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Unresponsive, Felix merely kept staring at the holographic notification with a deadpan expression.

He couldn\'t even muster a curse since he always had a tiny feeling that his garbage luck in the draw would strike again.

He didn\'t think that he would be baited that hard like his first wheel roll.

In the end, Felix merely closed his eyes and let out a long exhale.

He soon snapped his eyes open and comforted himself, No worries, there are battles even in a competitive lifestyle.

I can still win it if I focused fully on the win instead of points.

Felix shook his tensed shoulders after regaining his wits back.

He took a deep breath and placed his finger on the button for the 2nd wheel.

Then, he pressed it lightly and recoiled back in his bed.

This time, Felix left the wheel to spin and spin until it gradually started to slow down on its own.

He just closed his cursed eyes and kept waiting for the wheel to halt.


>Congratulation on picking the Game, Fish to Survive!What king-type beast rules the K-Oceania planetSsssss!

Felix gasped out loud at the image of a monstrous eight-tentacled beast with an octopus head! The beast was wholly dark red and had tiny eyes at the side of its head.

Yet, what sent shivers down Felix\'s spine were the thousands of teeth that were exposed due to the beast wanting to devour its prey.

Felix glanced at the top of the image and noticed that the beast\'s name and details were written fully.

The Great Eight-Tentacled Kraken, a Legendary Tier 6 Beast!

Before Felix could react to the beast\'s details, the Jörmungandr said in nostalgia, His appearance is almost identical to the Water Primogenitor.

If he was a hundred times bigger, had additional one thousand tentacles, and blue inscriptions, I wouldn\'t even notice the difference.

That close Felix exclaimed in shock, Doesn\'t that mean he probably posses a huge amount of essence

It should be so. The Jörmungandr guessed while scratching his goatee, For that kind of close similarity, he would need at least 25% essence.

25%! That\'s just the minimum!Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_52252804957392243 for visiting.

Felix completely removed the last doubts he had about going for epic tier 6 bloodlines upon hearing so.

They might be difficult and more expensive to secure than tier 5 beasts, but if one of them had that kind of essence, it would be worth it!

Especially when he could place the bloodline back in auction houses after he purchased it.

If he did so, he wouldn\'t be losing even 2% of the bloodline\'s price since those high tiers were always in demand!

After all, there weren\'t enough higher-tiered beasts for every bloodliner in the galaxy.

That\'s just impossible.

This meant, if Felix ever managed to buy one, he could easily sell it back and if he was lucky, he might earn a profit!

The only risky side about this operation was that Felix wouldn\'t have liquidity after buying one bottle since their prices could reach up to 3 billion SC based on the bloodline\'s uniqueness!

However, with the Primo Investment Company up and running with many projects invested on, coins wouldn\'t be that much of a problem now.

Adding to the fact that Gold games provide more profit than silver games, Felix could totally pull this plan off!

\'Let\'s see how it goes after this game.\' Felix removed Kraken\'s image and said, Thanks for the info, Elder.

\'Uhmm.\' The Jörmungandr merely waved his hand lazily while wearing cozy pajamas and drinking a cup of coffee on his bed.

Felix went back to the game interface and moved down on the list.

This time, he spent quite an extensive time on the prize pool since he could finally access the Elemental potion materials.

He soon read the 100 prizes and noticed that only Purity Fountain Drops and the DarkFly dust were available for buying.

Although he had enough game points to buy them now, the prize pool wasn\'t accessible yet.

Only after the game ends would the players buy what they want or start Prize Pool Free Trading.

Not bad, there are three Dwarfs\' artifacts in my pool instead of one.

It must a bonus due to the hidden addition.

Felix nodded his head in satisfaction after seeing the details of the Seeker Shoes, Hand Webbing Artifact, and Shield of Dominic.

He was interested in buying Seeker Shoes since they could greatly buff his movement speed and help him stand on any surface! Even standing on the water was possible with those shoes!

Although the price was 2500 GP, they were worth it in his eyes.

In fact, every Artifact was worth purchasing if one had use for them.

For example, the hand webbing artifact could allow the wearer to shot out webs from his wrists and swing around like a spider.

The shield of Dominic could grow in size and also shrink, making it quite useful.

Other ones were a hundred times better than those examples and also expensive as hell.

Naturally, those artifacts weren\'t created by the Human Race but by the Dwarf Race! One of the ruling races in the SGAlliance next to the Metal Race, The Witch Race, and the rest.

Felix always wanted to buy an artifact that was actually good enough to boost his strength instead of being a burden.

However, those kinds of artifacts never make it to the Milky Way Galaxy.

It wasn\'t because they were super rare or restricted to purchase by individuals.

It was simply due to the Hostile Relationship between the Dwarfs Race and the Human Race!!


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