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Just as Felix wanted to step forward and get the task over with, Leo stopped him with his arm and said, Leave it to us captain.

Have fun at it. Felix shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and stayed in his place.

If those two were able to bypass Hina\'s Oceanic Walls and tsunamis, the test would be considered done without him doing anything.

You go first. Leo patted Ronaldinho\'s back and waited behind him with his hands crossed above his chest.

Before Ronaldinho could nod his head, Hina pointed at both of them and said with a condescending tone,  Both of you shoot together.

I don\'t have all day to waste.

Leo\'s eyebrows twitched at Hina\'s newfound arrogance.

When they met her at the beginning, she was calm and gentle.

After a couple of successful blocks, she turned into an arrogant little princess.

If no one stopped her, it wouldn\'t be long before she self appoints herself as the captain and Olivia as her vice!

Ronaldinho, make sure to go all out. Leo merely requested without moving from his spot.

Instead of replying, Ronaldinho placed the ball on the white circle and snapped both of his fingers.

Sizzling! Sizzling!

Immediately after, his body started to emit blue electric charges, making his skin hair stand stiffly!

No wonder he was bald and beardless! It seemed like he struggled quite a bit with his lightning element and bloodline.

You ready Ronaldinho asked calmly while staring at Hina right in her eyes.

Go for...


Before Hina could finish her sentence, Ronaldinho appeared like he teleported next to the ball and smashed it with his footbridge!

The ball flew towards the left corner of the goalpost while appearing like it was made of lighting due to the blue charges it kept emitting!

\'Shit!\' Seeing its speed, Hina knew that it was impossible for her to create another Oceanic Wall to block it.

Meanwhile, the large one in front of her wasn\'t even close to the ball!

Unlike the rest who were shooting at the wall since it was blocking most of the goalpost, Ronaldinho went straight for the corner of the goalpost!

This made it apparent to everyone that he was going definitely going to score!

However, just as Leo and Ronaldinho wanted to smirk in triumph, their eyes abruptly bulged out of their sockets at the sight of the Oceanic Wall expanding in heartbeat to cover the entire Goalpost!!!


The ball had clashed against the thick Oceanic wall, producing lighting charges on the surface of it.

Too bad for Ronaldinho, that\'s the only thing the ball had caused before getting engulfed inside the Wall\'s belly like the others before it.

Under the dumbfounded looks of the viewers, Hina reduced the size of her wall back to its original state and pulled the wet ball from within it.

She smirked with her nose pointing at the sky and threw the ball back to Ronaldinho.

Next! She yelled again.


Loud cheers and exclamations rose within the juniors as most of them were left in shock at the way she blocked one of the fastest balls ever kicked at her!

She neither had to jump nor use her hands! Just relying on her passive *Expand* and the Oceanic Wall would cover the entire Goalpost!

How could anyone score like that Everyone\'s eyes brightened up as they could see that Hina was truly the best candidate as a goalkeeper!

Your turn. Sympathetic, Ronaldinho patted Leo\'s shoulder and stood behind him.

He had no plans to carry on embarrassing himself as he knew that no matter which angle he aimed at, nothing would change against her busted passive.

Your kick was fast but lacked strength in it. Leo cracked his neck and said, Against her wall, both were needed.

He snapped his finger and the ball that was on his hand was starting to get covered by brown mud! A second later, the mud dried on the ball, making it resemble a spherical rock.

Yet, he was still not done as he didn\'t place the ball on the white circle but made it hover 20 centimeters above it!

He was clearly ordering for his ability to hover which made the ball encased within it hover as well! If Felix did so with his poisonous abilities it wouldn\'t work since the mist wasn\'t solid.

He might be a battle maniac but he isn\'t dumb. William Bently praised softly while spectating next to a brown-tanned man with black eyebrows, brown eyes, and short black hair.

He had a sun tattoo on the middle of his forehead and vulture-like feet! They were right in the open as he wasn\'t wearing any shoes!

They might bird\'s feet but they looked thick and the sharp bent claws kept emitting a dangerous vibe.

But, will it work

The tanned man shook his head at the sight of Hina creating one more Oceanic Wall just to expand both of them at the same time!

With this, she doubled her defense and placed every striker in despair!

However, Leo just got even more excited as he yelled while sprinting towards the hovering ball, CATCH THIS IF YOU CAN!

During his kicking animation, those with good eyes managed to spot that his leg had turned brown and thick!

Then BOOOM!...

The loud sound produced from the contact was nothing like kicking a football as it seemed like two boulders smashing into each other!

Yet, the clay covering the ball didn\'t even crack as it sped towards the Oceanic Walls like a rock thrown by a giant!


Water was hurled everywhere as the ball went right through it like a bullet and existed from the other side safely!

However, everyone noticed that its speed was somewhat reduced! Yet, just as they wondered if it would make it, the ball made the first contact with the water surface.

Then Splash!...

It managed to pass through it as well! Too bad, by the time that happened, Hina already created a mini tsunami and forced the weakened ball into a different direction!

AHH! So close! Leo slapped his thighs while yelling in frustration.

Meanwhile, Hina was wiping her sweaty forehead as it truly took a toll on her energy to defend against this shot.

\'So scary, if that hit my face, I will die! I don\'t want to be a goalkeeper anymore.\' Hina\'s breaths quickened at the thought of being the goalkeeper for 90 minutes and against monsters even stronger than Leo.

She knew that her wasteful use of energy was going to affect her and the team during the match.

After all, her Oceanic Walls were indeed good to cover the entire goalpost but the ball\'s size wasn\'t even 1% of her humongous wall!

Since her physical strength was just standard without any boosts from morphing or abilities, she wouldn\'t be able to jump and catch the balls.

What\'s worse, even if she did, those balls would probably break her arms!

While Olivia and the girls were cheering for her and shouting that she was the rightful goalkeeper, the ones who noticed this issue knew that she was far from getting that position.

Felix knew that there was no point in him testing her anymore as the instructors had seen what they wanted.

Thus, he turned around planning to get back into his practice.

Alas, he was completely wrong as George sent him a message, \'Go back there and show the girls why she wouldn\'t be the goalkeeper lest they beat me up for being s.e.xist.\'

Upon hearing his request, Felix sighed and turned back.

\'Hopefully, I don\'t hit her in the face.\'Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'t-matter-though_52205992749888551 for visiting.

After seeing that their captain was heading towards the strike zone, everyone who was planning on withdrawing removed those thoughts and held their breaths in anticipation.

\'Damn you captain! I don\'t want to be the goalkeeper anymore just let me leave with this achievement.\' Hina cried to herself while looking pitifully at Felix who was placing the ball on the white circle.

She hoped that no one would challenge her so she could walk away with her head held high after getting a 100% blockage rate.

Too bad, she knew that Felix had no intentions of leaving after seeing those dark-green scales begin to cover his face!

\'I should use all of my leftover energy to create five walls!\' Hina narrowed dark-eyes at Felix and thought, \'I just need to block his shot and never approach the goalpost again!\'

The instant she made her decision, Hina extended both hands forward and shouted cutely, RAISE!

Whoosh Whoosh!

Her cute voice definitely didn\'t match the abrupt raise of five humongous Oceanic Walls!

Since her ability range wasn\'t that wide, those walls appeared like they were stacked together, creating a massive Cube of Water!

Everyone knew that she went all out against Felix!

They switched their vision to Felix, wanting to see if he planned on doing the same.

Alas, even Felix was a bit muddled on how much strength should he use.

His confusion was understandable as with his semi-morphing, Felix\'s current strength doubles just like his other stats.

This meant, his strength now was equivalent to 6600 BF.

\'I think 60% should be enough\' Felix wasn\'t really sure about the result as he never kicked a ball with that kind of force before.

But, 60% should be more than enough to penetrate that big ass cube of water.

After he made his decision, Felix retreated eight meters from the ball and glanced at the goalpost for a second to register it in his mind.

After having a clear picture of it and the dimensions, he picked the angle he was going to aim at and glanced one last time at it.

He then placed his entire focus this time on the ball.

Not all of it, but just the area where he wanted his leg to have contact.

He didn\'t play football in ages and he was still really rusty.

Thus, he was simply using the tips and pieces of advice that Leo and Rolandinho had taught him in the past hours.

\'Let\'s see how it goes!\' After getting everything in check, Felix left behind him a mirage as by the time everyone realized that he had made a move, his foot was already in contact with the ball!


Absolute silence engulfed the penalty area as the ball neither made a sound nor did it appear in the eyes of the onlookers.

Those who were gazing at Felix only saw his kicking animation.

Those who were eying the Cube of water didn\'t catch anything.

Meanwhile, those who were looking at Hina only saw a cloud of blood in her place while the rest of her body was snared in the net with a smocking ball.

Before those images could be processed in their brains, the sounds of the entire sequence had erupted at the same time!


Everyone closed their ears reflexively in pain as the sounds were deafening to bleed their soft eardrums.

Even the slowest of them had realized that Felix had just broken the sound barrier with his kick and exploded Hina\'s entire head into a cloud of blood!

\'Dear god.\'

\'What a monster!\'

\'Did he just f*cking kick a supersonic ball!\'

Their hearts couldn\'t help beat out of their chest in utter mortification as they looked at Felix\'s foot that was emitting smoke due to friction!

While their minds had short-circuited not able to utter a word, Felix was scared **less after seeing Hina\'s corpse.

He knew that Olivia was going to complain all week long for thinking that he was aiming to pop her new bestie\'s head like that.

For a known bully like him, she wouldn\'t believe that he was aiming at the left side of the goalpost instead of Hina\'s head!

Those tips didn\'t help much to fix his garbage aim! But did it even matter With his strength, he could score both the ball and the goalkeeper!

\'Time to bolt.\' Felix didn\'t hesitate to teleport back to the Ivy League after paying the Queen 200 GP.

However, after he did so, he didn\'t forget to leave his team and the instructors one last message, \'I have pulled my thigh in that kick, I would need a week rest to practice again.

Until we meet again!\'


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