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\'I still need 25 seconds.\' Felix brought the potion near Mr.

Twelve\'s nose and waited for those seconds to pass.

The moment he saw that only one second left, Felix opened the lid of the bottle and let Mr.

Twelve inhale the grey fog inside.

After seeing that the entire content was inhaled fully, Felix swiftly opened Mr.

Twelve\'s mouth and fed him the rejuvenation potion one by one until his entire body was back in normal shape like it wasn\'t even touched.

Since Mr.

Twelve\'s mind was healthy again, Felix created a minimized sleepiness aura on top of his head so he wouldn\'t wake up abruptly.

He then lifted Mr.

Twelve and made him lean on the hovercar again, putting him in the exact same position he had previously.

After getting him affixed, he stepped back and started sizing up Mr.


\'Good, everything is exactly the same as earlier.\'

Felix immediately jumped on his hovercar and flew tens of meters above.

He then removed the sleepiness inducement from Mr.

Twelve\'s head.

\'Hopefully, he wouldn\'t notice anything strange.\' Felix thought while gazing at Mr.

Twelve opening up his eyes.


Twelve looked to his left and right while scratching his chin and then...Nothing, he just kept tapping his finger on his elbow, waiting patiently for Mr.

Hire\'s arrival.

Honestly, Felix didn\'t know if Mr.

Twelve noticed that something went missing, like 1 minute and 30 seconds of his life!

That\'s right!

The potion that Felix had just used was called *Memory Eraser 1.30*

It was capable of erasing the memories of everything that happened in the past 1 minute and 30 seconds without leaving a single trail behind!

The process was also smooth and harmless, not damaging the mind in the slightest!

Felix had five more of those potions each with a different set time and price.

Ranging from erasing the memories in the minute, two minutes, three minutes, and he even had 15 minutes.

The potion that he used had costed him 6 million SC when he purchased it in Looby\'s shop during his shopping spree!

So when Felix said that it was time to rewind time, he was referring to Mr.

Twelve waking up and forget about everything that happened in that duration!

Felix knew that Mr.

Twelve would neither feel a headache or pain after he wakes up.

He would utmost guess that he dozed off for a second or two.

Since he was already yawning lazily before, it wouldn\'t appear strange in his mind that he had closed his eyes to relax for a second or two.

Due to the fact that his body was fine, the area around him was the same, and everything else seemed normal, he wouldn\'t assume that he was ambushed, had his information taken, and finally his memories erased!

No one would assume so right off the bat.

Not even the most paranoid individuals!

Felix was only worried that Mr.

Twelve would glance at the time now and notice that 2 minutes had gone by.

If he was punctual and knew his time well, he would easily figure out the abnormal extra two minutes that were added.

When that happens, he would definitely ask the Queen if the bracelet\'s clock was messed up.

She would obviously deny it.

By then, Mr.

Twelve only needed to ask the magical question to the Queen, >Did something happen#!_52280148581473892 for visiting.

After reaching it and seeing that the bracelet was utterly destroyed, he felt like his heart was going to explode in fury. 

He wanted to retrieve those bracelets as they would have recorded what happened here.

The mercenary squad and even Mr.

Hire were ordered to keep recording always.

However, looking at the obliterated bracelets, Mr.

Twelve knew that the data was unsavable.

And only the previous owner had the right to retrieve lost data from the Queen.

Unless they give access to their private data to others.

But no one in his right mind would do that as it was too much of a term.

Peepo! Peepo!...

Abrupt siren noises resounded from further away, entailing the rapid approach of the police!

Based on the sound, Mr.

Twelve guessed that they would be here in under 30 seconds!

You mother f*cker!!


Livid and somewhat spooked, Mr.

Twelve couldn\'t help but curse while kicking a corpse away!

He was just about to ask the Organization to send another middle-man native here to pick up Felix and take him in a desolate place! 

After all, it didn\'t need to be Mr.


Just any native would do the trick!

However, after hearing the sirens, that plan was destroyed just as it took root in his mind!

No wonder he felt spooked! Felix had literally predicted all of his plans beforehand and made sure to create countermeasures for them while he was still acting asleep!

All of this so he would remain in the dark!

Meanwhile, Mr.

Twelve didn\'t remain in the backyard to vent his anger as he swiftly connected those two blue hovercars with his bracelet and controlled them manually to fly after his hovercar.

He made all of them turn invisible before stopping at ten meters in the air.

Then, he just kept watching in irritation those police cars and SWAT vans surround the house without entering it.

They just kept aiming their guns at it while waiting for further instruction.


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