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The girl didn\'t stop to introduce the areas and buildings inside as she merely kept heading in a specific direction.

After a couple of turns through the narrow streets between the buildings, they reached an open area where multiple couches, chairs, and even beds were placed in random positions.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._52098200361817012 for visiting.

Most of them were already taken by boys and girls wearing the Earthling Team uniform.

The delicate girl stopped at once and informed Felix, Please wait in the lounge for the rest of the team members to arrive. She looked at her bracelet and said, The latest one would be arriving in two hours.

Until then, enjoy the presence of your teammates.

The girl left behind a polite smile while turning around, planning to return to the airport and guide the newcomers.

Felix glanced at her back for a second before turning around and focusing on his teammates, who were all staring at him in silence.

Not feeling awkward at all, Felix showed his trademark easy-going smile and hovered in their direction.

After reaching them, he jumped from the platform and it flew back automatically.

Is there any empty seat Felix asked casually while glancing around, seeking a vacant chair or even a spot on a couch.

Captain Felix, please take mine. Sophia Shmidt stood from her chair with a gentle smile and said, I assume that you didn\'t get a minute of rest after everything that happened to you in the US

Captain Felix truly had it tough in the past hours.

The balls on those Hilton\'s bastards are truly astonishing!

They might have balls but they sure have no f*cking brain to target the captain just due to a feud!

Sigh, here I was thinking that Adam Hilton was a gentleman.

It turns out he was just as much of a snake as his elders.

The moment Sophia indirectly mentioned the attack, the awkward atmosphere immediately broke apart as everyone started commentating about it.

Some were expressing their anger and fury at Hiltons while some went forward and asked Felix about the experience.

After all, they weren\'t given full details and the information they had was based on what\'s available on the internet.

Sophia winked at Felix after seeing that he was being surrounded by his teammates and went to take an empty chair.

Felix smiled wryly at the sight and started pacifying the curious mob by retelling what happened from the banquet to the moment he got rescued.

Since he was the captain, it was to be expected that he needed to be nice and agreeable than just a straight-out asshole like always.

Plus, he wanted to get rapport with some of them so it wouldn\'t be awkward every time they meet.

Just like this two hours went by and the remaining teammates had arrived one by one.

Sylvia, Zhang Wei, Hina Suzuki, Leo Bridges, and Aadav Acharya were the last captains who arrived with their national teammates.

Just like the others, some of them went and introduced themselves properly to Felix while some asked for Olivia\'s and the rest\'s well-being.

After conversing for a few more minutes, their bracelets all rung or vibrated at once.

Felix excused himself and opened the message that was sent to him by Mr.


After reading it with his eyes he thought, \'Even better, I can start working on my plan now to take down the Gama.\'

he stood up from his seat and said, I will be heading to my room.

I still haven\'t slept all day long.

That\'s unfortunate. A well-toned bronze man with an orange beard sighed, I was planning on asking you for a quick spar.

Felix waved his hand dismissively while stepping on a black platform near him, Later.

After he left, Sophia giggled while looking at the well-toned man.

Leo, why are you rushing to get beat up

It\'s called limit testing! Leo Bridge cracked his knuckles in eagerness and said, I already know that I can\'t win against the captain, but that doesn\'t stop me from trying to see where I stand against him!

\'As expected of the Barbarian of Australia.\' Everyone smiled wryly at his weird and too straightforward mindest.

In their eyes, if they knew that it was impossible to win against Felix then it was better to save the embarrassment of losing.

Sylvia\'s fate in the competition was still fresh in their minds.

I believe that Mr.

Rodrigas had sent the message to you guys as well right Sophia suddenly asked, not wanting to dive into a subject related to battles so soon.

Everyone nodded their heads and Leo even displayed its content as a hologram.

The message wasn\'t long as it was merely having Mr.

Rodrigas apologizing since he wasn\'t coming to the island today or in the next to days due to Adam\'s situation.

After all, he got removed from the team\'s temporary until he gets investigated properly.

His removal opened up a spot in the team which was being fought for by every Council member.

While Mr.

Rodrigas wanted to simply add the 101 ranked bloodliner to the list, no one agreed on it besides the country that the bloodliner belongs to.

They said that each country should fight for the vacant spot to make it fair.

Right now, Mr.

Rodrigas was being caught up with creating a small tournament that would be hosted in his UVR room and have only 195 bloodliners competing for the spot.

This meant, he would be delayed by at least a day or two.

Since he was the president of the ESG Organization, he was required to be present in the signing ceremony that was expected to be held tomorrow before the Gama Organization messed up with everything.

Now, they were told to do as they please in the next two days until he arrives.

Anyone up for some island exploration Sophia asked while stepping on a black platform.

I am down for it.


I pass, my sleep was ruined by the sudden flight.

While everyone wanted to explore the building and the island, most of them still declined the offer and went to their rooms to carry on sleeping.

A few moments later, only twenty juniors had followed after Sophia.


Meanwhile, on the top floor of a standard residential building, Felix had just got out of the elevator and was currently heading to his room.

It wasn\'t that hard to find out the location of the residential area in this behemoth building that was more of a covering dome than a building.

Felix just asked the Queen for the directions and she guided him.

After all, his bracelet was connected to the AI of the building, so most of the information about it had already transferred to the Queen.

A few moments later, Felix stood in front of a closed shut door that had his name on it and position in the team.

After having his bracelet\'s screen get scanned by the same blue light, he had gained access to his room.


The moment Felix opened the door, the lights turned on abruptly, forcing him to close his sensitive eyes.

\'Queen, please leave only one light bulb turned on.\'

Sensing that the light had withdrawn, Felix massaged his eyelids while opening his eyes slowly.

Now that his vision wasn\'t impaired, he was left to enjoy his spacious room, which appeared more like a modern suite in a hotel than a normal room in a standard residential area.

Felix didn\'t know if all the rooms were this big and neat or just him due to his captain status.

Whatever it was, he wasn\'t complaining in the slightest!

Before doing anything else, Felix went and popped the cherry of the bathroom by taking a prolonged shower.

The one he took after getting rescued was rushed due to the authorities wanting to question him.

He could still smell the nasty blood of the mercenary squad in his hair.


45 minutes later...

Felix got outside of the bathroom while having a towel rolled on his nether region.

However, that towel soon morphed into liquid before turning into comfy pajamas.

Afterward, Felix laid on his bed and opened an empty hologram at the side.

He left it there and asked in his mind, \'Asna you busy\'

\'Watching.\' Asna replied lazily while biting into a red apple.

\'Do me a favor.\' Felix requested, \'I need you to dive in my memories and describe the Gama Organization\'s spaceship.

I only remember that it was coated with a Symbiote\'s dead skin like my new AP bracelet.\'

\'If it\'s going to result in watching fireworks, I don\'t mind doing it.\' Asna\'s eyes brightened up after reading his mind and seeing his reason.

\'Hehehe, don\'t worry.\' Felix smirked widely, \'The fireworks will be big enough that a second sun would be born from the aftermath!\'

\'That\'s what I like to hear.\' Asna clapped her hands in excitement while closing her eyes, diving into Felix\'s memories.

She didn\'t need to be told about the period as she read it in his mind.

In a few moments, Asna opened her eyes and started describing it.

However, she wasn\'t doing a good job in it as Felix was still having difficulty knowing its module.

I think it\'s better if I just showed it to you.\' In the end, Asna gave up and created a mirror in her bedroom that was showing the memory of Felix.

At loss for words, Felix could only close his eyes and enter his consciousness.

After reaching her bedroom and seeing the same mirror as last time, Felix\'s eyebrows twitched as he asked, If you were able to show me my memories like this why not use it before

Asna smiled cutely and said, I didn\'t want you to get used to it and work me to death by requests.

Lazy bum! Vexed, Felix cursed while pushing her to the side, leaving himself some space to sit in front of the mirror.

Play it. Felix narrowed his eyes at the screen and said, Whether it\'s going to be an easy win or a hard one depends on their spaceship\'s alloy type!


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