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Immediately after, golden particles of sand started to get emitted from Felix\'s other hand.

After a proper amount was released, the sand automatically started to get shaped up exactly like the brown wooden boat!!

In the beginning, it was just a basic version of it like the boat was made by an amateur but as seconds went by, the sand particles kept reshaping the boat over and over again, making it extremely detailed!

By the time five seconds went by, the sand stopped being emitted from Felix\'s palm as the boat had been wholly copied from size, color, and details!

Everything was the same even Felix would be fooled by which one was the real boat or the copy!

\'Good, first one fresh from the oven!\'

Felix grinned faintly and withdrew back his hand.

Then, he placed it on the fishing rod and activated the same ability!

Unsurprisingly, it went smoothly as the first copy.

Yet, Felix didn\'t stop as he placed his hand on his chest while the other extended away.

He then copied himself!!

At the start, it was just a body full of sand but as seconds ticked by, Felix\'s skin, clothes, tail, and everything else was copied fully under the dumbstruck look of Emma and the rest of his fans.

Am I seeing things Is that sand or a new form of poison

Are we really spectating Landlord

By now, the fans\' brains had already short-circuited as the sight was too much for their minds to process.

They were always anticipating what poison bloodline Felix was going to use in his 1st stage of replacement and if it was going to provide Felix with the same number of inducements.

In fact, they were not the only ones waiting for such as most VIP viewers from massive backgrounds in the Galaxy came specifically to watch Felix\'s 2nd bloodline in detail.

Even Princess Bird\'s horrifying background was here to inspect Felix thoroughly!

Was it going to be legendary or epic If it was legendary, was it going to be as unique and abnormal as the first one!

They needed to know since if Felix had used a 2nd legendary bloodline and was still able to cast abilities with many inducements, this was going to change everything!

It wouldn\'t be that Felix had lucked out on an abnormal bloodline which could have a 0.0001% chance of happening due to mutations of beasts and such.

It would appear that he possessed a trait to either make bloodlines have more inducements than it should be or it was due to a genius geneticist who found a way to enhance bloodlines and remove their limitations!


But what the f*ck was this! Why was he using sand element instead of poison! What kind of ability was that!

They came seeking answers and they ended up having more questions!!

Too bad, Felix wasn\'t even close to finishing as he repeated the same process over and over again until ten boats, fishing rods, bait buckets, paddlers, and ten copies of himself were created around him!

Felix clapped his hands twice and the lowered heads of those copies were all lifted at once, showing different expressions under the lower half of their hoodies.

The upper half still had that darkness hiding it since it was within Felix\'s rights to not show his face at all.

Then, every one of them started moving on their own! Some started stretching while others were yawning lazily.

Heck, one of them had even gone to pick a fishing rod and started studying it carefully!

Felix who was standing in the middle unmoving was the one who looked like the god damn copy!

Dear Lord, I must be dreaming. Shocked silly, Leader Emma rubbed her eyes twice while switching her sight from one clone to the other.

Her reaction was shared by every viewer who was watching Felix exclusively since he wasn\'t yet focused on the big screen.

While she was simply shocked, the VIP viewers who were more knowledgeable, started to converse with each other.

The question most asked in their conversation if they had ever seen such an ability before

Alas, every one of them shook their heads even some individuals with hobbies of collecting unique abilities names and effects.

However, they still knew of abilities that were quite close to what they were seeing.

The ability brought out the most was *Sand Copy*.

It allowed the user to copy physical objects just like Felix\'s ability.

However, there was a chasm between the abilities in reality.

*Sand Copy* could utmostly copy the shape of an object and couldn\'t really make it move freely or interact like Felix\'s copies.

Instead, they needed to be controlled manually by mental energy just like Felix was controlling his poison bombs.

But seeing Felix chilling with hands in his pockets while the copies were carrying the boats and fishing rods, made them understand that it was impossible for those copies to be controlled manually!


Inside one of the VIP rooms, Princess Bird, who was wearing an outfit made from green leaves and had yellow bangs covering her eyes, was currently jumping on her place in agitation while pointing her finger at Felix.

See! What did I keep telling you for the past 6 months, father! She huffed, He is too weird and needed to be investigated properly! He might possess a way to evolve bloodlines or boost abilities!

Alas, The middle-aged man who was wearing a brown robe that had a Hexagon Eagle logo in its chest, merely shushed her down with a hand wave.

He rubbed his beardless chin and thought in intrigue, \'Another bloodline with unknown abilities This is getting interesting.\'


While the VIP viewers were focusing more on the ability itself, the rest of the spectators were staring in disbelief at those copies placing their boats on the water and jumping inside with a fishing rod.

Then, they started using the copied paddlers to row in different directions away from the Rainbow Turtle and Felix who was still standing on the white shell with the original materials.

Don\'t you dare come back empty-handed! Felix shouted with a threatening tone.

Alas, the only response he received was ten middle-fingers pointing at him from all directions.

\'Pffff! You reap what you sow!\' Asan laughed in ridicule, \'If your personality wasn\'t nasty, your copies would have been much nicer.\'

Felix\'s eyebrows twitched in annoyance but he didn\'t retort Asna\'s claim as she was indeed right!

The moment Felix unlocked *Perfect Sand Copy* at 30%, he got excited for merely an hour by the ability\'s details before he was left without tears to cry due to the asshole attitude of any living being he copied!!

That\'s right!

Birds Assholes! Fish Narcissistics! He even created a virtual image of Olivia in the Measurement Center and copied it.

The result Lazy Olivia!

All of this due to Felix\'s six deadly sins! Narcissism, Prickness, Indifference, Laziness, Pride, Shamelessness!

The copies didn\'t really have a consciousness to control them.

Instead, they were acting based on Felix\'s personality and they react to anything just like Felix would.

Thus, when he threatened them playfully, they simply responded with a middle finger since that would be most likely Felix\'s reaction!

Since his personality wasn\'t really a pretty one, Felix was struggling to deal with his copies just like everyone was struggling to deal with him.

However, that was a tiny price to pay for such a busted ability that allowed him to copy perfectly anything his hands touched.

Naturally, besides, liquid, energies, and innate traits of lifeforms.

It was even able to copy 20% of the properties of the original version!

It might not seem like a lot but it was an unthinkable achievement that left Felix awed by the Sphinx\'s mysterious ways.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_52338796108241505 for visiting.

After all, to copy a whopping 20% of elemental properties meant that it was possible for wood to float on water and burn on the fire.

For metal to melt and for ice to harden even more!!

20% was making all of those reactions possible even though the base element was sand!

Felix had absolutely no f*cking clue how the Primogenitor of sand managed to achieve this feat.

Even the Jörmungandr and Asna were left stomped! However, all of them agreed on one fact.

It was impossible to do so with just sand element, there was something added into the mix to make it possible.

This thought process wasn\'t illogical since Felix wasn\'t really unlocking elemental abilities that were strictly elemental.

Instead, he was unlocking abilities from the Primoginators! They could be anything!

Based on Jörmungandr\'s words, they had experimented and created a lot of ** due to their infinite boring lives.

For the Sphinx to be referred to respectfully as The Guardian of Truth and Knowledge only meant that she was extremely smart and had more of a research mentality, unlike the Jörmungandr who devoured planets on his spacewalks.

Although Felix didn\'t understand how the ability truly worked, he wasn\'t complaining in the slightest about its effect.

He could clearly see that all of his copies had already reached a hundred meters away from the Rainbow Turtle and were currently placing their baits in the fishing rod\'s hook.

Although he could see them from afar with his enhanced vision, Felix wasn\'t really relying on it to look.

Instead, his eyes were switching from one copy to another, making him see and also take control of the copy if he willed it!

This wasn\'t due to *Perfect Sand Copy* but his 3rd unlocked passive, *Sand Senses Sharing*!

It enabled him to share the senses of anything that was made of sand!

As long as the sand belonged to him and was fueled by his elemental energy, he could even share his senses with a ball of sand!

However, since it didn\'t have either ears, mouth, nose...etc, he would be able to feel only touch.

This meant, for him to utilize this passive perfectly, he needed to use it on lifeforms\' copies.

However, it had a fatal drawback.

During it, Felix\'s senses from his original body would be detached just like he was unconscious.

Thankfully, he had Asna looking out for him every time he used it.

\'F3, stop lazying around and start fishing!\'

\'F4, I swear to god that I will replace you if you don\'t stop looking at your reflection on the water!!\'

\'F2, you little dib**! Stop returning the fish to the ocean!\'

While the viewers were left speechless by the sight of ten copies each \'fishing\' in their own ways, Felix was about to lose his mind by their behaviors.

This was the reason why Felix bothered to share his senses instead of supervising them from afar!

The f*ckers were just as unreliable as he was and needed babysitting!


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