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When will this chaos end Just when The female anchor cried for help in national TV, Council, ESG Organization, anyone! Please expel the Gama Organization from the planet! Plea..


Felix waved his hand, turning off the hologram at once.

He shook his head slightly while leaving the shower.

He didn\'t like what the anchor had just said as he wished for the exact opposite! He didn\'t want anyone to find the Gama\'s spaceship and attempt to destroy them.

He knew that would serve nothing but make the Organization change its coordination and hide again.

At that point, he could forget about locating them again unless he decided to head outside of the island and repeat what he did before.

This time, he might not be as lucky as last time.

Felix wasn\'t looking down on the Council\'s strength but he knew that even if they decided to throw tens of nukes at the spaceship, they would be utterly useless.

Not because their explosion wasn\'t strong enough to destroy the spaceship but because they wouldn\'t even go off!

There were thousands of ways to stop a nuke from activating in the UVR\'s public information.

If even the nukes were useless, how could tanks, jets, rockets, and other military weapons be of any use against that behemoth spaceship

Thus, the only chance the planet had was Felix\'s Red Plasma Weapon.

Only two months were left before his spaceship would be sent to him.

He wished dearly that the Organization remain hidden till then.

Nonetheless, Felix didn\'t just cross his arms and watch the bloodliners getting kidnapped as he offered a bit of help as well since he wasn\'t losing much.

That\'s by turning his Private Sky Pearl Island into a temporary shelter for bloodliners!!

The island had already finished construction two months ago but due to the ongoing chaos, no one gave it the proper attention it deserved.

Leila, Jack, and the rest of the staff crew were asked to remain there indefinitely.

Honestly, they didn\'t even want to leave it as they could see that the world was far from peaceful like the island.

After Felix was informed by Leila that it was ready for habitat, Felix decided to fortify it and turn it into a shelter that could hold as many bloodliners as possible.

He proposed the idea to Mr.

Rodrigas who gladly accepted the timely gesture.

The island was almost perfect for shelter since it was isolated from the rest of the world while also having all the necessities needed for operation.

It just needed protection and the Council had provided so quite easily.

Right now, the island was already packed with hundreds of thousands of bloodliners! The hotel had been fully crammed by 4 juniors sharing one normal room and 6 sharing a suite.

Then, the residential area that was meant for staff and their families had been split into two halves.

One for the staff and the other for the juniors.

Finally, there were camps packed with tents in the forests to encompass the rest.

If it wasn\'t for the island being not that big, the ESG Organization would have moved even more to it since the public camps, military bases, and such were all at full capacity by the bloodliners.

Who would have thought that Felix\'s effort to turn the island into one of the best tourist spots on the planet would result in turning it into a shelter

Truly, plans were destined to change based on how fate willed them to.


After Felix\'s Nanosuit morphed into comfy pajamas, he exited his room and walked to the elevator in the residential building.


Hearing the sound of the door opening, Felix glanced to the side and was met with the sight of Sylvia wearing a tight sport outfit while fixing her silver hair into a ponytail.

Morning Sylvi. Felix greeted casually.

Morning. Sylvia nodded her head in greeting, wholly ignoring the fact that he used her pet name.

Felix had been calling her like this for three months straight until most of the team had started using it as well.

She couldn\'t muster any resistance as she neither could shut Felix up nor beat him up.

Thus, she could only numbly accept her fate.

Heading for a jog around the island Felix asked.

Sylvia shook her head while pointing at her feet, I am going to work on my passing.

You better work hard. Felix glanced at her football shoes and teased, With your tragic football skills, I doubt you will make it to the final team.

Sylvia\'s eyebrows twitched in irritation at those demoralizing words that ruined her morning.

Yet, she still didn\'t respond as he was indeed right!

Unless she showed some improvement at least in her passing, George wouldn\'t pick her in the final team.

If he did, he would place her as a substitute.

After all, this might be Elemental football, but they should still have some basic football lest they end up passing the ball to their opponents continuously.

So far, the main 12 member team was close to shape up and Sylvia wasn\'t in it yet.

She was being distressed about it all the time since she was the vice-captain of the team!

It was quite shameful in her eyes to be 2nd best in the team yet not participate in the first game.

Hence, she stopped looking at the prick\'s face that needed a beating and jumped from the topmost floor of the residential area!

Whoosh Whoosh!

Her gorgeous folded butterfly wings opened up midair and started fluttering, taking her to one of the entrances of the Drop.

Show off. Felix scoffed and carried on his walk to the elevator.


After reaching the ground floor, Felix stood on a black platform and hovered to the cafeteria to eat his breakfast.

In a couple of minutes, he reached an open space that had hundreds of tables set in an ordered manner.

Only a couple of tables were taken since it was still way early in the morning.

After sitting on a random white table, he clicked on its surface and a holographic menu was manifested on it.

Felix picked his usual breakfast and closed it.

During his wait for food, Felix decided to dial Goati to check if he had anything in stock for him.

Alas, he received a negative response just like the last previous times.

Felix had singlehandedly emptied Goati\'s stock in the last three months!

In total, he had purchased 2 Eagle species\' bottles, 5 Cat species bottles, 5 serpent species\' bottles, and lastly 7 lion\'s species bottles!

Yet, 65% of those bottles turned null while the 35% gave him an amount of 30% essence! This wasn\'t so bad considering that he had enough to reach 69% if he integrated all of it.

However, Felix only integrated to 59% and kept the rest for later.

He didn\'t want to reach greater purity and replace *Semi-Morphing* since he still needed it for the first planetary game.

After all, he told them before that he had etched poisonous bombs so he could keep the five inducements forever.

This meant, if he couldn\'t use Semi-morphing in the 1st game, the only excuse he would have left to use was to tell them that he had reached peak 1st stage of replacement in those three months and replaced it.

After all, in their minds, *Semi-Morphing* was his peak active ability but in reality, it was just his 4th active ability.

Thus, to avoid all of this nonsense, Felix decided to stop at 59% temporarily.

Plus, it wasn\'t like he would be able to use all of the sand abilities in the SG.

He could only use 6 abilities one ability from his previous bloodline to appear normal.

Since he was currently at 59%, it signified that he had unlocked four passive abilities and two active abilities from the Sphinx bloodline!

Those abilities had replaced *Poison Immunity*,*Superstrength*, *Poisonous Bombs*, *Poisonous Aura*, *Ultra Infrared Vision*, *Poison Revitalization*.

All of the abilities that he showed with his Landlord Persona!

This meant that Felix was going to join the game as A True Sand Elementalist with multiple sand abilities!

With this set of sand abilities, Felix was more than confident to brutalize the gold players just like silver players!

Even though he would be on the weaker side of physical strength, Felix wasn\'t bothered by it in the slightest after reading the unlocked sand abilities!

The only reason he didn\'t participate in the gold game yet was because he was training with those new abilities to master them and also their synergies, tricks, tips, and such.

Additionally, he wanted to time his game with the monthly gathering in the Ivy League City.

After all, Felix would be participating in gold games, which meant the prizes in the pool were good enough to be traded or bought by other bloodliners in the Prize Pool Free Trading Market!

He had no plans of giving up on the free method of getting extra game points.

Just like the girl who sold him the uncommon elemental flower in the PPFT Market.

She had earned 2000 GP while doing absolutely nothing but display her prize pool to Felix.

He wanted to do the same in the market after the game.

The gathering was going to start in 5 days and last 3 days as always.

That\'s why Felix was planning to roll the game wheel after breakfast so he could start the game exactly on the first day of the gathering.

But now, the empty Goati\'s stock was still bothering him since he was already waiting for two weeks and still, he wasn\'t informed about a single bottle.

\'Should I just buy from other shops\' Felix pondered on this matter deeply before and he always rejected it since Goati\'s shop provided a hefty discount and also paid for the customs taxes.

If Felix bought from other shops, the amount would be too painful for his wallet.

What\'s worse, Looby started struggling again to pay upfront since Felix had brought him too many bottles in such a short period of time.

They weren\'t getting out of the shelves as quickly as before.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._52248964166114132 for visiting.

So, even if Felix bought from other shops, he wouldn\'t be able to get rid of them unless he entered a non-exclusive contract with other shops than Looby\'s.

At this point, Looby was too valuable as a partner due to his black merchant status.

Felix didn\'t want to strain their relationship lest he ends up needing something that was in Looby\'s stolen goods.

\'I guess it\'s about time to start aiming for epic tier 6 bloodlines!\' Felix thought one last time about the matter before starting to indulge himself in the breakfast that was brought to him just now.


After Felix finished his breakfast, he returned to his room and sat on the bed.

He swiftly brought out his profile interface and clicked on a new game.

After he was transferred to the next tab, he gazed at the green start button for a second before wishing softly, Please be a battle format.

Felix might be weaker strength-wise than gold players, but he still preferred battle formats due to their straightforwardness in gathering game points.

Ting! Ting! Ting! 

Not wasting time, Felix pressed the button and started staring at the spinning colorful wheel without blinking his eyes.


After three seconds, he gave out his order and the wheel began to slow down a bit by bit.

The needle kept being passed by format after the other.

A second later, the formats were all in Felix\'s eyesight, letting spot battle format and focus on it.

Come on, come on...OH Ohhh!! Abruptly, Felix\'s eyes shone in delight as he could see that the battle format was getting closer and closer to the needle while the wheel on the verge of halting!


She\'s doing it! She\'s doing it! Felix\'s grin kept getting wider and wider at the wheel that was moving as slow as a snail while the needle was currently affixed on the black-colored format.

Alas, the wheel might be slow, but it still didn\'t stop!

It kept going bit by bit until the needle touched a tiny part of a blue-colored format.

Then...it stopped!


>Congratulation on picking a Competitive Lifestyle Format!


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