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How about the useless dogs who failed for the 2nd time A lanky man with wilted leaves growing out of his body asked in a tired manner.


Gama\'s eyebrows knitted in irritation after being reminded of the Hiltons.

When he approached them for the first time, he always believed that they would his greatest hound dogs on this planet.

After all, they seemed quite capable from a business standpoint.

But after they failed to deliver what they promised, he already gave up on making them his number 1 native force.

Regardless, he still gave them a chance to get back in his good books by kidnapping Felix again.

The result Failure!

Although he knew that another party had intervened and ruined their plans, he didn\'t give a crap! In his eyes, they were given more than three months to make a move again.

In those three months, they should have considered all options to make the plan foolproof.

If they did so, neither the squad nor Mr.

Hire would have gotten killed and Felix would have been in their clutches by now.

So, he had absolutely no intentions of giving them a 3rd chance or letting them leave peacefully after f*cking up their last chance of kidnapping Felix while he still had his legendary bloodline.

I assume that all of the Hiltons key individuals are currently sleeping in the hospital with the rest, correct Mr.

Gama asked coldly.

Yes, there is still 20 hours until they wake up. Miss.

Pink replied while checking her bracelet.

Good, I want them to wake up and find themselves in hell. Mr.

Gama ordered with a frigid tone, Put a 100 million dollar bounty on their grand elder head.

50 million dollar bounty on that kid in the earthling\'s team.

And the rest of the elders put 20 million dollars on their heads.

At last, any group or gang who dared to vandalize their assets would get 1 million dollars.

The reason Miss.

Pink asked while copying everything on a hologram.

For betraying the planet by aiming to kidnap and harm the captain of the earthling\'s team. He smirked cunningly and added, Write about the feud between the Maxwell and theirs.

Don\'t forget to post some old recordings of their dealings with Mr.

Hire concerning the 1st kidnapping attempt and this one.

Anything else Miss.

Pink asked without lifting her head.

Like always, just make sure that our Organization\'s name doesn\'t get mentioned in the video or anyone related to it.

We need the kidnapping attempts to appear based on hate and feud between their families. He emphasized the last point.


Gama was doing all of this not because he was worried about his Organization\'s name getting known but simply to avoid losing the trust of other dark forces.

After all, if they saw the fate of the Hilton\'s family after dealing with the Organization, not a lot of them would be as thrilled as before by working with them. 

Thankfully, every Hilton who knew about the Organization was currently asleep for 20 hours!

This meant, they couldn\'t even switch the blame to the Organization privately to ruin their reputation!

By the time they wake up, everyone would be either destroying their assets or aiming at their heads!

That should be the least of their concern as the moment the authorities watch those recorded videos of their deals, they would be straightaway placed in secure custody until they wake up and interrogate them.

As for Adam He would have his abilities extracted so he wouldn\'t cause trouble and then get placed in a special solitary cell just for bloodliners.

Obviously, he would be removed from the team and replaced by the lucky 101 ranked bloodliner in the list.

The terrifying part, all of this would be happening during their sleep unbeknownst to any of them!!!

Just like Mr.

Gama said, by the time they wake up, they would see themselves in hell!


Done, I have posted it on the internet, the dark web, and sent it to every media station in the world. Miss.

Pink waved the hologram and added, I mentioned that they just need to show proof of their work and send it to my earthling\'s email.

Good, everyone would be skeptical at the start but as we send the money, the rest wouldn\'t hesitate anymore. Mr.

Gama knocked on the table with his finger twice and said, Now forget about those useless dogs.

We need to find out who intervened in our plan.

How could we find him The lanky man smiled bitterly, The bracelets of Mr.

Hire and the squad were broken apart, and Mr.

Twelve didn\'t see him.

With the anti-spy rule blocking us from using satellites, drones, and hacking in the earthling\'s ones, we can\'t find him unless he spoke out about the rescue by himself.

Everyone went quiet after hearing so.

As much as they hate to admit it, the lanky man claims were all correct.

They might possess the technology and resources to find out who did it, but with their transpassing status, they couldn\'t be used at all.

Heck, they actually were allowed to do only one thing with their massive spaceship, and that was landing on the planet!

Anything else was completely against the rules and with the Queen\'s breathing down their neck, they couldn\'t even use a drone sneakily.

Are there any good guesses Mr.

Gama coiled the end of his mustache on his finger and said, From the massacre scene, there wasn\'t any use of elemental abilities.

The battles were up close and quick.

Boss, I doubt there were battles. Miss.

Pink placed a holographic image of the massacre scene in the center of the round table and zoomed on the severed heads and Mr.

Hire\'s cleaved arm.

Look at how smooth they got sliced.

It\'s just a single straight line.

This meant, they were ambushed swiftly and they didn\'t realize it even when the deed was already done.

Indeed, there was a huge gap in strength.

This eliminates the doing of commoners and those below 1st stage of replacement. A mellow voice escaped through the lips of an obese man with long black hair reaching under his seat.

We know that in this planet, 1st stage bloodliners are not that many. Mr.

Twelve scratched his chin and reasoned, Since the known 1st stage bloodliners in American were all poisoned in that party, this leaves us with only the unknown ones.

They are definitely not a lot.

To further limit our options, we just need to look for a physical type bloodliner or someone who uses sharp weapons.

He/She needed to be in Boston.

Even if we find one, it just didn\'t make sense how they managed to locate the drop spot and reach there in only a couple of minutes, kill everyone, tip the police and leave in under 4 minutes before Mr.

Twelve reached the scene. Miss.

Pink shook her head, I just don\'t see an earthling and even a junior being able to pull it off.

Are you suggesting non-natives The lanky man denied this option the moment he said it.

It can\'t be.

After all, he would be restricted by the rules just like us.


Pink shrugged her shoulders, He could have provoked them to make the first move.

Possible....Not everyone is as retarded as Mr.

Twelve to fail in such a simple baiting attempt....Indeed....

F*ck all of you! Mr.

Twelve flipped them both of his fingers.


Seeing that the atmosphere was shifting away from the conversation, Mr.

Gama banged on the table and gave out his own opinion, I don\'t know about some random non-native, but I am quite positive that the other five organizations didn\'t have a hand in this.

He waved Miss.

Pink\'s hologram away and placed five separate ones each showing a different planet.

Some were small and some were big.

Ones had almost the same gentle atmosphere as Earth and others were more or like Mars, red and gloomy.

Omega is having its entire forces focusing on farming Groivoir Planet.

Delta is on the verge of detaching from Mistrona Planet after they terrorized all of the commoners from awakening.

Moon Ark and Blazers are currently in a war to conquer a deserted planet that was found to have a mine producing medium-grade fire stones.


Gama removed the rest and left only one grey planet which seemed extremely cloudly.

He then enlarged it and said, Gravefoot Organization had just targeted this new planet which joined the alliance.

It is expected they will stay there for a couple of years just like us.

So unless they sent some of their members here and kept them hidden in other continents, I doubt it would be them. Mr.

Gama closed the last hologram and said, For now, place 95% of your focus on the announcement and the upcoming batches of bloodliners.

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Boss, are we giving up on the legendary bloodliner Mr.

Twelve couldn\'t help but ask after seeing that Mr.

Gama didn\'t mention Felix throughout the entire meeting.

After all, he boasted to Felix that they would be getting into him no matter where he hides!

What other option do we have after your f*ck up The pacified Mr.

Gama was immediately set in flame after being reminded of Felix\'s situation.

Who would dare accept breaking into the Earthling\'s headquarter base to catch him We don\'t even f*cking know where it is! How could others know!


Twelve lowered his head and gazed at the table, not daring to respond or meet Mr.

Gama\'s furious glare.

However, he still murmured with bad intention, Let\'s at least place a heavy bounty on his head to make him feel tensed around people within the base.

Uhmm Mr.

Gama thought about it for a few moments and shrugged his shoulders, Indeed, we might not get into him anymore but we can at least make his life hell in the earthling\'s headquarter.


Gama snapped his finger at Miss.

Pink and ordered, Place a tier 1 legendary bloodline on his head.

Make sure to add that the bloodline would be of their own choice.


Pink chuckled and added the bounty on a long list that had thousands of rewards with the correspondent prices next to them.

The prices would definitely set the Council aflame if they saw them.

For a simple reason...The currency used was the number of bloodliners and their strength!!

At the very top of this list, Felix\'s name had been added plus the reward next to him.

After seeing that the list was almost complete, Mr.

Gama excused everyone from the table, Go ahead and get busy, tomorrow is going to be a long one!

Yes, boss!


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