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\'Damn it, if only they had brains.\' Felix cursed in his mind while creating another copy of himself.

This time, he ordered it to keep watch on the shell.

Meanwhile, he went to copy the rest of the materials and went to the ocean on his own.

He had only one hour to fill the feeding bucket as much as possible before the next stage arrives.

Although ten copies fishing at the same time was already breaking the balance of the game, Felix still wanted to fish personally since those copies could be destroyed anytime by a marine beast or a giant fish that was too much for them.

Naturally, those beasts and fish were nothing before Felix and the rest of the players but in the case of the copies, they would be destroyed quicker than an eyeblink.

This was another weakness as those copies were more like servants to help and not combat ability.

Switch the camera focus to Landlord!...Switch the camera focus to Landlord!...

While Felix was rowing further and further from the Turtle Shell, his fans were shouting for Lisa to focus on him instead of Miss.

Mikasa, who was slicing fish mid-air before placing them neatly on the boat for space.


Mikasa\'s method is quite smart to save up space on the boat. Lisa ignored Felix\'s fans\' screams and carried on her commentary, The infinite feeding bucket is too big to be placed on the boat.

So, this will minimize the times required to go back to the shell for emptying their boat.

Lisa clapped her hands and added, Let\'s check on how Golden Elixir is performing!


\'So annoying.\' Lisa arched her eyebrows and took a glimpse at Felix\'s screen.

Seeing that he was just about to set up his bait in his rod, she lost all of her interest.

She didn\'t know what those fanatics were yapping all about and she decided to ignore them thoroughly next time.

If only she could see that ten more \'Felixs\' were fishing at the same time, she wouldn\'t have switched her vision back to Golden Elixir so fast.

Interesting! Golden Elixir is using his light element quite effectively!

Lisa exclaimed in surprise and enlarged the image of Golden Elixir who was currently dropping tiny and compressed light balls that were shining quite brightly.

Lisa went on and explained to the viewers that light particles were able to attract small fish.

Once the small fish get attracted, they bring with them bigger ones, which feeds on them primarily!

While the viewers were engrossed in listening to Lisa\'s commentary and watching Golden Elixir, Felix\'s fans had already returned to watch him with their omnipotent vision.

They could only give up after their throats went dry and Lisa was nonchalant as ever.

However, the moment they switched to Felix, they were met with a flabbergasting sight!

Felix was actually copying the few small fish that he caught and threw them back to the ocean! 

While they were confused about the purpose of his play, Felix had already closed his eyes and switched his senses to one of the fish copies!

\'Sigh, this twin-tailed fish\'s eyesight is really trash.\' Felix complained in his mind at the **ty foggy eyesight that made it impossible to see what\'s going on two meters in front of him.

\'Better remove it.

Just a waste of energy.\' 

The moment Felix made his decision, he only needed to think about destroying the copy and it would break into sand particles.

Too bad, the energy spent to create them was lost forever.

If it wasn\'t for so, Felix would have created hundreds of copies and utterly destroyed the balance of the game.

Thankfully, his energy capacity was almost as good as peak 2nd stage bloodliners due to his etching enhancement.

Heck, everything that he copied so far didn\'t even waste 3% of his energy!

Adding to the fact that he still had Asna\'s purified energy and he would actually be having more energy than anyone in the game.

However, Felix had learned his lesson thoroughly from the 3rd game and he didn\'t plan to waste even 1% unnecessary.

Thus, he merely copied few more different species of fish and threw them back in the ocean to scout for the biggest cl.u.s.ters of fish near him.

After a few minutes, Felix spotted a school of half-meter long fish that had a stunning wide red back caudal Fin and Anal Fin.1

It was long and somewhat resembled Siamese fighting fish from Earth.

\'They seem quite nice.

Hopefully, their quality isn\'t shabby.\' Felix thought while gazing at the school through the eyes of a small golden fish.

This one had almost a vision equal to humans, making Felix choose it as his best scouting copy.

\'Disconnect.\' After giving off this order, Felix\'s senses were back to his body.

He snapped his eyes open and held the paddles with both of his hands.

He then speedily started rowing in direction of that stunning redfish school.

Since it was quite far from the boat, Felix had to switch his senses a couple of times with the golden fish to check his pathing.

A few minutes later, Felix stopped right above the redfish school and hastily casted his fishing rod into the water.

He already pierced a green worm on the hook earlier to make sure that the school doesn\'t swim away from him when he stops his boat.


The hook landed on the peaceful water and started sinking down and down until it was merely 5 meters above the school.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!...

Despite the distance, the bait was fought for by every fish in the school like they didn\'t eat for days.

Lisa wasn\'t lying in the slightest when she said that the bait was modified to attract as many fish as possible.

Naturally, the Alliance wasn\'t going to make fishing as hard as in real life since games were for entertainment purposes when it comes to the viewers.

No one was that patient and bored to watch the players waiting 5 to 10 minutes just to catch 1 fish.

For professional fishers who knew what they were doing, this duration would be further lowered.

Too bad, the players were anything but professional fishers.

Maybe one or two hobbyists but not outright professionals.

That\'s because their profession was being an SG player first and foremost.

Thus, the Alliance wasn\'t going to make it impossible for them to play the game by making them fish for real.


After Felix felt that the Line was being pulled, he started spinning the Reel without feeling any resistance from the captured fish.1

He just kept spinning and spinning until the fish\'s head was exposed in the open.

The moment the fish got outside of the water it started to jerk around, struggling to breathe.

Felix merely brought it back on the boat and left it to kick as much as it wanted.

He didn\'t worry that the fish would jump outside since the boat wasn\'t that small.

Next, Felix repeated the same process of placing the bait in the hook then casting it in the water before spinning the reel in a couple of seconds, bringing a newly captured redfish.

He threw it on the boat and repeated the sequence all over.

Five seconds A new fish! Five more! another fish!

His fans were delighted by the sight as they thought that Felix had lucked out on a cl.u.s.tered fishing area.

They could see that other players weren\'t having the same efficiency as Felix.

Some of them capture a fish every 15 seconds while the worst of them was getting a fish every minute or so.

Knowing that Felix wasn\'t fishing alone, Emma and the rest switched their vision to his clones and noticed that one of them was actually pulling a fish every two seconds like he was in a speedrun!

Seeing him baiting his lips as he kept reeling a fish after the other, the fans didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry.

In what world was the copy better than the real

In a world where the copy lucked out on Felix\'s determination while the real Felix was fishing with a bored expression, clearly not giving it his best.


>Congratilation on fishing 300 GP bundle!#._52349734030991567 for visiting.

Felix stopped fishing for a second and closed his eyes.

His senses immediately transferred to a random copy and started inspecting his harvest.

Looking at his half-full boat that was filled with multiple species of fish, Felix nodded his head in praise, \'Keep it up F1.\'

He then dove inside F1 memories and absorbed everything that happened since the moment he was created.

Upon seeing that he didn\'t fish the GP bundle, Felix switched his senses to another copy.

The process of reading memories and transferring was happening in merely a second!

So, his fans never actually realized that Felix was using a passive and switching between his copies.

Felix wanted to keep it that way as the fewer known passives the public knew the more abilities he would be able to use.

\'Oh So that\'s how the bundles look like.\' Felix opened up his eyes after he managed to spot the GP bundle in the memories of the 2nd clone.

The bundle appeared like a red pouch that had its strings tightened up.

The hook was linked with one of the strings.

Felix didn\'t manage to see one underwater like a fish even though he spent plenty of time looking for them.

This made him guess that the pouches would appear suddenly on the hook if one was lucky.

\'Keep it up F2.\'

After lying down some cheering words, Felix switched to another copy in satisfaction.

Alas, his delight in his clones\' performance didn\'t last for long due to F3.

He couldn\'t help but want to beat this bastard up as he had caught only ten fish!

It wasn\'t due to his bad luck or fishing spot, it was because the f*cker was busy torturing a fish by putting it underwater than pulling it up again in the air!

It looked like he was trying to interrogate the fish about the whereabouts of its friends! 

Felix swiftly extended all of his senses to this copy and took full control.

The first thing he did was caress the bullied fish gently and return it to the water.

She suffered enough under the tyranny of his clone.

In reality, Felix would never ever torture an animal.

However, he would have 100% done it to a human for a swift result.

That\'s exactly what the copy was aiming for...Swift results!

\'I swear they will be the death of me.\' Felix sighed in exhaustion while rowing in a different fishing spot.

Line: The string of the fishing rod.

Reel: the mechanical device for holding and spooling fishing line.

The bulgy thingy with the pedal.Anal Fin: The fin that was at the bottom of the fish.

Caudal Fin: The back fin.


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