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Only after everyone received his rubbish excuse did they wake up from their stumper.

Before they could react to his supersonic kick and swift escape, a sudden high-pitched shriek resounded in the field, HIIIINNAAA!!

Horrified and worried sick, Olivia dashed towards Hina\'s corpse that was in the process of disintegration.

The moment she reached it, Hina\'s body got reconstructed again in a standing position as nothing had happened.

Yet, her traumatized expression said otherwise.

She kept parting her lips wanting to speak but the image of a white thing smacking her right in the face kept repeating in her mind.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._52223661440035587 for visiting.

That\'s the only thing she managed to see before her vision went dark.

\'I...I don\'t..want to play football anymore.\'

If before she was scared **less of being a goalkeeper, now she was terrified of being in the field!

Seeing her trembling all over like she was standing at the summit of a windy mountain, Olivia quickly hugged her for warmth and cursed Felix under her breath for ruining her bestie in only two days.

Take a break Hina and after practice, I will get you justice! Olivia promised with her tiny fist tightened in resolve! \'No one will bully my friends! Not even Felix!\'

Alas, if only she knew that Felix had logged off and escaped to his residential room without any plans of emerging in the next week.

Mhmm Hina made an acknowledgment sound and logged off, planning to sleep it off and remove that traumatic experience from her life.

The moment they saw that Hina was gone, everyone broke off in an excited and awed chatter.

Captain is a f*cking beast! He scored both the ball and goalkeeper!

With him as our striker, I doubt we wouldn\'t be able to score ten goals in the match!

Aadav, Is it just me or his strength had increased William wondered.

Or maybe he never went all out against you guys The tanned man with a sun tattoo on his forehead said, Think about it, he had superstrength passive that could have boosted him with 600 BF, a legendary enhancement boost after the etching process, then that semi-morphing ability of a legendary bloodline.

Adding all of that to his 1000 BF base! Aadav\'s eyebrows quivered slightly as he said, His peak strength was probably 3500 BF !

William\'s grey eyes widened for a second in shock before they regained their tranquility back.

Indeed, the strongest of us here physical-wise is Zhang Wie.

He currently has only 1900 BF. William smiled gently, It\'s good that the captain is even more stronger than he showed.

Aadav Acharya nodded his head in agreement.

He understood that as a team that would place their lives in each other\'s hands, the stronger his allies were the better it was for his survival.

It was only logical thinking and no one in the team had negative emotions about it.

If it came to be, they would envy Felix\'s strength and wish to have it as well.

Thus, all of them were pretty excited by the power of the kick especially the two instructors.

Although George was slightly annoyed that Felix had traumatized Hina one of the top 10 in the team, he was still happy about the final result.

However, after remembering Felix\'s garbage excuse before leaving, he couldn\'t help but want to curse him out loud.

Pulling his thigh in UVR Needing a week to rest F*cking hell, faking his grandfather\'s death was more believable!

George knew that no one reacted strongly to Felix\'s excuse because they assumed that he was joking to avoid Olivia\'s fury and he would join them tomorrow in practice.

Alas, they were going to learn the truth the hard way.

\'Damn you, Felix.

Making my job harder than it is!\' George cursed in his mind one last time before teleporting in the center of the field.

\'Gather around me, we will be playing a 12 against 12 matches.\' George sent a message that made all of them riled up.

A practice match without Felix to break the balance! Sign me in!


While they were getting split up into teams of twelves, Felix was driving his car to the Training Center in Androxa Capital.

Although he had already finished his tail\'s morning courses, he would still recreate the machines in his room and carry on his practice.

Plus, he still needed to work on his daily poison manipulation.

He could never reach the 2nd stage in the Elemental Manipulation system if he didn\'t stay consistent with his practice.

Consistency was the true key to success, not pushing the limits!

Felix never forgot that he had only three months before joining the gold game and playing against the true big boys!

Thus, besides his training, he never stopped seeking essence for his integration! His best bet was to reach greater purity before he got forced to play the gold game or get sent back to mid-tier silver.

Felix had no intention of going back as gold games and above were the true money printers!

After all, the live stream would be available to only those who were paying a monthly subscription on the SG website.

Plus, the recorded stream wouldn\'t be accessed for free but purchasable!

Meanwhile, the ticket prices would double than usual and stadiums would be much larger to carry more spectators.

All of this was being considered as streaming revenue!

Therefore, the players still had 20% to be split between them based on the known three methods; 3% for the champion/17% get split based on the number of fans each player had in the stadium and watching live/Gathered game points.

The viewers would obviously be lower than usual since most commoners prefer watching games for free to keep their coins for more important matters.

Ultimately, the games were just for entertainment purposes in their eyes, unlike the players who see them as a path for Apexness and desire fulfillment.

That\'s why from gold games upward, the stream wasn\'t regional in a specific empire but Galaxywide!

Besides adding more paying viewers, the Human Race\'s SG Branch was separating bronze and silver games from the rest due to them having the highest played games.

After all, the number of players in bronze and silver was unfathomable in comparison to higher ranks.

Especially in bronze where every new player gets placed in.

Thus, to not flood the website with game streams from all around the Galaxy, bronze and silver players from the same Region/Empire get placed in one game.

Just like that, four birds were struck by one stone.

The viewers who prefer watching the stream for free would be happy with the massive choices of bronze and silver games in their empire.

The viewers willing to pay to watch stronger bloodliners fight against each other would have plenty of games as well since they would be having players from all corners of the galaxy.

Due to that, the games wouldn\'t be too empty, having 30 or just 20 players instead of the average 100.

After all, the higher players climb the lower their numbers get.

That\'s due to deaths, difficulty to secure wins consistently, and such.

Thankfully, game coupons would be more accessible the higher the players climbed.

Every coupon effect was a huge help to the players.

Just like the 2nd reroll Wheel Coupon that Felix possessed.

If he did not like the game he was placed on, he could totally spin the wheel again.

This was just one effect from the many coupons out there.

Finally, the massive profits gotten from those changes for both the Alliance and the players was the 4th bird!

So why was Felix rushing to be a gold player

Because only then would he be part of the Big League in the Milky Way Galaxy where Billions of Coins could be obtained in a single game!


After Felix reached his training room, he modified it to resemble the school with the machines.

Then, he spent the next three hours doing nothing but repeating the three taught techniques.

After he was done, it was already midnight.

Thus he went to sleep.

The next morning, he teleported to the Ivy League city and went straight to the school.

After spending three hours in it, Felix logged out and made a quick call for Bodidi to check when would the latest bottles arrive today.

Bodidi informed him that he would be there in the evening.

As usual, Felix had bought 5 bottles from Goati.

But due to the NDA contract that he signed, he couldn\'t really give his room\'s coordination to Bodidi.

After he spoke to Mr.

Rodrigas yesterday, he was given an exception for only outer space deliveries.


Rodrigas didn\'t ask him about his deliveries and such since they were private matters.

He already knew that Felix was loaded in the UVR as it wasn\'t really much of a secret in the Maxwell Family.

Thus, he didn\'t find it abnormal that he would be using the Wormhole express since Felix would be delivering only small items and they wouldn\'t be too expensive to ship.

After Felix had dealt with Bodidi, he went for lunch and logged back on to deal with some business matters related to his company.

When he was done, he started training his poison manipulation.

Before long, the evening had arrived and Bodidi came right in time.

He gave Felix his delivery and swiftly took off.

Felix placed those five bottles on the floor and got nude next to them.

He called for Asna and they started the filtration process.

Soon, the final result was out...5% from five bottles!

It\'s getting worse and worse. Felix shook his head and placed back the five bottles in the spatial card.

He left only the filtered 5% Sphinx\'s essence.

Whatever, at least I got the 1% that I need. Felix removed those negative thoughts and started relaxing his body and mind.

He was going to integrate all of it and reach 34% at once!

This meant that the two active abilities would be unlocked and he couldn\'t help but get slightly excited at the thought.

What would he unlock Were they going to be lower active abilities common in other bloodlines or would there be something unique in them since this was the Sand Primogenitor bloodline

He was soon about to find out!


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