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Disclaimer: Early chaps today since I didn\'t post any yesterday.

Sorry had some private matters to take care of.

(●´ω`●) PS: these are today\'s chapters released in advance!


Meanwhile up in the sky, in a military plane that was being guarded by two jets, Felix was leaning against the window while having a hologram in front of him.

Five hours had already gone by since the moment he got \'rescued\' by the SWAT team.

In the 1st hour, Felix was questioned about what happened in the banquet before he got poisoned and after it if he managed to wake up during the kidnap.

Felix didn\'t let go of this opportunity to accuse the Hiltons with a couple of lies mixed with truth.

For example, he told the authorities that before his eyes closed shut due to the poison, he noticed that Adam was staring coldly in his direction.

To make them believe it, he showed them the recording.

This wouldn\'t have appeared strange at all if Adam wasn\'t known for being the friendliest and warmest person on the planet.

Felix even showed them past recordings from the preparation camp where Adan was always treating him nicely no matter much he ignored him.

With those contrasting emotions and one even shown right before the poisoning, doubts were rose successfully in the mind of the authorities.

But just doubts!

That\'s exactly what Felix wanted.

For the Hiltons to be suspected since he knew that the Gama Organization wouldn\'t forgive them for failing two times in a row!

Plus, Mr.

Gama needed an outlet to vent and the Hiltons were in his crossfire.

At that point in time, Felix didn\'t really know how the Organization would punish the Hiltons, but he knew that it was going to be public.

When that happens the authorities would have no choice but to truly start suspecting the Hiltons.

Yet, Felix didn\'t think that Organization was actually going to leak recordings of their deals with Mr.


Currently, he was watching those leaks which had gone viral since the moment they got posted half an hour ago.

The content was mindblowing both to Felix and the viewers.

While the viewers were shocked by the hidden agenda those Hiltons harbored for Felix since the national tournament, Felix was left in surprise at the Organization\'s wit!

He noticed that the videos were filmed from the chest of Mr.

Hire and not his eyes! This meant, he was relying on a tiny camera instead of the Queen\'s recording system!

It was a known fact that anyone with a bracelet on could record everything he sees with his eyes only.

The process was simple actually.

One just needed to request the Queen to record and everything that he sees would be seen by the Queen as well.

While his eyes send the information to his brain for processing, they also send the information to the Queen.

She would process it and turn it into usable data.

Then sent it back in his bracelet\'s storage.

Just like this, everyone with a bracelet was a walking camera!

This meant when the Hiltons signed a nondisclosure agreement with Mr.

Hire, he mentioned only the ban of the Queen\'s recording system and not externals!

Felix was certain that it went like that as there was no way for the Organization to leak info like this without worry about breaking the contract.

Felix didn\'t know if the Hiltons were stressed during the signing or simply didn\'t know much since they signed with Mr.

Hire almost a year ago.

Whatever it was, this deadly term had f*cked them pretty badly as those leaks had reached the hands of the ESG Organization and the goverment!

Adding what Felix said about the Hiltons to the mix and a 1st suspect was born.

Felix didn\'t know what they would do to them and he honestly didn\'t care much if they put them in jail or straightaway executed them after getting all the information from them.

In his eyes, they were going to die in both situations since those heavy bounties on their heads were bound to move some daredevils.

Heck, even bloodliners with assassin abilities wouldn\'t hesitate to go for an attempt.

So, jailed or not, they were dead meat anyways!

The best part, he didn\'t need to make a move or waste his time dealing with such pests.

After all, the moment Felix got the Gama\'s spaceship coordination, he deemed them as a useless piece in his board.

If it wasn\'t for him being currently taken to the Earthling Team Headquarter as fast as possible, he would have dealt with them personally.

Naturally, The ESG Organization wasn\'t just taking Felix to the Earthling Team Headquarter but every team member around the world.

This assault had shaken them greatly and especially when they realized that it was the doing of a non-native!

If they weren\'t worried about Olivia and the rest\'s health being affected during mid-flight, they would have taken them as well instead of leaving them in the hospital.

Obviously, before boarding the plane Felix had to sign an NDA contract that forbids him from exposing the headquarters\' position.

This pretty much messed up with his upcoming deliveries since giving the coordination of his position to Bodidi would be breaking the terms of the NDA contract.

The only way to modify those terms was by asking Mr.

Rodrigas personally.

Too bad, he was currently occupied with this mess.

Soon, Felix removed the hologram from his face and closed his eyes shut.

He wasn\'t told when the plane was going to land or where.

But it was already in flight for 4 hours now and only the ocean was greeting his eyes from the window.

He guessed that the plane was on top of the Atlantic Ocean since Boston was facing it.

If they went west, he should have seen the lights of towns and cities they pass by.

\'Hopefully, the headquarters isn\'t going to be in the Great Sahara.\' Felix mused one last time before closing his eyes, wanting to take some rest.

It was already past midnight and he was quite tired from everything that happened so far.

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After 7 hours of flight, Felix was finally alerted by the Queen that the plane was landing.

Felix opened his eyes groggily while yawning two times in a row.

\'Oh They chose an island\' Felix glanced outside of the window and noticed that the plane was actually gliding towards the ocean!

Forget about land, there wasn\'t even a single rock insight! Yet, he wasn\'t scared at all but just slightly surprised by the ESG Organization\'s choice.

Before he could think too deeply about it, a humongous blue dome suddenly manifested on the plane\'s gliding path!

The moment it appeared, it started withdrawing from the top to the bottom exposing what was hidden within it.

Felix couldn\'t help but nod in satisfaction at the sight of a wide spherical island that appeared like a beautiful forest of woods mixed with a forest of metal.

He could see that some buildings were still in the process of construction while some were already finished.

The most eye-catching building was the one in the center of the island, attracting anyone\'s focus on it by its unique and futuristic design.

It was shaped like a drop of water on the ground, smooth and wholly transparent! There were no windows, roof, and entrances.

Yet, Felix was able to see some buildings inside the dome.

If the plane wasn\'t getting closer and closer to the ground, making it impossible for Felix to focus on the building, he would have gotten a closer look at everything inside.


The plane had successfully landed on the runway while the accompanying jets waited for their turns to land.

They needed to refuel for their journey back.

Captain Felix, welcome to the Earthling Team Island!

The moment Felix disembarked from the plane, he was greeted loudly by tens of people wearing a single formal uniform that had the planet\'s flag on its chest and \'STAFF\' on its back.

Felix nodded his head in appreciation and started inspecting the airport while walking towards them.

\'It seems like they invested heavily in this island.\'

Felix thought so after seeing fully automatic hover vehicles passing back and forth in the airport, robotic arms loading packages or unloading them, and especially when he lifted his head and saw the blue dome was active again.

He knew that the vehicles and bots were quite cheap in the UVR but the Protection/anti-surveillance shield was nothing but that!

Its cost was ranging from 10 million SC to billions SC, depending on its generation, effectiveness, the size of the land used on it, and most importantly the shield strength.

Felix didn\'t know which generation the ESG Organization used for the island but he could guess that the price would surpass 300 million at least to cover this wide island.

Speaking about the island, Felix realized that this wasn\'t its real shape or size since he could see that the borders of it weren\'t a beach or even a natural ground but a hard metallic-like material.

This made him conclude that the island was extended by relying on artificial land to provide more space.

Heck, he could see at a distance some robots pouring from a huge container a silver liquid into an empty square-like platform that was linked with the border of the island.

It was evident that the ESG Organization wasn\'t planning on stopping the enlargement of the island.

It seemed to Felix that they were planning on turning this island into the 1st advanced technological city in the world!

Albeit it wouldn\'t be open or seen by the public but it was still the best place to truly experience some technologies of the universe.

Since this city was in international water, it belonged to the Council as a whole and not just a single country.

Only due to this was it possible for the ESG Organization to pour in the resources of the Council into this island!

Felix was glad about those modifications as he was going to spend the next months on it!


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