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Upon seeing so, Mr.

Twelve closed his eyes, hiding the distress in them.

He took a deep breath and dialed Mr.

Gama\'s bracelet.

After the call went through, he straightaway gave him a summarized report,  Boss, someone had intervened by killing the mercenary squad and Mr.

Hire before he brought the target to me.

Currently, I am standing above the 1st drop area and watching the police surround the house. He paused and asked, What are your instructions

Instead of receiving a response, only heavy breathing resounded in his ears, making him shiver in his seat.

He knew that Mr.

Gama was beyond livid and someone was going to pay for it!

He just wished that his anger wouldn\'t be directed at him.

After waiting a couple of seconds, Mr.

Gama\'s deep voice reverberated in the car, You are positive that someone else did this and not the target himself

Yes, I saw that he is asleep on the grass next to the corpses with my own eyes. Mr.

Twelve added his own intake on the matter, Plus if he didn\'t drink or ate the poison, he would have destroyed the mercenary squad in the Banquet.

After all, he wouldn\'t pretend to be asleep while the party was being raided.


Twelve\'s meaning was clear.

Felix normally shouldn\'t have any idea about the upcoming raid and him being its target.

This meant if Felix wasn\'t poisoned like the rest, he should stand up and defend his family and rest from the mercenary squads, who had laser guns.

It was impossible to pretend to be asleep unless he was a coward, wanting to avoid the fight!

But Mr.

Twelve had been watching Felix in the World Competition and he knew that he wouldn\'t remain still in that dangerous situation.

This led him to conclude that Felix was truly affected by the poison and didn\'t have any idea about what\'s going on.

Therefore, he concluded that another party had intervened and blocked their kidnapping attempt.

Boss, the SWAT are entering the house and they are soon going to find the target. Mr.

Twelve asked again, What are your instructions Should I expose myself and provoke them to attack me so I can get rid of them or just retreat

You can\'t retreat. Mr.

Gama said coldly, This is our last chance to get hold of the legendary bloodliner.

If we left now, he would be transported to the Earthling team\'s headquarters which is going to be heavily fortified.

By then, he will replace his entire bloodline with epic one and we will lose those legendary abilities!



Twelve flinched after hearing the sound of an object getting destroyed at the other side of the call.

That\'s a 200 million SC wasted at a minimum! 200! Mr.

Gama ordered with a suppressed tone, We can\'t lose such free money! You better make sure to buy time until the 2nd middle-man reaches the area and picked the target!

The moment Mr.

Gama finished speaking, the SWAT crew had made it to the backyard and noticed the massacre.

Since the backyard wasn\'t that big, they easily spotted Felix lying on the grass while facing them with blood tainting his hair and face.

HE IS REALLY HERE!! The SWAT Captain shouted while swiftly splitting up from his crew.

They also didn\'t remain in their place as three went in direction of Felix, four more went to secure the area and the last three stayed in their positions.

One of them was relaying the information to the rest and his superiors.

Hold it right there! Mr.

Twelve immediately shouted out of the window after seeing them trying to lift Felix.

He then jumped on his car hood while controlling it remotely to descend.

After reaching ten meters, he removed the car\'s camouflage, exposing him to the shocked SWAT crew.

After all, they had just heard a voice coming out of nowhere and suddenly a hovercar had emerged on top of them.


The SWAT crew pointed their guns at him reflexively while moving slowly to the nearest cover.

The three SWAT members near Felix just stood in front of him, using their bodies to shield him.

Unbothered by being aimed at, Mr.

Twelve requested the Queen to mark everyone with red light and turn it off the moment they attacked him.

After seeing that everyone was marked, he manually activated the battle system in his hovercar.

The moment it was on, the front bumper of the car was opened widely.

Whoosh Whoosh!

What the hell are those! A police officer exclaimed loudly in fear after seeing two long silver rifles protruding from within the car!

\'Felix you better make a move.\' Asna informed him nonchalantly while placing a pawn on the chessboard, \'That prick is trying to bait everyone into attacking him first.\'

Immediately after hearing so, Felix knew that it wasn\'t time to act asleep anymore.

Hence, he clutched his head tightly while groaning out loud, My f*cking head is about to split open!

Everyone in the area turned in his direction and started watching him trying to stand up with some difficulty.


Twelve\'s expression instantly got ugly at the sight.

He completely forgot about Felix\'s high poison resistance that would lower the potency of the poison from the known 24h to merely 20 minutes.

Heck, after glancing at the time, he realized that a whopping 25 minutes had gone by since Felix had drunk the poison!

After everything that happened, the last thing in his mind was the duration of the poison.

Now, he could only watch Felix standing up on his feet with the help of the two SWAT members.

\'Whatever! I just need to bait him to attack me and I can kidnap him on my own without the need for those useless middle-men natives.\'


Twelve swiftly came up with countermeasures to the situation.

Now, he didn\'t give a ** about baiting the rest.

As long as Felix fired the first shot, he would be under his mercy!


Felix, can you please look up here. Mr.

Twelve requested with his arms clasped behind his body.

He might have sounded polite and nice, but the way he stood with his chest out kept emitting an inborn feeling of superiority.

In his eyes, earthlings were but primitives with only one use.

That was giving them bloodline abilities to sell.

After seeing that Felix had lifted his head and was looking at him in bewilderment, Mr.

Twelve said, I know that confusion is clouding your mind about the current situation.

But, I have no plans to make a prolonged chit-chat with you.

He pointed a finger at himself and said with an overbearing tone, All you need to know is that I was responsible for your kidnapping attempt!

Although he was speaking with the common universal language, everyone understood him clearly since learning the language was obligatory in their agencies.

Thus, they immediately stood in front of Felix while tightening their grips on the guns after seeing the progenitor of the raid!

They didn\'t expect to find both Felix and who\'s responsible for the chaos that rose after the raid at the same time!

Sir Felix, just recover behind us. The SWAT member said, We will take care of him.

Felix shook his head and walked in front of them.

He tapped on his suit and said, I am wearing my Nanosuit so don\'t worry about me.

Nanosuit, huh! Mr.

Twelve sneered and said, As if your outdated garbage Nanosuit could block a single beam from my laser rifles!

Everyone got tensed at his claim.

Unlike the four bloodliners guards from the mansion, those police officers, SWAT crew, FBI, and any other agency, had been clearly informed about the technologically advanced weapons.

Since laser weapons were currently the mainstream in most armies in the human kingdoms, they were taught extensively about them.

This made them discern that currently no one was protected under those two rifles!

\'Listen up.\' The captain of the SWAT team sent a message to his crew, \'In three seconds after I give my signal, fire at will!\'

While he was sending it, he leaned closer to Felix\'s shoulder and whispered, Run as hard as you can in three seconds.

Run Felix patted the captain\'s shoulder while chuckling in amus.e.m.e.nt.

He pointed his finger at Mr.

Twelve and asked, Why should I run from a non-native

Nonnative baffled, The Captain recoiled his head and inspected Mr.

Twelve again.

However, he couldn\'t see his face as he was standing ten meters above them.

The visibility wasn\'t any better as the only source of light was the street pole next to the house and the round moon in the sky.

Are you certain he is a non-native The captain couldn\'t help but ask as he knew the consequence of being right or wrong!

The government wasn\'t idiotic to not teach them some must learn rules from the SGA rule book.

One of the most important rules was not to engage first in combat with non-natives on the planet to avoid removing their protection!

Everyone here knew so as well.

However, due to the dim light, they couldn\'t really see the face of Mr.


Plus, in their eyes, Earth shouldn\'t be expecting visitors from outside of their solar system anytime soon!

Thus, they always considered Mr.

Twelve as an earthling and they were treating him as such.

Trust me, I have good eyes and his ugly face is definitely not from Earth.

Let me show you. Felix suddenly stepped forward with his arms spread apart and gave a welcoming smile to Mr.

Twelve, If you have the balls, fire at me you retard.

Everyone held their breaths in nervousness as those two rifles abruptly lowered down and aimed straight at Felix\'s smug face.

Without a change of expression, Mr.

Twelve said casually, I know that you are trying to buy time until the reinforcement arrives.

But, I don\'t have time to waste with your nonsense.

SO! He snapped his finger and those rifles started to light up from within.

You have ten seconds to send me your UVR ID and sign the contract that I will send you.

Otherwise, none of you will walk away from here!

10, 9!..

He truly started counting out loud, putting tremendous pressure on everyone!

They wanted to trust Felix but Mr.

Twelve didn\'t sound like he was joking around and their guts kept warning them to run as they gazed at the heated mouths of the rifles.

While Mr.

Twelve sounded confident and dead serious to the rest, in Felix\'s eyes, he truly appeared like a clown trying his best to not get his bluff found out.

Felix neither had plans to attack him nor wanted others to do so.

He had already gotten the coordination of the Gama\'s spaceship and that was a massive win to him.

Anything else was just complicating matters for no reason and creating variables that might affect his final plan.

Thus, he placed his hand on the SWAT captain\'s gun and lowered it down.

He looked at him right in the eyes and said, Ask your crew to back down.

No need to get caught in his bluff lest someone end up firing by mistake and gets himself killed.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._52066252247586288 for visiting.

7! 6! 5!...

While Felix was requesting so from the SWAT Captain, Mr.

Twelve didn\'t stop counting!

Instead, he actually increased its speed, making the timid police officers tremble while pointing their hands at him.

Trust me, he is bluffing and won\'t dare to fire unless he didn\'t care about getting hunted by the Alliance\'s forces. Felix emphasized it one last time to the captain while putting his hands in his pockets.

He then simply kept staring at the laser guns nonchalantly.

He did his part by warning them and if one of them still attacked, Felix wouldn\'t help him out when Mr.

Twelve vents his upcoming frustration on him.

The SWAT Captain stared at his wide back for a second before putting down his gun and giving off the signal for the rest to do the same.

However, instead of remaining in the open, he swiftly ordered them to take cover.

Just like this, only Felix and the SWAT captain remained in their position looking at Mr.

Twelve, who reached the last three numbers.


The moment Mr.

Twelve shouted the last number, He pointed his trembling finger at Felix and threw a massive fit, You lucky son of a b*tch! If it wasn\'t for those f*cking alliance rules, I would have snapped your limbs one by one and dragged you on the ground until your skin gets scr.a.p.ed! SCR.A.P.ED! YOU HEAR ME!!

See Unfazed, Felix just cleaned his ear with his pinky while watching Mr.

Twelve glaring at him with bloodshot eyes.

He was truly enraged and also scared since he knew that the moment he reached the spaceship without Felix, he wouldn\'t escape being vented on by Mr.


Alas, nothing much could be done now since his baiting scheme was found out and there was no way that he would attack Felix.

His life and the Organization\'s well-being were more important than 150 million.

Thus, he reared in his fury and left one last threat, No matter where you go or hide.

We will always get to you! ALWAYS!


Not waiting to receive a response, he jumped into his hovercar and took off while bringing the other two cars with him.

The more he stayed the more chances of his Organization\'s existence getting found out.

He didn\'t know what his boss\'s plan was going to be after this major failure.

\'Get to me Heh.\' Felix grinned widely at the sight of Mr.

Twelve\'s retreating car, \'If your Organization wasn\'t destroyed in the next months by me, I would hand myself to you on a silver plate.\'

Upon reading his thoughts and seeing the crazy plan he had in mind, both Asna and the Jörmungandr lifted their heads from the chessboard and gave Felix thumbs up, \'We can\'t wait to see the fireworks.\'

\'They sure wouldn\'t share the same anticipation as you.\' Felix laughed wickedly in his mind while thanking the SWAT members with a friendly smile.


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