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As it got closer, Felix managed to see blue electrifying charges being emitted from those tentacles, which were as long as a standard street pole.

\'Hmm, don\'t know its name and rank, but it must be at least either Legendary tier 2 marine beast or epic tier 3 marine beast.\' Felix pondered to himself while swimming swiftly towards the beast, wanting to check it upclose.

Since he was looking from the eyes of the fish, he was gone unnoticed by the jellyfish even though he was only a few meters away from it.

Or probably, the beast had already seen him and decided to ignore him due to the golden fish species being on the prey side.

As Felix was studying the beast and trying to locate a weakness in its body to assist him in his upcoming battle, he ordered the clone that he brought with him to jump on the loaded boat and leave this area at once.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_52369143810280686 for visiting.

He already disconnected for a split second to switch boats before connecting again with the fish.

The last thing he wanted was for his spoils to end up caught in the crossfire!

Obviously, everything that he was doing was confusing the viewers but Felix didn\'t give a ** about it.

He just kept focusing on the giant Jellyfish that was swimming slowly in his boat direction.

\'The beast is 15 meters deep and 30 meters away to my right side.\' Felix kept calculating while switching senses from the fish and himself.

\'If I threw a spear from here, the water-resistance would lower the penetrative force of my attack to the bare minimum.

I would probably hurt it but not outright kill...Uhmm\'

In fish form, Felix stopped swimming at once after noticing from above that the Jellyfish\'s head appeared like a thin layer of paper.

Not all of it but just right at the center!

If it wasn\'t for him being only two meters away from the area, he wouldn\'t have been able to notice such a hidden difference in thickness!

However, due to his non-threatening status as a small fish, the Jellyfish beast let him approach it as it pleases without a problem!

\'Heheh, I may have lost infrared vision but senses sharing combination with Perfect Copy isn\'t so shabby either.\' Felix grinned with his toothless fish mouth, scaring the ** of the other smaller fish near him.

Without hesitation, Felix switched back to his real body and stood up on his feet.

He kicked some fish that were in the way and placed one foot on the stern of the boat.

He glanced one time at the water beneath him and turned around.

Then, he pointed his palm at empty space next to the bow seat and snapped his finger with his other hand.

Immediately after, a stream of pitch-black sand gushed from his palm akin to a water dam into that spot.

The force was so strong the boat shook after sand landed on its floor!

Felix didn\'t worry about flipping the boat as he merely carried on pumping sand in that area.

After a couple of seconds, Felix retracted his palm after seeing that the black sand had started to rise higher and higher while being modified at the same time into a humanoid shape.

By the time the sand stopped raising, the black thing was already 8 meters in height and had four basic limbs and ahead just like every other normal human.

However, it didn\'t stay like this for long as the sand around its body started to move back and forth akin to waves, creating details so realistic anyone would have assumed that a professional sculptor had created this magnificent being!

Although everything was black, the viewers were able to see that its head was that of an eagle and the body of a human.

He had two growing black wings on his back and holding tightly into a spear that had an eagle beak as its head!

The moment the process of creation ended, the black being\'s fingers moved slightly as he tightened his grip on the spear even further.

He lowered his head and gazed at Felix with pitch-black eyes, that would send shivers into anyone\'s skin.

However, Felix merely threatened him with his lips twitching, \'Guardian of the War Temple, Don\'t you dare greet me here.\'

Alas, the black being didn\'t care about his threat as he kneeled on one knee with his head lowered to Felix.

Then, he lifted the spear slightly and brought it down twice on the wooden surface of the boat!

Thud Thud!

Scared **less, Felix held his breath as he looked at the area of the boat where it was struck by the spear.

Seeing that it wasn\'t damaged, he wiped his sweaty forehead.

The last thing he wanted was to fall into the ocean now while being near such a dangerous beast.

Speaking about it, Felix swiftly switched his senses to the fish and noticed that the Jellyfish was only 15 meters to his right.

Its depth didn\'t change much, remaining at 10 meters below.

Felix didn\'t switch back to his original body as he kept gazing at the Jellyfish getting closer and closer underneath his boat.


The instant the Jellyfish was almost right below the boat, Felix controlled the little fish to stay half a meter next to the thin layer of the Jellyfish\'s head.

A split second later, He switched his senses not to his original body but to the Guardian of The War Temple\'s body!!!

Immediately after gaining full control of this being, Felix hastily stood up from his kneeling position and lifted the black spear above his head.

Although the Guardian was eight meters tall, Felix didn\'t show any signs of inexperience or difficulty.

He did the entire sequence just like he was in his own body!

All of this due to the hard work he had to go through in the past months after unlocking the sand abilities and especially this active ability, *Guardians of The Temples*!

Felix tightened his grip on the spear, making his fans\' hearts start to thumb rapidly.

What the f*ck was going on and what was that black being going to do! Questions like those rung at least once in their minds.

Meanwhile, Felix had closed his eyes and relied on his mental energy to sense the fish, which was made by his energy first and foremost.

The moment he felt that it was 9 meters below him and 1.3 meters to his right, Felix didn\'t hesitate to use his passive *Harden* on the spear turning it as tough and heavy as a boulder!

He had to do it.

Otherwise, the spear would be affected heavily by water since it was made purely from the sand.

Then, he hurled the 9 meters long spear in that specific direction with all of his strength!


The spear penetrated the water akin to a 12-millimeter bullet fired by a sniper rifle!

Since the distance wasn\'t far between Felix and the Jellyfish, the spear reached it in a split second!


The beak of the spear passed by the small golden fish and pierced exactly the thin layered skin of the Jellyfish!

The process was swift and without any resistance! Heck, the Jellyfish merely flinched twice before drifting motionlessly in the water, taking the spear with it.

Its body got pierced fully, allowing the spear to exit from the other direction!

Such a smooth and clean win wouldn\'t have happened without the combination of Felix\'s new sand abilities, hard work, and his wits!

Of course, some luck was needed as well since a single mistake and the spear would have either missed the weak spot or the target completely.

\'Hopefully, the beast is worth the effort.\'

Felix wished so while switching back to his original body.

After he opened his eyes, he waved his hand dismissively at the Guardian of The War Temple, Eagle Guardian, you can leave.

Upon hearing so, Eagle Guardian nodded his head intelligently and broke into sand particles while still in a kneeling position.

Felix was already numbed by seeing him kneel every time he brought him out and sent him away.

When he unlocked this ability at 30%, he was extremely delighted by obtaining an actual ability that allows him to summon sentient beings!

They weren\'t like his retarded clones that were using his personality and memories to make their decisions but actual beings with a thought process!

Well, it wasn\'t really a highly advanced one as they could just respond to simplistic orders by Felix.

However, when it comes to moving on their own without Felix\'s interference, he found out that he could actually get beaten black and blue by them!

For example, Eagle Guardian was named as Guardian of War Temple and was a Spear Grandmaster!

When Felix fought him alone, he was utterly demolished as Eagle Guardian\'s strength was 40% more than he possessed!

Yet, what truly drove him to the depth of despair in those battles were his spear techniques that were at a level, Felix could only dream about reaching!

The fact that he was using those techniques in a split second and without a single delay made it pretty obvious for Felix to guess that the Eagle Guardian wasn\'t relying on instinct or battle senses. 

Instead, Felix and Asna theorized that it was due to Lady Sphinx \'programming\' it with billions of unique moves, each for a specific moment! 

So those Guardians were quite alike to AIs but more ancient!

For Lady Sphinx to create such a thing billions of years ago just further emphasized that her intelligence was off the roof!

Although Felix had unlocked this ability in the previous three months, he knew that its potential was still not dug fully by him.

But he was getting there slowly.

Right now, Felix simply copied a fish on his boat and threw it back in the ocean.

He then switched his vision to it and dove deeper to scout for the corpse of the Jellyfish.

Upon seeing that it was truly dead, Felix switched back to his original body and jumped in the water under the enlightened looks of the viewers.



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