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After rowing more than enough and seeing a good fishing spot, Felix left the copy to continue fishing.

As long as he was capturing fish continuously, he wouldn\'t start torturing them again...Probably

Felix carried on and switched to F5, F6...until he had checked on every one of them.

The majority weren\'t doing too shabby.

\'Time to get back.\'

The moment he thought so, Felix\'s eyes in his real body opened up.

He swiftly changed his fishing spot since the redfish school had already gone away.

It wasn\'t hard to find one by using the eyes of the golden fish underwater.

Ten minutes later...

Felix\'s boat was already filled to the brim by three fish species different in shape, size, and color.

Some were thin and long while others had plump bodies, making anyone salivate just by looking at them.

The fish used in the competition was from all different parts of the universe, adding a terrifying diversity to the ocean.

But still, the majority of them were at least half meter to one meter long.

This made it difficult for the boat to carry a large number of them since the space wasn\'t vast enough to hold a lot of them at once.

\'20 minutes had gone by.

40 minutes left before the feeding stage.\' Felix placed down the fishing rod beside him and held the paddlers.

He sat on the stern seat which was the only empty spot and started rowing back to the white shell.

He didn\'t forget to order the rest of his clones to return no matter how many fish they got.

A few minutes later...The ever floating white shell had entered Felix\'s eyesight.

F11, who was left to watch over the white shell, could be seen scratching his ass on top of the large feeding bucket.

Felix ignored his clone and started looking around him.

Soon, he spotted the arrival of eight boats from different directions.

\'Good, eight of them made it back alive.\'

Felix was worried that most of them might end up meeting with a marine beast on their path!

It wasn\'t doubtful as he had met with a tier 2 rare marine beast just earlier.

Naturally, he didn\'t cause Felix any trouble.

Too bad the same couldn\'t be applied to his clones.

Even if Felix switched his senses, he wouldn\'t be able to fight since his abilities, traits, energies..etc.

Weren\'t being copied as well.

After few tests in the Measurement Center, he realized that the only thing copied from him was 20% of his strength.

Which wasn\'t a lot and good in fights against those in his level.

But, it was good enough to carry stuff.

Since those two didn\'t show up, it only meant that they didn\'t make it.

After Felix did a quick senses switch, he noticed that F5 and F7 were the ones who got killed on their return.

He felt quite bad for losing F7 as he had a lot of fish in his boat, but for F5 Felix just cursed him, \'That\'s karma, you little **!\'

It turned out, F5 was the one who was torturing the fish before!


In a short while...


The bow of the boat had collided softly with the white Shell.

Just like a magnet, the boat stopped moving at once.

Since the boat was full, Felix had to throw the fish on the shell first until it was empty.

He then pulled the empty boat upward and left it at the edge.

There were still 40 minutes remaining in the fishing stage, and he had no plans on stopping now.

Felix swiftly went to the feeding bucket and kicked the clone from on top of it.

He then pushed the bucket from behind towards his spoils.

After reaching next to the redfish, He held two of them and threw them inside the bucket.

Ti-ring! Ti-ring!

>Congratilation on capturing Uncommon Red Nonokia fish! 100 Fishing Points rewarded!Congratilation on capturing Uncommon Red Nonokia fish! 100 Fishing Points rewarded!<

\'Queen, turn off the repeat notification from the same species and common rank fish.\' Felix requested after seeing two big ass notifications emerging in front of his face.

The Queen did as she was told, and silence regains in the area again.

Now, no matter how many fish Felix threw in the bucket, not one of them had resulted in a notification.

This meant that Felix had yet to catch a rare rank fish.

Honestly, it was completely understandable since he was fishing mostly from fish schools and not unique and singular fish.

Obviously, he would ace the quantity, but the quality would remain **.

However, Felix wasn\'t bothered by it as he already anticipated so and made proper countermeasures.

Speak of the devil and he shall arrive as the eight first copies had finally reached the white shell.

Felis stopped throwing the fish and went to help them out.

After placing all of their fish on the white shell, he gave out an order to carry the fish to the Feeding bucket.

Some of them carried three large fish species with veins protruding from their necks while some pinched only a tiny fish with two fingers and walked slowly behind them.

Felix\'s eyelids twitched at sight, but he was too tired to scold them for it.

He just returned to his previous place and continued to fill up the bucket with his spoils first.

After a minute or two, Felix had counted 24 fish from his boat only.

Almost half of them rewarded him with 50 FP as they were just common but the rest had 100 FP each.

This pushed his total point tally to 1900 FP.

He didn\'t know if he was ahead in terms of points or not since the ranking list only opens up after the fishing stage had concluded.

\'Start throwing the fish with me.\' Felix ordered in his mind and began filling the bucket with his clones\' spoils.

Obviously, many notifications kept resounding since the copies were fishing randomly instead unlike Felix.

However, all of them were still just uncommon rank.

In 2 minutes max, every fish in the area had been successfully placed in the bucket and counted as valid.

Based on the rules, only the fish in the bucket would be eaten by the Rainbow Turtle and affect the shell\'s toughness.

\'So unlucky.

143 fish and not one of them is even rare.\' Felix shook his head in dejection and started calculating his total points from them.

13k FP!

This was gathered in only half an hour of effort! He still had another 30 minutes to double it!

Felix had no intentions of wasting time.

He didn\'t even care about fishing points as he wanted to fish game points bundles and maybe rare rank fish that could award game points.

However, this time he wanted to bring with him the corpse of a marine beast if he ended up with one.

He wanted to check if the beast\'s rank was going to correspond to the fishing ranking system!

But first, he needed to handle the problem of space since the marine beasts\' sizes were three times that of the biggest fish he caught.

It wouldn\'t be worth it to return with just a few fish to experiment.

\'You go first.\' Felix ordered the clones while creating another one with its fishing materials.

There was no point of them being here hanging with him. 

After they left, Felix created another clone of himself and a boat for him.

\'Follow me.\' He ordered while dragging the boat behind him.


15 minutes later...

Felix had finished the 2nd round of fishing and was currently returning to the white shell with at least six fish species.

The boat was full but the one behind him was still empty.

During the past 15 minutes, he didn\'t manage to locate even one marine beast.

He even used fish to scout underwater.

On the other hand, one copy of his ended up meeting one.

Besides Felix, no one probably wanted to meet up with marine beasts as they were dangerous and not as worth it as collecting normal fish.

Even if they met one, the other players kill it and throw its corpse back in the ocean.

However, with Felix\'s extra boat, he really wanted to check if he would be getting more GP if he brought a beast in or not.

If Lisa didn\'t leave the game hall due to her tantrum, he would have asked her instead of trying to see for himself.

Alas, he was already on his journey back to the white shell, and he had yet to spot one.

Just as he was about to give up on this plan and carry on fishing normally, Felix noticed through the eyes of the golden fish, an incoming giant transparent jellyfish that had thousands of thin tentacles underneath its massive spherical head!

He instantly knew that wasn\'t a weak marine beast like he fought the previous time!


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