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Captain Felix, can you do the honor of rolling the Wheel onstage Mr.

Rodrigas asked politely while gesturing with his hand at the empty stage.

Felix nodded his head and stepped forward.

After standing on the stage and seeing everyone\'s hopeful gazes, he gave a sheepish smile and said, Fair warning, my luck can be tragic in those kinds of draws.

Alas, no one believed in his claim as they merely scoffed in annoyance.

It was already public knowledge that Felix had won his legendary bloodline in a UVR lottery which was almost impossible to be true.

Yet, here he was shamelessly bragging that his luck was trash on draws Heh, they would be fools to believe him!

Seeing their reaction, Felix shrugged his shoulders carelessly and manifested a hologram displaying the Earthling\'s new profile interface. 

//// Picture: (The Planet\'s picture taken from Outer Space)

Name: The Earthling Team.

Flag: (Picture)

Titles: None

Date of Creation: 05/02/2026

Address: 3rd Planet in 788G Solar System, 97th stellar district, Alexander Kingdom, Mariana Empire territory, in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Team Members List: C-Felix Maxwell/VC-Sylvia Ivanov/MT-Olivia Maxwell/MT-Zhang Wie/MT-..../( Press on the name for more information.)

Average Integration Level: Between Origin Purity and 1st Stage Lesser Purity.

Rank: Unranked.

(Play four placement games to get ranked.)

About: Empty

Games Played: 000

Wins: 000

Loss: 000

Win streak: 000

Loss Streak: 000

Eliminations: 000 //

The moment everyone saw the profile, they swiftly opened it with their own bracelets, wanting to check if they had the same one.

Soon, hundred or so of holograms had manifested in the room, showing the same details.

Naturally, the first thing they did was press on their name to check what was written about them.

Seeing that it was just basic information without any dazzling achievement to brag about, they quickly closed them shut and focused back on Felix who clicked on start a new game at the bottom of the profile.

After clicking it, he was transferred to the same hologram with only one green button in its center.

Everyone held their breaths in anticipation and a hint of worry while staring at the green button.

They didn\'t dare to blink just not to miss anything.

Felix scratched his chin with one hand and used the other to push the big green button.

Immediately after a humongous colorful wheel emerged and started to spin rapidly.

Felix didn\'t leave it spin for even a second before he ordered out loud, Stop!

Ting! Ting! Ting!...

The needle kept bypassing a format after the other while gradually slowing down.

Soon, the wheel was slowed to the point everyone was able to spot the format names.

Just like individual games, there was battle, puzzles, sports, competitive lifestyle, tournaments, vehicles and the list goes on and on.

TING! TING!....Ting!

>Congrationlation on picking Sports format!Congrationlation on picking Elemental Football Game!#'s-wheel!_52179448509822153 for visiting.

Hehe, me as well. Ronaldinho smirked while pointing at his shining bald head, I am especially good at headers.

Alas, their enthusiasm and confidence weren\'t shared by most team members since it was either a long time since they touched a ball or never did!

Unsurprisingly, Sylvia\'s expression and some girls in the team also hardened at the game chosen.

Naturally, for Sylvia to be the daughter of Russia\'s president, she never touched a football in her life.

She had no issues with chess, playing instruments, and even some winter sports like ice skating.

But football Nope!

While Sylvia was dying inside, Olivia and Sophia were high-fiving in delight.

It was due to rule 8 which clearly stated that they would have a protected clinic to heal their teammates inside the match!

So, they weren\'t required to play ball with the rest and they could still be useful!

\'It seems like I need to work on my rusty feet.\' Felix mused to himself after reading that game points were based on goals.

Although the game clearly stated that all abilities were allowed to score goals, Felix\'s poison abilities weren\'t really going to affect the ball.

After all, it was obviously going to be indestructible and immune to all kinds of effects.

This meant he needed to start practicing his kicking and heading.

Heck, if his tail control was as good as Silver Hammer, Felix could totally use it in the match!

Have you read all details George abruptly stood up from his seat as he said, If you have, let\'s get going to the VR training room!

Upon hearing that George was planning on starting the training right now, Mr.

Rodrigas wished them good luck and left through the backdoor.

If it wasn\'t for the Gama Organization and the increasing chaos outside of the Earthling Team\'s headquarters, he would have stayed to watch their training.

Alas, just like he said earlier, the team only had one job and that was winning the games.

However, for him and the rest They needed to carry the matters of the World on their shoulders.

After he left, George turned around and saw that most of the main team\'s members were clearly crestfallen.

Displeased, he knitted his eyebrows and said, What did you expect from the games That you will be getting only what you are good at

Soft dejected mumbles resounded in the room at his questions.

Although they already knew that there were thousands of different games on the platform, they still wished to luck out on something around their preferences.

Some of them were good at Basketball while some were good at riding mounts.

Each had their own talents and hobbies they enjoyed playing besides training their combat skills.

Since the platform had combat in every game without exception, they already had 70% of the requirement to participate in the games.

However, that 30% would always not up to their hands.

Just like now, Leo and Ronaldinho were clearly good at football and played it even after the SG Invitation, unlike the rest.

George crossed his hands above his chest and said strictly, It\'s impossible to excel in every game.

That\'s just a matter of fact! However, you can always perform to the best of your abilities and assist the team in ways you didn\'t even know before!

He looked at them in the eyes and suddenly turned his hand into a burning torch! He then created a holographic football and placed it one meter in front of him.

Everyone was left confused by the sight.

However, soon their eyes widened in shock after seeing George punch the holographic ball using a fist manifested from pure flames!


George controlled the holographic ball to fly away with his flaming fist!

Both of them smashed into the podium, forcing the dumbfounded Felix to jump out of the way.

You might be trash at football.

Heck, even I have played it only two times in my life.

But, don\'t forget that we are not going to play earthling football. George said cooly while fixing his tie, We will be playing Elemental Football!


The room erupted in wild cheers after getting pumped up in the most unusual way possible.

They didn\'t know who this George was but they f*cking loved the balls he had to destroy property in the Drop!

\'Damn, I must have looked cool.

Maybe, everyone will respect me as their instructor after this.\' Hearing those cheers, George couldn\'t help but display a faint smug smile.

Alas, his smug smile was wiped out of his face after hearing the Queen\'s voice, Sir George, you have received warnings due to using an elemental ability in public space and destroying the Drop\'s property.

The 3rd strike would result in reducing your salary from 70,000 SC a month to 50,000 SC for three months.\'

\'That can\'t be!\' Pained, George clutched his heart tightly at the thought of having his salary getting butchered by 30% for three months!

If he knew that those rules were in the Drop, he wouldn\'t have dared to act cool even if he was beaten up!

Alas, the moment the plane placed them on the Island, they rushed straightaway to the meeting room.

Thus, he was still clueless about everything in the Drop!

\'Whatever, at least it didn\'t go to waste.\' George showed a forced smile to the pumped-up juniors and walked behind them.

They were heading to start their 1st session of training!


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