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His fans and the VIPs had already some kind of idea about what\'s going on after seeing the Eagle Guardian\'s hurl the spear into the water.

They assumed that Felix had utilized his infrared vision to spot a marine beast and hunt it down.

Their assumption was based on the fact that Felix was below 75% integration.

This meant, he still didn\'t replace his infrared vision.

After all, only 4 months had gone by since Felix\'s last appearance in the SG.

They could see that he was still at origin purity at that time.

So, unless Felix showed 6 abilities, they would always consider him at 1st stage greater purity.

What did he hunt exactly Princess Bird wondered with her eyes narrowed at Felix\'s empty boat.


Her question was answered in a heartbeat as Felix had emerged from the water while pulling behind him the Jellyfish by its tentacles.

He quickly climbed up the boat and pulled the giant Jellyfish with him.

By the time it was on the boat, Princess Bird and Felix\'s fans had their eyes widened at its humongous size that took almost every space in the boat!

What rank is that thing Leader Emma asked Markus, who was always sitting next to her, doing what he knew best...Write!

Upon hearing so, Markus stopped typing and did a quick search in the UVR.

Soon, the result came out and both of them were horrified by it.

Thunderos Jellyfish, Epic tier 3 beast!

It wasn\'t just them who searched for it as Princess Bird did the same and didn\'t know how to react.

She knew that it was impossible for her to hunt it down even when she was at peak stage 2 of replacement!

Simply because it was a marine beast! So epic tier 3 beast should be as difficult as epic tier 4 land beast to slay!

Yet that black thing had killed it in one single strike while still being at 1st stage of replacement! It was too uncanny in her eyes...No, It was impossible! Because she knew that the blacky needed to have at least 6000 BF at a minimum!

How was that a legendary ability for tier 2 bloodline!


Let\'s not rush judgment. The chief opened his eyes slightly and said lazily, Thunderous Jellyfish is known for having a fatal weak spot in its body.

Based on its ruptured head, it seems like that boy had struck it perfectly.

I see. Princess Bird soon titled her head and asked, What about that black sand Shouldn\'t it be golden, brown, or even red

The chief glanced at Princess Bird with a displeased expression, making her realize that she messed up big time!

I see that you have been skipping your daily courses in the Tribe school again. The Chief scolded after seeing that she was acting deaf, I don\'t mind spending your time locating your crush, but you better not let it affects your grades and combat drills!

FATHER! Princess Bird yelled in irritation, How many times do I need to tell you that it is for revenge! REVENGE!

Revenge, Heh. The chief snorted, He merely stole your spotlight for a second or two in Maze Shuffle.

If that was enough to make you waste 600 million SC of your money to locate him, I would be a fool to believe it.

Argghh! You so annoying! Princess Bird pointed at the replay and changed the subject, Just tell me already why is his sand black!

The chief looked at his daughter and asked with a hopeful gaze, Do you know what sand is

Aren\'t you looking down on my IQ too much father Princess Bird humphed in annoyance and answered, I know that sand forms when rocks break down from weathering and eroding over thousands and even millions of years.

For sand beach, a by-product of living being plays an important part in comparison to sand in deserts.

Good. The chief nodded his head in pride like his daughter had answered an existential question instead of an elementary one.

This rubbed off Princess Bird the wrong way but she accepted it gladly as praises directed at her from her father were almost nonexistent from her life.

If you repeated this definition what do you find The Chief decided to go all out in testing his little daughter\'s intelligence.

Princess Bird murmured it twice while coiling a lock around her finger.

Soon, she tilted her head in confusion and replied, There are multiple types of sand.

Like Deserts, beach sand, river beds, and sea beds.

That\'s right...but The Chief shook his head lightly and said, That\'s not what I want you to see from the definition. 

Upon seeing that she was struggling to find out what he wanted, The Chief decided to give her a break as he said, It\'s the erosion of rocks!

Huh Princess Bird raised her eyebrows in surprise and bewilderment 

In this ever-expanding universe, 99.99% of sand is a creation of normal rocks erosion in millions of years. The Chief highlighted Blacky on a hologram and pointed at it, What you are looking at now is one of that 0.01% exception!

The Chief waved the hologram and carried on, I believe that boy had lucked out on an ability that was created from sand which was resulted from rocks that were at least 10 ten times stronger than normal rocks.

The process of erosion should have lasted for billions of years.

Oh! Princess Bird exclaimed in understanding, No wonder it was so strong!

The Chief nodded his head and said in nostalgia, A friend of mine had told me once that he had landed on a planet that was 80% sand and 20% water.

However, he didn\'t know so at the beginning since the sand was completely blue, making the planet appear from the outside like an Oceanic planet!

Blue! Princess Bird was shocked.

Indeed. The Chief said, He told me that if he threw a portion in the air it would float for a couple of seconds before falling slowly to the ground.

He even brought me a sample of it and I have done some experiments in my lab.

What did you find Princess Bird asked, Is it like the black sand

The Chief shook his head and said, No, it was made from anti-gravity rocks!

Princess Bird took a deep breath in disbelief as she had never heard of such a thing before.

Her knowledge was indeed trash but in this case, it could be excused as not a single piece of information about the attributed sand was found in the UVR.

Only those at the top knew about such matters and kept it to themselves to profit from them.

After all, anti-gravitational sand was exceptionally rare.

Meanwhile, the black sand could be utilized to create glass that was ten times tougher than its counterparts.

So it was only natural that anyone who found those kinds of planets with such peculiar sand and environment would take it to themselves instead of selling the data to the Queen or the others.

How many types of sands are there Princess Bird couldn\'t help but ask as she felt that sand\'s potential could be infinite with those attributes!

Too bad, the Chief merely shrugged his shoulders and answered, I doubt that there are many since natural corrosion from the weather is a must for sand creation.

Not every unique mineral or rock with those kinds of hidden attributes would be able to corrode properly even after billions of years.

No wonder he said that Felix was extremely lucky when unlocked an ability that was using attributed sand.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_52625749298963187 for visiting.

In his eyes, unlocking such an ability was beyond lucky but it was plausible since he knew someone who also unlocked an ability with different attributed sand.

The only difference between them was the rank and tier of the beast used.

While in his eyes, Felix had 100% used a legendary tier 2 beast, his friend had used Legendary tier 6 beast.

So it was a bit uncanny but it was understandable.

The other VIPs had somewhat of the same conversation and thus they were merely shocked by the black sand instead of reacting too excessively.

However, when *perfect Sand Copy* was added to *The Guardians of Temples*, doubts about Felix\'s sand bloodline started to arise.

They could close one eye at Felix\'s legendary poison bloodline that had tens of inducements while the limit known was just 5.

However, they couldn\'t do it anymore when he just showed them two sand abilities that were never heard of even in the legendary tier 7 bloodline.

After all, they could see that Blacky was a sentient being just like Felix\'s copies.

That\'s without adding the fact that he was made from black sand!

Lucky once Sure!, Lucky twice! Maybe! But Three times in a row

They weren\'t that retarded to not realize that Felix either had someone give him mutated bloodlines or a new form of evolved bloodlines to be that strong.

If they managed to get him, they would get to the source that was providing him.

Every one of them wanted to get that source!

Even Princess Bird\'s Father!

This time, Felix had truly attracted the attention of the giants of the Human Race!

Felix knew all along that his bloodline \'rank\' would be doubted sooner or later the more he continued showing the difference in his abilities than what\'s known.

But did he give a crap Nope!

Felix just kept rowing and rowing while humming a soft tone, heading back to the white shell.

He didn\'t bother stressing himself about having his real-life persona getting found out by them as he had done everything to separate his two characters.

If it wasn\'t for so, Princess Bird would have found him out with her background massive network.

Thus, he just focused on the game and farming as many game points as possible.

Doing his thing.

Ti-ring! Ti-ring!

>Congratilation on fishing 200 GP bundle!Congratilation on fishing 300 GP bundle!<

\'Hehe, keep it up boys.\' Felix smirked faintly while looking at the white shell of his Turtle.

He had arrived just in time to fill the bucket before the next stage begins!

Felix knew that dangers would start on this stage since every player would have access to the fishing points list!!

He hoped that one of them would have a heart attack after seeing the points he had.


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