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After Felix\'s kick, George requested everyone to do a penalty kick as well.

Some of them butchered it like Sylvia who kicked the ball with her toe, sending it flying towards the glass wall behind the goalpost.

Meanwhile, some like Leo and Ronaldinho had shown fine control as they easily kicked the ball towards the direction they wanted.

After the penalty kicks, George carried on with free kicks, dribbling, passing, ball control, and other tests to check on everyone\'s current level.

Although those were just basic tests on the first day, they were still quite effective as they helped George make a list and rank everyone\'s skills from S tier to F tier.

Unsurprisingly, Sylvia was placed in the F tier while Felix was in the C tier.

Leo and Ronaldinho were in the A tier.

The rest were placed in different tiers.

Naturally, some reserve members were as good as Leo and Costa.

However, since Elemental Football and battles were occurring in the field, abilities\' usefulness was considered.

Even Sylvia with her garbage skills could be part of the team due to her butterfly mutation and Area of effect ice active abilities.

She might not touch the ball as much as the rest but she could make sure that their opponents wouldn\'t touch it as well!

After all, random fights were forbidden but in the case of the ball Everything was allowed to take it or remove it from the players\' possession!

There was no foul or penalty for smacking someone in the face.

Heck, one could commit a murder in the penalty zone and the referee wouldn\'t say anything.

This was the difference between deadly games and normal ones.

Death was the core of Supremacy Games and it would remain as such in every game.

If the spectators didn\'t like watching deaths and just wanted to spectate a peaceful match without those high stakes, there were other platforms in the UVR to fulfill their wishes.

Heck, there was a Galactical Elemental Football League in the UVR for football teams around the universe to compete in without worrying about dying inside of a match.

But, the rewards and stacks weren\'t even 2% of what Supremacy Games was offering!

After all, SG planets were fighting for their freedom and climbing the ladder of the Alliance and not just playing games for entertainment purposes.

The same applied to individual games where the players were fighting to grow stronger and fulfill their desires!

Real Death was Supremacy Games.

This fact had remained unchanged for millions of years and millions of years to come!

That\'s why George was planning to create a 12 member team that would have perfect attack and defense synergy between them in the field instead of just the ones with the best football skills.

However, this was merely the first day and there was still a lot of work.

Thankfully, George and Sasha weren\'t just recently elected, but right after the World Competition had ended.

So, they had 15 days to learn about each bloodliner in the team and their abilities.

Well, at least their iconic abilities.

That\'s why they straightaway started the practice instead of making the bloodliners introduce themselves and their bloodline abilities.


After a couple of hours...

The field was packed with juniors either dribbling the ball, passing between each other, or simply sitting on the ground thinking deeply about how to utilize their elemental abilities to their advantage.


Meanwhile, at the side of the field, Noah kept throwing a ball in the air then smack it with his Ice Mace towards the Glass wall!

Where\'s the f*cking foot in this

He was literally playing baseball with his Mace! However, it wasn\'t against the rules since he didn\'t touch the ball with his hands!

Yet, no one was paying attention to him as most free team members were gathering around the left side penalty area.

They were currently watching five of their teammates continue to kick the ball simultaneously at Hina Suzuki, who was guarding the goalpost with her tiny body.

Yet, none of them managed to bypass her and score a goal as a wall of water kept raising before those balls and engulfed them!

She then would send those balls back with a mini tsunami and gesture with her finger for them to kick again, using whatever ability to boost their kick!

I guess we found a goalkeeper candidate. Sasha said calmly while recording Hina\'s performance next to George.

Unconvinced, George scratched his bearded chin and said, Not yet, we need to test the limits of her *Oceanic Wall* against stronger kickers like Felix. He sighed, We might not know which planet would be placed against us but it isn\'t farfetched that their team will be packed with peak 1st stage bloodliners.

This was George\'s primary worry about the games.

Their team might look strong but he knew that their strength was weakest in the entire platform!

He already watched some planetary games of teams playing for the 1st time.

Every one of them had only one or two 1st Stage Greater Purity bloodliners.

The rest All were peak 1st stage bloodliners!

Although those teams were also newcomers in the Alliance and playing for the 1st time ever, it didn\'t mean that their strength would be the same as Earthlings.

This could be due to many reasons.

One, their planet\'s environment wasn\'t as gentle and peaceful as earthlings.

Instead, it could be hot to the point 51C degrees would appear like winter to them!

That\'s due to their bodies forcefully evolving throughout the years to adapt to that environment.

This had nothing to do with bloodlines, mutations, or such.

Just basic biological evolution for survival.

Just like beasts had evolutionary traits, humans also had them.

It just depends on the environment they were born and grew in.

Those evolutionary traits obviously would give them a slight advantage in integration as they could handle more pain.

Handling more pain led to integrating more percentages than earthlings who integrate on average 4% to 5% each time without supporting portions.

A second reason could be the population of that said planet.

While Earth was populated with 8 billion humans and still increasing rapidly, some planets would have only a hundred million or even fewer.

It could be due to the previous wars wiping the majority off the planet, tough environments to survive in, or a mutation in their genes making them have difficulty giving birth.

There were so many reasons to mention.

But what mattered the most was that the fewer the population the easier it was for the planet to be united.

This would facilitate the team\'s creation and provide them with resources to integrate right at the beginning.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._52186164513269292 for visiting.

Meanwhile, Planet Earth created a team just in the last 4 months of their first game.

And only now would the ESG Organization start providing double percentage potions for those who excelled in practice and games.

We still have 4 months. Sasha mentioned, It should be enough to push the main team into reaching at least 1st stage greater purity and some of them into the peak, like Sylvia.

George nodded his head firmly and said, They might be still slightly weaker in integration but they could still win the upcoming game if they exerted themselves to the limits in this duration.

That\'s exactly why I suggested prolonging their daily training to 12 hours instead of your 6 hours. Sasha stressed her point with forceful prolonged eye contact.

Georga merely chuckled at her lowkey display of challenge.

He knew that she was bitter about being an assistant instructor and felt like he stole her position.

She might not show it due to her professionalism but in his eyes, her displeasure was written all over her face.

But did he give a crap Nope!

George earned this position and he wasn\'t planning on letting himself get pushed down by his assistant.

Thus, he just turned down her mad suggestion with a simple \'No\' and requested calmly, Please tell the captain to use all of his strength against Hina\'s Oceanic Wall.

Okay. Displeased, Sasha let out one word through her gritted teeth and sent a message to Felix.

Upon receiving it, Felix stopped his kicking practice with Leo and Ronaldinho who were helping him improve his aim.

I will be back.

I have been given a task to test Hina\'s ability. Felix said while passing the ball to Leo with his head.

Then he quickly walked in direction of Hina, who was getting c.o.c.kier by the second due to the strikers\' failing to score even a single goal.

When they saw his destination, Leo and Ronaldinho traded glances between them before sprinting after Felix while dribbling through the juniors with stylish maneuvers.

After they passed Felix and kept going on like that, Felix wanted to catch up to them by copying some of their moves.

Alas, in the first maneuver, he ended up in a different direction and the ball in another direction.

With a face thicker than a brick, Felix ignored his ball and carried on his sprint without it.

He had no intentions to associate himself with it anymore!

\'Hahaha, what a loser!\'

While those who saw him didn\'t dare to shame him, Asna didn\'t hesitate to laugh at his tragic dribbling attempts.

Immune to Asna\'s mocking tone, Felix stood next to Leo and Ronaldinho after reaching the penalty area.

They weren\'t the only ones here as more and more juniors kept gathering to watch Hina\'s goalkeeping strategy against ten strikers combined shots!

She actually increased the number!

All of them were allowed to use their abilities on the ball or even on Hina! As long as they keep their distance, everything was allowed to score a goal against her.

Yet, she was still nullifying all of their attempts while at the same blocking their shots!

It was clear that even though she shared Olivia\'s short height and cute face, she was a force to reckon with in the team!

Well done Hina!

Keep it up and you will be picked as the goalkeeper of the team!

While the girls kept cheering at the side with their fists pumped in the air, the strikers were getting more and more unwilling to concede.

Alas, their hearts might be unwilling but nothing much changed.

Thus, they could only kick their balls away and retreat in defeat.

Who\'s next! Smug and quite c.o.c.ky, Hina shouted while placing her hands on her h.i.p.s.


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