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Although the Gama\'s spaceship was protected from those attacks, the Organization didn\'t dare to trade fire with the fleet.

They knew who to bully and who to fear! The Kingdom wasn\'t to be trifled with like Earthlings.

Thus, they retreated without shooting a single beam at the fleet! 

The fleet also didn\'t chase them as they had no enmity with the Organization.

Heck, Felix knew that Criminal Organizations like Gama were doing the Kingdom a great favor by forcing newly discovered planets into ditching their independence and getting under their wing.

So it was a win-win for both the Kingdom and the Criminal Organizations!

Sometimes Felix wonders whether the Kingdom was the one sending the Gama Organization at them to force them into joining their Kingdom!

After all, the Gama Organization had reached the planet a year ago while the planet\'s coordination had been released at that time not even for half a year.

It was a bit too soon for Earth to be found out unless they were pretty unlucky.

So there was always this sense of doubt and conspiracy about the whole matter.


15 minutes later...

Felix had left the consciousness space after replaying the memory more than ten times until he finally managed to match the shape of Gama\'s spaceship with its module.

It took him a while simply due to the symbiote coating all of it.

However, he figured out only the spaceship module and not which generation it belonged to or the alloy-grade was used underneath the symbiote skin.

Felix only wanted to know the alloy grade since his plan\'s success was heavily dependent on it.

Felix even searched in the UVR for pictures or recordings about the Gama\'s spaceship.

Alas, the symbiote was always there to cover it.

Screw it.

I will do an elimination process. Felix closed the many holograms before him and left only one showing a list of the known Alloy\'s grades used mostly in spacesh.i.p.s.

Well, at least the ones making it to the Milky Way Galaxy.

First, Felix eliminated the topmost alloys, which were too expensive for the Gama Organization.

He then removed the lower graded ones, which were affordable for the majority.

This left him with only 4 grades, which could be considered the mainstream alloys used by the majority of planets, kingdoms, and empires in the galaxy.

He then removed one more alloy that was currently monopolized by the neighbor Empire known for its massive armies and space fleets.

This alloy was banned from being used by any other human empire or kingdom.

This meant it was challenging for it to land in the black market and the Gama Organization to obtain it.

This left Felix with only three more alloys.

However, he didn\'t know which to eliminate next since they were available in both markets.

Whatever, Let\'s pick Nanam Alloy.

It has the highest defenses of them all. Felix removed the other two and left a dark bronze-colored alloy in the list.

Felix pressed on it, and its details were displayed.


Grade: B-

Alloy name: N-991-A1-N2-A33-M98.

Defense: AA

Hardness (Earthling\'s Vickers measurement): 9100

Density: 90,800 kg/m3 //

The alloy\'s grade might be just \'B-\' since its high density or weight was pulling it down, but it covered it up with its astonishing hardness!

Compared to Hard Steel that had only 900 hardness on the Vickers scale, the Nanam Alloy had nine times that result!

This meant it was ten times harder than steel!

This results in getting graded AA for its defenses, as with that hardness, it would be quite difficult for laser beams and plasma to penetrate it that easily.

The downside of this Alloy was its terrifying weight that reached almost 91 kilograms for a one-meter cubic!Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_52141174999272424 for visiting.

A spaceship made completely with this alloy would definitely struggle with energy and speed as its consumption would be monstrous compared to the rest.

But at least the defenses were alright. 

Felix didn\'t really know if the Gama\'s spaceship was made of Nanam Alloy or another.

But, he would base his plan around it so he wouldn\'t be screwed over later on.

Felix had only one opportunity to take care of the Gama Organization and he was going to take full advantage of it!

Queen, does my 3rd wish allow me to get a custom-made Dark Deviant Spaceship Felix abruptly asked.

Yes. The Queen paused, But there will be a limitation to the modification that you are planning to make.

Felix nodded his head in understanding and requested, Can you make a list of the available Mega Red Plasma weapons that I could use

Is that your wish The Queen asked, scaring the ** of Felix.

Hell no! He denied it firmly, That\'s just a request.

Then, my apologies Sir.

Felix but I can\'t fulfill your request since some of the weapons are restricted information that needed higher access than you possess. She clarified.

I see. Felix smiled wryly after realizing what she meant.

Although Felix\'s wish was to get him the restricted weapon that he desired he couldn\'t just ask the Queen to show all of the available ones since there were probably thousands of them.

Some of them weren\'t really public information that the Queen could share with Felix without a problem.

Unless he wished upon it or had access to that information, he could forget about seeing them!

Alright, show me only the weapons that are currently public information, and please add their market prices.

Felix rephrased his request and the Queen this time had no issues by creating a holographic list that was displaying those weapons.


Felix couldn\'t help inhale loudly at the sight of the staggering prices, reaching a minimum of 200 million SC per weapon!

But what did he expect when he was asking for Red Plasma weapons for spacesh.i.p.s

Those Weapons were only below Pure White Plasma weapons in destructiveness and penetration! One-shot from those weapons was enough to obliterate Felix\'s Sky Peal island into dust!

Good **! After his shock withdrew back Felix started laughing in pure delight while scrolling down the list.

The further down he went, the higher the prices got and the size of the weapon increased!

At the start, they were small enough to be placed at the sides of a spaceship akin to canons.

But after he reached the bottom, the weapons were the bulk of the f*cking spaceship! Some of them were dreadful enough it caused shivers to course in Felix\'s spine.

Yet after reading that each of them cost at least 20 billion SC, Felix begrudgingly scrolled up again and settled with the ones at the middle of the pack that cost from 400 million to 1 billion.

Soon, he started clicking each one and reading its details.

Some weapons were capable of firing multiple shots and some could only fire one shot.

Few had low Plasma energy consumption while the rest were devouring it in each shot.

Yet, Felix didn\'t focus much on those details but the destructiveness of those weapons against Nanam Alloy and the artificial Symbiote!!

Felix never had intentions of battling the Gama Organization hand to hand when hiding inside their spaceship!

It was impossible to sneak inside without being found since he knew that the Symbiote skin was coating even inside the ship.

This meant, the moment his feet stepped on it, the AI would recognize that he was an outsider.

Even if Felix by some chance managed to end inside of it, how was he supposed to fight it out with the Gama Organization members when they were all at minimum peak 2nd stage bloodliners

Heck, Mr.

Gama was infamous for being a peak 3rd stage bloodliner! That\'s just the strength of the bloodliners inside, not mentioning the weapons that would be aimed at him from every direction!

Felix had absolutely no chance of victory against them unless he caught up in integration and he met them outside of their spaceship.

Even hiring peak 4th stage bloodliners to do the deed for him wasn\'t going to work out. 

Thus, Felix never planned on playing fair but as dirty as possible!

What\'s dirtier than sneakily obtaining their Spaceship\'s coordination right under their noses using it for delivering a destructive Red Plasma Beam from high above!

So while Mr.

Gama and the rest were preparing to start early chaos on the planet, Felix was planning to turn them into dust!

This plan would have never worked if the Organization realized that Felix had obtained their space coordination.

They would have changed their position and his plan was doomed to fail.

Hence, his immense hard work makes Mr.

Twelve suspect nothing about him.

However, for Felix\'s upcoming spaceship to one-shot them, the red plasma weapon needed to break into both the artificial symbiote and the Nanam Alloy\'s hardness at the same time without losing most of its power.

Thus, Felix had to make simulations with each weapon to find out.

In the simulations, he created the Gama\'s spaceship and fired at them with the weapons from every direction.

As expected, some weapons managed to bypass the artificial symbiote defenses and stop at the Nanam Alloy while some managed to penetrate both of them...But, they lost all of their powers causing almost no damage to the spaceship.

After spending hours on those simulations using one weapon after the other, Felix finally found his sword of judgment!

It wasn\'t farfetched to call it a sword as its design was thin and quite long.

The mouth of the weapon was at the very tip of it.

It might look small on the screen but Felix knew that a beam from that mouth was big enough to be seen from hundreds of miles!

This weapon\'s test results were auspicious as a one-shot by destroying 90% of the ship and anyone inside of it.

To make sure, Felix ran the tests ten more times and the result was still the same!

It was impossible to survive this attack!

The only drawbacks from this one were the massive plasma energy consumption, heating up after only one shot making it impossible to fire another until it cooled down.

Lastly, there was a half an hour channeling period.

Adding to all of this, its price was 600 million SC!

Yet, Felix didn\'t even falter when he requested, Queen, I wish to have a Dark Diviat SpaceShip with its main weapon being XR-Divine Judgement!

Are you certain The Queen asked for a confirmation.

Yes! Felix said, smirking.



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