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\'Pfffff! Hahahaha!\' Asna immediately started laughing her ass out after seeing that everyone was left mortified in their places.

Even Felix was staring at the screen with his lips parted, too shocked to react.

Kraken Slayer! 

F*cking hell, they didn\'t even know that the KRAKER was going to be in the game!!!

Who could blame them though

It was a Legendary Tier 6 Beast! Even a hundred-men squad with peak 5th bloodliners wouldn\'t be able to hunt it down in the ocean!

It was just impossible!

That\'s why the planet was referred to as K-Oceania! It still had the letter of the Kraken since no one managed to hunt it down in its optimal environment!

Hehe, How did you like the surprise addition that I proposed to the Alliance Lisa asked with a sincere smile.

The players didn\'t reply as they had only one question that was coursing in their mind, \'Is this old b*tch talking for real\'

Alas, they looked at her sincere eyes and knew that she was dead ass serious!

Everyone started to get agitated and furious at her intervention that was going to cost them their lives.

They knew that MCs had the potential to forward suggestions about additions in the game since they were jumping from one to another every five days.

Yet, no one had anticipated that the mad witch would take it this far.

However, they still took control of their rage lest they end up offending her.


Lisa, May I ask if the Kraken is going to have the same strength as its real counterpart Miss.

Mikasa asked politely without showing any signs of anger at Lisa.

I wish. Lisa sulked while kicking the microphone, I wanted for the real Kraken to be added in the 3rd phase and call it Extreme, but the Alliance rejected the notion.

She sighed in dejection and disappointment, So, I asked them to lower its strength to a legendary tier 3 beast.

Only then was it approved to be placed in after the 2nd phase, lasing for extra 15 minutes.

In addition, its position before respawn was going to be transmitted in the entire map and it wouldn\'t be able to move freely underwater.

Every player felt like they were given a second lease of life at heartwarming news.

They knew that by making Kraken match peak 2nd bloodliners, it meant that his defenses were in that range as well as his abilities and physical strength.

Which was a huge difference from before.

Although the Kraken\'s strength was butchered and even was forced to stay in its place, it was still impossible for them to hunt it down alone since its size was left untouched.

The beast was at least 100 meters tall without mentioning its tentacles which were double that number.

Who could slay this monstrosity Who

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What a joke, they wouldn\'t even attempt the idea of trying to slay it even if it was for the MVP title.

Don\'t even mention for a useless unique title that was for bragging rights.

Alas, those thoughts were uprooted from their minds after hearing Lisa suddenly add with a tempting voice, For your information, the one who slays the Kraken would automatically win the game and have his wish granted doubled in limit value! All of this plus the awesome-looking Title tag!

Just as greed was starting to set their hearts on fire, the players breathed deeply through their noses, calming themselves down.

The only reason they survived for so many games was due to their emotional control in those kinds of situations.

They knew when to retreat and when to advance.

At this moment, there was no way in hell that it was for advancement!

Felix was also tempted a bit to go for it since doubling the wish value was indeed too good to give up on.

\'Maybe, If I used that I can con...No forget it.

It\'s too much of a risk and it\'s going to be quite high-profiled even for me.\'

Felix rejected the notion with a head shake and stopped thinking about it.

He already had victory set in stone if he just followed the original plan that he practiced in the past five days of preparation.

Tsk, cowards! Lisa cursed out loud after seeing their unmoving expressions.

No one was baited and she didn\'t like that one bit.


Lisa may I kno...

No! Lisa rejected a player\'s question flatly and snapped her finger with a cold expression.

That was the last image she left as she had teleported outside of the lobby without even concluding the Q&A.

\'Asna, believe it or not, that\'s how you sounded in the past year.\' Felix said with a proud look, \'I am glad that you are maturing slowly and changing your...\'

\'F*ck off!\' Annoyed, Asna flipped Felix the finger while watching him in her bed.

\'Cough, never mind then.\'

While Felix was messing around with Asna, the rest of the players started to gather in small groups of twos or threes, seeing if it was possible to start Alliances.

Obviously, it wasn\'t banned.

Since the rules of the game didn\'t forbid two players or ten entering one shell, this meant it was possible to work together to raise the toughness of a single Turtle!

However, due to the fact that all of them would be dropped randomly in the ocean, creating an alliance at this point wasn\'t really as good as in some games.

But, at least if they met each other, they could instantly ally together.

Unsurprisingly, many players had approached Felix for a partnership as well since they believed that he was the weakest in the game and it would much easier to fight it out with him after they break apart in the later stages of the game.

But, Felix just waved his hand at them dismissively, not bothering to even address their invitations.

Even the Katana girl had approached him but was sent back.

No one created a fuss about the rejection as it was to be expected that not everyone would be accepting their invitations.

After a while...

\'It\'s starting.\' Felix looked at his fingers that were in the process of disintegration and mused one last time, \'My fans will probably change the name of the club after this game.\'



Felix opened his eyes to the deafening noise of the stadium which he didn\'t hear in four months.

He raised his head and started looking around him.

With his enhanced vision, he could clearly see the reddened cheeks of most spectators as they screamed at the top of their voices while using their hands or gadgets.

Unlike the bronze and silver games when the spectators were placed quite randomly, Felix could clearly see that the stadium was separated into fan clubs based on each player!

That\'s right!

Each player had a fanbase that was supporting him either live or on the stream.

Most of the players were supported due to their gameplay and not looks like most famous idols in silver.

This was to be expected as gold players needed quite a lot of wins to reach their rank and stand above the rest.

That\'s why the chants for Felix weren\'t as good as his last silver game.

His fan club was merely one of the 71 in the stadium!

Just like there was going to be a war in the game, there would be one in the stadium as well for cheering!

Leader Emma was currently having her foot placed on a metal pole while wearing a bandana on her head.

She had this letter \'ឡ\' painted on cheeks with green color.

It simply meant \'L\' in the common universal language.

Behind her, there was an army of fans wearing a uniformed green and purple T-shirt while having the same letter painted on their thrilled faces.

This is the next stage for our club! Our Lord had brought us here in mere three games! SO LET\'S MAKE A WORTHY ENTRY FOR HIM! 

Leader Emma brought the hand speaker in front of her mouth and chanted with her eyes closed shut, LANDLORD OF INDUCEMENT CLUB! MAKE SOME NOIIIISE!!!!


The stadium rumbled as millions of Felix\'s fans screamed at the top of their voice, sending a united chant that overpowered most of the other fan club\'s chants!

Misaka! Drowned! Surreal Fog! Drowned! Even Golden Elixir\'s name was getting engulfed by Felix\'s fans!


Did his fandom really grow to this degree from three games only

Lisa and the players were shocked by Felix\'s fans\' overzealousness that made them appear more like worshippers calling for their lord instead of fans!

Yet, the target of this fanatic attention merely smirked and said casually, I am back.

Everyone managed to hear him as his head was zoomed on the large screen by Lisa due to this situation!

His fans embraced those three words with a single emotional and harmonized response that almost bled their ears, WE HAVE LONG AWAITED FOR YOUR RETURN!

What\'s a loyal and passionate fandom This was it!


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