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Your wish has been granted! You can expect the modified Spaceship and its license to reach you in 5 months!#'s-dynasty-had-crumbled!_52154443227002159 for visiting.

Felix knew that if he wished for the Deviant spaceship alone it would reach him in a minimum of 15 days.

After all, it wasn\'t really that expensive or rare.

Its current market price was merely 185 million SC.

If it wasn\'t for the licensing that needed months to years to be approved for individuals like Felix, he would have purchased a better one.

The reason it took months was due to the vetting process done on the owner.

After all, spacesh.i.p.s couldn\'t be sold to just anyone.

Otherwise, any pirate could start changing between spacesh.i.p.s whenever he got bored or the one he was using got destroyed.

Thus, if Felix went and ordered one, he would be thoroughly examined and all of his past criminal activities.

Although he had none, the process would still take ages since there were many requests to buy spacesh.i.p.s.

Obviously, this was just for individuals, groups, families...etc 

As for planets and such They could straight away purchase them for their armies and fleet.

But, they would be bound by contract to not sell them to individuals without vetting them first.

All of this was done to reduce the piracy rates in the universe.

Plus, licensed sh.i.p.s with their original owners would be capable of landing on any civilized planet.

Of course, they could be denied entry but the license made sure that they reached the planet.

As for those without it They wouldn\'t even dare step near those planets since they would be considered pirates.

Thankfully, with Felix using the wish for the spaceship, he crossed all of those long procedures since the Queen had deemed him clean based on his data.

Queen, I want my spaceship to be parked on the dark side of the moon. Felix stood up from the bed and said, Make sure that it was camouflaged properly.

Felix had no intentions of riding his spaceship during the assault when he could control it remotely from his bed!

Plus, it was safer this way since the Deviant spaceship\'s Alloy wasn\'t known for its hardness or defenses.

This meant, if the Gama Organization wasn\'t taken care of properly, they might strike his spaceship back and ruin it easily.

Felix chose the Dark Deviant just because of its excellent anti-surveillance system.

Since Felix wanted to launch a single strike, his ambush needed to be implacable!

Plus, he needed to be on the ground to collect his loot as fast as possible after the strike.

Otherwise, the US government would rush there faster than him and take the Artificial symbiote and the rest of the loot.

For the Gama Organization who were trading resources for bloodliners, it was obvious that their spaceship would be packed with them!

Well, if they did manage to survive the Plasma Beam in the first place.


Two days went by in a jiffy...

Olivia, Noah, Kenny, and the rest of the US team had already arrived at the Drop yesterday.

Naturally, they were informed of everything that happened during their sleep.

Even Adam\'s betrayal.

The only one who felt absolutely nothing from it was Noah.

He was only pissed that he got poisoned for 24 hours making his little sister worry for him.

As for the rest Each took it differently. 

However, all of them recovered easily from the trauma since Adam wasn\'t related to any of them.

They only spent at best three months with each other.

So, they didn\'t bother with the matter anymore and mingled with the rest of the Earthling Team.

Speaking about the team, those two days were really well needed since everyone had gotten a lot closer to each other than the first time they met.

Heck, Olivia had already made friends with most of the team members.

Well, it was to be expected as her bubbly and kind personality was tough to hate.

Meanwhile, the Hiltons\' fate ended up being even worse than what was anticipated as the authorities had found them guilty after the thorough investigation carried out during the Hiltons\' sleep.

So when they woke up, they weren\'t greeted with looks of relief as the rest but handcuffs tightened with their hand and the bed.

To make it worse, three police officers were placed in their room watching over them and their AP bracelets were removed.

Before the shock of the sight could even set in, they were taken roughly for a rapid Trial that didn\'t last even an hour.

In that hour, the Hilton elders and Adam had their hearts chilled at the evidence collected.

Some were related to the kidnapping attempts and the majority were related to their grey schemes used for their assets.

19 hours to 20 were more than enough for the security agencies to dig up dirt from the Hiltons business empire when they had the full support of the Council and the public.

Not to mention those who could stop them were all asleep at the time.

Hence, the trial went smoothly for everyone but the Hiltons.

After it ended, the final verdict was for the grand Elder\'s execution for being the mastermind of the kidnapping attempt at the captain of the Earthling Team.

The rest of the elders and Adam were ruled to serve Life without parole in prison! This meant they wouldn\'t be able to leave the prison even if they behaved properly.

Too bad, before the elders and Adam could sign in relief at keeping their lives, Joseph and two more elders got sniped right in the forehead the moment they stepped outside of the courtroom!

The Bounties hunters had made their move and it terrified Adam and the rest of the elders! They knew that the Gama Organization had kept its word by placing bounties on their heads.

This made them feel like they were walking dead men since the prisoners wouldn\'t hesitate to shiv them when their foot stepped in prison!

Execution or not! None of them would live long except for Adam who would be placed in a special cell made from the exact white material used in the Arenas.

Even with his strength, he wouldn\'t be able to damage it.

As for his abilities They were already extracted making him feel like he was just an empty husk.

Meanwhile, their assets were split apart by the government and the Maxwell Family since Felix was affected the most by this kidnapping attempt.

So it appeared like it was compensation for the damages caused.

But that was just a bull** excuse so the other families wouldn\'t raise a ruckus at how biased the country was in its treatment of the Maxwells.

Just like that, the Hiltons\' dynasty was brought to the ground by a single decision...Kidnapping Felix!

Adam and the rest of the elders had all the time in their lives to regret this decision in their tiny cells.

At that time, Felix had watched the Trial and the assassinations while munching on a poisoned flavored sandwich in his bedroom.

He didn\'t even lift a finger and the Hiltons were already taken care of properly!


While Adam was rotting in a cell now, Felix had already earned everyone\'s respect and approval as the captain after he demolished anyone who sought to spar with him.

He didn\'t just win over them but also showed them their mistakes and taught them ways to utilize their strength more effectively.

Felix didn\'t mind teaching them as the better they got the more chances he would have to relax in the PSG.

He had no intentions to carry them every game.

Right now, most team members were sitting on the stands of a medium-sized arena while watching Zhang Wei and Leo Bridge duke it out for the fortieth-round in the past two days.

Looking at Zhang Wei\'s numbed expression as he blocked Leo\'s brownish fists, everyone started sympathizing with the gentle giant.

When Leo got destroyed by Felix easily, he switched targets to harass for spars.

In the end, he landed on the gentle and shy Zhang Wei, who was too kind to say no and reject that battle maniac\'s spar requests.

Now it had been already two hours since they started and every time a spar ends, Leo would bully Zhang Wei to start another even though he was losing most of the time!

If it wasn\'t for his energy consumption no one doubted that he would battle 24/7!

Australians are truly scary. Olivia commentated softly while sitting next to an aqua blue-haired doll-like girl who shared the same short height as her.

However, the girl didn\'t respond to her as she was occupied by reading the news on a hologram.

Hina Olivia tilted her head and peeked at Hina Suzuki\'s hologram.

Seeing that it was a news anchor reporting in Japanese with a solemn expression, she couldn\'t help but ask in intrigue, What is he reporting about

He is saying that in the past two days there was a noticeable spike in missing people reports and kidnapping attempts happening in broad daylight. Hina replied, very serious.

It\'s that bad

Sophia who was sitting right behind them interjected in their conversation with her eyes focused on the hologram.

She was looking at the kidnapping graph that had climbed explosively in the past two days.

Hina shook her head and said solemnly, It\'s even worse! As the ones kidnapped were mostly bloodliners!

The girls were stunned at hearing her say so.

They didn\'t think that bloodliners would be getting kidnapped right after the attempt on Felix.

They expected that the world would get safer after seeing how heavyhanded the Council had dealt with the Hiltons, but it seemed like they merely wished for the impossible!


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