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A couple of hours later...


Twelve\'s hovercar had reached the grand canyon.

With the hovercar\'s subsonic speed, it wasn\'t that hard to travel almost 3000 kilometers in just a few hours.



Pink, I am about to reach the spaceship.

Can you open gate 12\' Mr.

Twelve requested with a deadpan expression.

Who could blame him though

In the past few hours, he received the scolding of his life from his boss and more awaited him when he enters the spaceship.

He got admonished since he didn\'t use a mask when under public view! That led him to have his non-native identity exposed by Felix.

Well, this is what both of them assumed.

With such a mistake in such a critical moment, Of course, Mr.

Gama would be livid.

Especially when he knew that the Council wouldn\'t relax their guards anymore after finding out that the last kidnapping attempt was done by a non-native.

Their Organization wouldn\'t get found out but the purpose of the kidnapping attempt could be guessed after some investigation.

Especially when the other kidnapping attempts on bloodliners would finally be linked to the doing with outsiders instead of natives.

From that, the Council would conclude the existence of their Organization somewhere on the planet and they would take full precaution against them.

This required a new plan for the Gama Organization and Mr.

Twelve was rushing to the spaceship just to join the meeting for it!


A few minutes later...


Twelve looked downward and noticed that he bypassed a small town.

Immediately after, he slowed his car\'s speed and wore blue glasses.

The moment he put them on, a humongous spaceship had promptly manifested miles away from him like it was always there.

The spaceship appeared quite massive regardless of the long-distance between them.

It was pitch-black and round like a disk.

Since it was parked on its side, it appeared even bigger than it seemed.

The pitch-black alloy used to coat the spaceship quite resembled the Alexander Kingdom\'s scouting Spaceship that landed on Earth during the SG Invitation.

God knows how could the Council deal with a spaceship of this magnitude!

In a while...


Twelve reached gate 12, which was already opened and waiting just for him.

The moment his car passed through, he removed the glasses and everything brightened up again.

There was only one word to describe the inside of the ship! Spacious! Remarkably spacious!

The hovercar appeared like a tiny dot, flying inside a huge metallic city.

However, Mr.

Twelve didn\'t seem lost as he kept flying towards a specific destination.

Before long, he reached a somewhat of parking lot for hundreds of different vehicles.

He parked in an empty spot and got outside.

The moment his feet touched the black alloy, it moved like a living being and crept up to his back, creating a black chair.


Twelve sat on it and ordered, Mira, take me to the meeting room.


The black chair sped up like a rocket in a straight direction! Even when there was a clear wall in front of it, the chair didn\'t stop moving!

Just as it was about to collide against it, the wall opened up on its own allowing their smooth access.

This kept repeating for any obstacle made from that black alloy.

Yet, even with this speed and straightened path, it still took Mr.

Twelve a couple of minutes to reach his destination.

Upon seeing a huge gate that had a >Meeting Room#._52075355414002861 for visiting.

While others were looking at him, this man just kept watching that live broadcast which was displaying a hospital.

Currently, hundreds upon hundreds of people were gathering behind metallic barriers looking at the hospital with hopeful and worried gazes.

This was where the poisoned guests from the banquet were sent.

Olivia, Noah, Robert, and even the Hiltons were all there, receiving the necessary tests and care.

Only Felix wasn\'t transported here as he was taken to a hidden secure place that no one knew about.


Gama spent the last hours trying to locate him but up to no avail.

Soon, he waved the hologram from his face and said the 1st words since they gathered here for a couple of hours already, The anti-spy rule is truly a pain in the ass.

No boss, the entire SGAlliance existence is a pain in the ass.

Sigh, if we were in the dark ages, the entire planet would have already been taken as a slave.

Now We can\'t even f*cking use drones.

Our spaceship resources are truly being wasted with the existence of those rules.

Everyone clamored on like they were given a royal pardon to speak.

Only Mr.

Twelve remained quiet as he just wanted to act invisible in this meeting and hopefully, Mr.

Gama wouldn\'t turn his focus on him.

Alas, Mr.

Gama didn\'t have plans to waste time on throwing a fit on the anti-spy rule, which made it impossible to rely on any technological device, gadget, and machine for scouting the planet.

He just mentioned it on the pass after getting annoyed by not managing to spot Felix\'s new location.

Right now, he was just giving Mr.

Twelve a chilling look, making him avoid having eye contact with him at all cost.

Upon seeing his distress and fear, Mr.

Gama sneered, You ought to feel that way after you lost us 200 million SC and even exposed your non-native status.

Boss I...


Shut up! Mr.

Gama pounded the table with his fist and shouted, How dare you f*cking speak after failing such a basic mission that we repeated thousands of times by now! Planet after planet! Year after year! Yet still! You make a rookie mistake by exposing your face!

No one dared to defend Mr.

Twelve or even bothered to think about it since they were also irritated by losing such a huge sum of free money.

They just kept watching Mr.

Gama going full ham on venting his suppressed rage on Mr.


By the time he stopped, his throat was as dry as a desert, and Mr.

Twelve was on the verge of slipping from his chair due to his sweat.

Because of his retarded mistake, which exposed his non-native nature, we are now forced to change the plan. Mr.

Gama coughed twice to soothe his dry throat and said, We need to make an early announcement in the next few days if we want the chaos to be as impactful and fruitful as always.

The Organization members nodded their heads in understanding.

Their previous plan was to wait a couple of months until the planet would have more bloodliners with higher integration percentages so when they kidnap them, they wouldn\'t need to waste too many resources on them.

They could just buy them and extract 5 to 6 abilities at once.

However, they also didn\'t want to wait for too long since the majority of the 1st ever awakeners would have reached already the 1st stage of replacement.

Anyone who reached that stage would have a minimum of 1200 BF.

All it took for the human body to be somewhat bulletproof was having a strength equivalent to 1000 BF.

This meant it would be extremely difficult to hunt them down for the commoners by just relying on their firearms.

So, there was this perfect calculated period to make the announcement.

In Felix\'s previous year, that period was right after the 1st Supremacy Game for Earth!!

When the earthling\'s team got ** on in their first game, Felix assumed that Gama Organization and the rest had invaded the planet due to their weakness getting exposed in the UVR!

But in reality, the Gama Organization was already on the planet for almost a year now and the only reason they never wanted to expose themselves was to wait for those awakeners to reach the best \'farmable\' state.

That state was being close to reaching Origin Purity!

So far, the average bloodliner on the planet had more or less reached greater purity.

If the Organization made a move now, they could only secure 4 abilities instead of straight-out 6!

This signified that they would be required to make those bloodliners integrate to 99% in their spacious Spaceship, wasting their time and resources.

Too bad, Mr.

Gama and the rest knew that wasting those resources was a hundred times better than giving extra months for the Council to take the necessary precautions against them.

After all, they had been relying on this \'Hide and wait\' plan on all of the planets they targeted before Earth.

This meant it was already written by thousands to millions of people in the UVR.

The Council simply needed to key in the search bar >Reason for non-natives to kidnap bloodliners from newcomers planets in the Alliance

After an elimination process, the Gama Organization\'s farming abilities plan would be at the top with more soul-chilling results.

When the Council sees them, there was no way in hell for them to remain passive and let their bloodliners walk freely on the planet like before.

They would simply force them to awaken and also integrate in the public camps until they reach the 1st stage of replacement!

Only then would they be able to leave the camps and move freely!

With their bulletproof bodies, it would be almost impossible for commoners to kidnap them since the threat of guns wouldn\'t really work that well anymore.

What\'s worse, if the Council was given those extra months, they could even take extreme measures and ban the civilians from owning armed guns!

By then The Gama Organization would be forced to buy weapons and sell them to commoners as well.

Not to mention, those months could allow the Council to retract the bloodliners in public and send them to camps, military bases, and such.

No matter what move the Council made, the chaos from the announcement would be impacted heavily.

All in all, the plan must be forwarded and quite soon simply due to one small mistake by Mr.


I suggest fast-forwarding the announcement to tomorrow for only the dark forces in the planet.

And in a week or two when everyone starts noticing the raising kidnapping attempts, we can make the announcement public to make commoners join the chaos. A pink-skinned woman with a bald head and shark-like teeth, proposed with her hand raised in the air.


No one rejected the proposition as it had been like this always.

Sending their announcement privately to the dark forces on the planet just like they did with the Hiltons.

Because they were the ones who were willing to make a move on bloodliners for unattainable resources like Longevity potion, higher-ranked bloodlines, integration resources, technological weapons or just gadgets...etc.

They knew that making the announcement as public as possible would do nothing but create mass hysteria for no benefits.

After all, those normal citizens wouldn\'t pick up a gun and risk hunting down bloodliners just because someone told them to.

Even if some of them wanted to go for it, how could they trust the Organization\'s words

How could they trust that after kidnapping a bloodliner, they would be rewarded with the mentioned items instead of getting killed or thrown to the authorities

That\'s why the Organization always contacts the dark forces first since it was easier to convince them.

After those dark forces raise chaos and show the items they received after trading bloodliners for them, the commoners would be left with no choice but to believe in the authenticity of the Organization.

By then, the greedy ones wouldn\'t hesitate to pick up their guns and further make the situation more chaotic and dangerous!

That\'s exactly what the Organization wanted! Chaos = Profit!


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