missing such a gem while focusing on garbage!

Such a fatal mistake for a veteran like her was going to hurt her for a long time.


Upon seeing that the viewers were losing their patience, Lisa didn\'t hesitate to playback everything that happened in Felix\'s stream.

She wasn\'t worried about them booing at her since she was showing their idols on the big screen before.

The ones mad at her had already booed her and cursed her enough.

However, if she did such a mistake in a silver game She would have been toasted!

While the viewers were watching with a dumbstruck expression at Felix\'s \'cheating method\', the players were the only ones still in the dark!

Since they were the ones affected most by the despairing gap in points, their reaction was even more emotional than the viewers.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_52392856576382427 for visiting.

Some of them started cursing Felix\'s luck, believing that he had fished only legendary and epic fish while they were catching this garbage common fish.

Meanwhile, the calmest of the bunch assumed that it was doing of an ability.

They didn\'t know what it was but it was highly likely.

Since the game was still at the beginning no one assumed that Felix had allies who were fishing for him.

No matter what theory they came up with, the fact that it was impossible to catch up was an inescapable reality that they had to accept no matter what.

Not one of them anticipated that the game would derail from its script in the first hour, ruining all of their plans to gain victory!


Just as they were losing hope on how to salvage the situation without affecting their fishing points, an abrupt announcement accompanied by fireworks, resounded high in the sky for all to see!

>Miss Misaka had utilized World Announcement Coupon: Please gather on me the moment your Turtle finish eating.

We need to discuss a solution against Landlord.

PS: You have 20 minutes to reach my Turtle.<

Everyone lifted their heads to gaze at the announcement.

Some were clearly anticipating the gathering while some shook their heads and didn\'t bother with it.

They understood that Miss.

Misaka was seeking a Mega Alliance to hunt down Felix first and foremost.

If he died, the game would reset allowing a 2nd chance to end up as the winner.

However, they had no intentions of being in a Mega Alliance as they either had bad experiences in them or they believed that it was better to focus on surviving first and foremost than staking everything to win.

Thus, Miss.

Mikasa did rally some crowd but not every player in the game.

But the number of players interested were still frightful and could f*ck Felix up the moment he ended in their hands!


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