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Three holograms abruptly manifested before everyone.

All of them were contracts!

If it wasn\'t for this many contracts that needed to be signed at once, it wouldn\'t have been called a signing ceremony.

Read them carefully before signing. Mr.

Rodrigas sat next to the podium while saying one last time, If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Felix started by reading the contract on the left side that was titled as >Loyalty ContractEarthling TeamCaptain\'s DutiesClap Clap!...

The atmosphere got lively at the sound of the heavy applause and whistles as everyone was too eager to see what\'s the first Planetry Game they would be placed at!

Everyone already read all of the Planetary Games\' rules back to back.

Therefore, they knew that unlike individual games which had two months reset between games and five days preparation after rolling the wheel, the Planetary Games system was completely different.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._52161142822325267 for visiting.

First, the teams weren\'t given even a day to reset! They could potentially roll a wheel, play the game and roll the wheel tomorrow again!

However, they were given a month of preparation after rolling the wheel!

So although they didn\'t have any reset to bother with, they were still going to wait for a month whether they liked it or not if the other contestants decided to practice for the entire month, instead of just playing immediately after rolling the game.

In the case of Earthlings, they were already given two years of preparation before their 1st ever game.

Now, they were left with only 4 months before the period finishes.

By Felix rolling the Wheel now, they would have 4 months to practice thoroughly.

But after it, they would be given just 1 month of preparation just like the others.

With that being said, the competitive and veteran teams rarely bother to use an entire month to prepare as they already had a hefty amount of experience in the games.

Thus, the moment they notice that it was a game they played before, they voice their readiness to the Queen.

Those rules were placed like this since there weren\'t really that many members in the Alliance to create a problem for the platform.

After all, PSG wasn\'t like ISG where anyone with some strength could barge in the SG administration Office and sign a contract. 

So there wasn\'t a point to force the Alliance members into waiting a month or two before rolling the wheel again and then give them another month for preparation.

If it was like this, no one would be climbing the Ladder of the SGAlliance efficiently as it was a long long one.

That\'s why it was being branched out in each race!

A simple analogy would be considering the SGAlliance as a Fir-Tree.

Start thick at the bottom and keeps getting thinner and thinner until it reaches the top.

The peak of the tree would be the ruling power of the SGAlliance.

This peak was dominated by strong races born and built for wars and fights unlike the peaceful Metal Race.

Though the Metal Race, Witch Race, Space Worm Race, Hive Race, Dwarf Race, and some other races were also part of this ruling power since their contribution to the SGAlliance was unfathomable.

Meanwhile, The Branches of the tree were taken by other weaker races.

Weaker in a sense that either their strength wasn\'t enough to fight those at the top, or their contribution wasn\'t good enough.

The human race as a whole had a tiny branch gotten due to their contribution and improvement done to the UVR and the SGAlliance.

After all, their devilish monetization plans in the UVR had allowed the SGAlliance to profit heavily from the commoners.

Having a tiny branch was great on its own since only by owning one could an SGAlliance\'s member actually be part of the inner circle.

They could have small power in it as well as profit!

Then we have the STEM!

This was the battlefield that included all competitors wanting to climb up and secure a branch of their own!

Everyone on the Stem was considered an outer circle member.

They could neither affect the SGAlliance nor profit from their operations!

In it, empires, kingdoms, federations, small alliances, and many more strong competitors from all corners of the universe battle in the Games for two reasons!

Obtain the 1st branch for their Race, making them part of the inner circle in the SGAlliance!

If their race was already a member of the inner circle, them getting another branch would be making their race have more power in the alliance!

For example, if the Alexender Kingdom, Coronia Kingdom, Mariana Empire all passed through the stem and had gotten a branch of their own, those branches would combine with the tiny human race\'s branch and make it bigger.

Bigger translates to more power and profit for the human race in general!

If the branch kept getting bigger and longer, it wouldn\'t be long before it reaches the top and joins the ruling power of the SGAlliance!

That\'s why the stem was called the main battlefield of the SGAlliance!

Since it was called as such, it only implied that there were other battlefields.

Those battlefields were occurring underground on the roots of the tree!

Those roots each were being owned by a Race.

They held the newcomers in the SGAlliance!

Just like the roots of the tree weren\'t being seen or beautified like the tree, the members of this rank had absolutely no presence in the SGAlliance.

Hundreds of them could disappear at once and no one would give a ** about them.

Though, they would care about the phenomena that caused it.

Naturally, The Earthling Team was at bottom of the Human Race\'s root.

Heck, they could be considered as being a hundred meters underground!

The only way for them to climb up was to compete against SGAlliance\'s members on the same root!

Obviously, they would be humans as well from all different corners of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Just like that, even the weakest member of the SGAlliance had a clear path set before him to reach the Supremacy!

It all depends on its team effort in the Games!

This was the Supremacy Games Alliance! A behemoth that gave a chance of survival to even the Fleas on its body!


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