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After a couple of minutes, Felix slowed down his hovercar\'s speed after noticing that he was about to reach his destination.

Since Bedford Moat House Hotel was barely 50 meters in height, Felix was able to fly way above the roof and scout without getting noticed.

\'Oh That\'s him\'

Felix easily spotted a man leaning on a black hovercar while yawning in a lazy manner.

He had a quite of a mutation as two silver blades were protruding proudly from his elbows and another two from his shoulders!

The entire roof was empty, which was a bit uncanny.

Felix didn\'t trouble himself with finding out the reason as he controlled the hovercar to approach the man in a slow and silent manner.


After reaching this distance, Felix stopped descending any further.

The hovercar was right above the man\'s head and if got any nearer, he was bound to be found.

If it wasn\'t for his hovercar being extremely quiet and also invisible, he would have already been spotted.

\'No barrier on, no mask on...Pra-Dizzy inducement will do the trick.\'

After making his decision, Felix removed the seatbelt and got himself out of the window slowly to not cause any sudden noise.

After standing on the hood, Felix entered his semi-morphing state and manifested a long yellow needle from the tip of his finger!

He didn\'t want to use bombs as they make wind noises.

They could potentially be dodged if the senses of Mr.

Twelve were sharp enough.

Thus, even when Felix was planning to use a fine yellow needle, he didn\'t fire it straightaway since he knew that he couldn\'t afford to miss his shot.

He only had one attempt to take control of the situation without the Organization knowing about it.

If he failed in his attack, Mr.

Twelve wouldn\'t hesitate to send a message to Mr.

Gama before fighting it out with him! 

Felix wanted to avoid that at all costs since his entire plan was revolving around the Organization\'s ignorance about his movements!

If it wasn\'t for this, Felix wouldn\'t have chosen Para-Dizzy inducement but hypotension inducement.

He understood that Mr.

Twelve had Mr.

Gama as his emergency contact encase he fainted.

Thus, he mustn\'t lose consciousness at all!

Felix kept narrowing his eyes at Mr.

Twelve\'s face until his nose was zoomed right in front of Felix.

In those situations, his enhanced vision came in handy.

\'Now!\' Without hesitation, he flicked the yellow needle with his serpent-like hand akin to flicking a card.


The needle traveled the distance in measly a millisecond, striking the nose of Mr.

Twelve right during his inhale!

\'What the...\'

Before Mr.

Twelve could react to the sudden assault, his body stiffened while his eyes started feeding him an image of the world spinning rapidly without stop.

Since he was paralyzed as well, he couldn\'t even close his eyelids to reduce the feeling of dizziness that assaulted his being.

This made it almost impossible to have a single cohesive thought.

Meanwhile, Felix had requested the Queen to bring the hovercar closer to the roof after seeing that his ambush had succeeded.

He didn\'t dare to jump from 30 meters as the roof would collapse from his landing.

Plus, he didn\'t want to leave any signs of his existence as it would affect his plan.

After the hovercar brought him down, Felix dashed towards Mr.

Twelve while covering himself in yellow aura.

After he reached Mr.

Twelve, Felix broke his four limbs making him lay on the ground like a broken doll.

He felt a bit of resistance which entailed that Mr.

Twelve\'s defenses were actually noteworthy!

After all, during his semi-morphing, Felix\'s strength was doubled as well as his senses and reflexes! Thus, he currently possessed, 6000 BF!

So, Felix concluded that Mr.

Twelve should be either at peak 2nd stage of replacement or had just entered the 3rd stage!

Still, Felix didn\'t even flinch since Mr.

Twelve was caught under his mercy just like any other rat harboring ill intentions toward him!

After crippling Mr.

Twelve, Felix checked if his bones had ruptured from his skin, forcing him to bleed.

Seeing that not a single drop of blood was on the ground, Felix returned his focus to the crippled Mr.


Obviously, Mr.

Twelve didn\'t even make a squeak throughout the entire experience.

\'Alright, it\'s time for interrogation.\'

Felix dusted his hands and stood up.

He snapped his finger and his truth inducement was added to the Para-Dizzy inducement.

He then removed the paralyze inducement from it, leaving only dizziness and truth inducement.

Since it takes quite a few seconds for the truth inducement to start affecting the brain and making the body feeling like it was drugged with four doses of morphine, Felix waited patiently until he noticed that Mr.

Twelve\'s eyelids were dropping.

He then removed the dizziness inducement, leaving only his truth inducement!

Only after all of this did he start asking his questions!

What\'s your name

My name..name is Bechkala Roddy.


Twelve felt like he was in the clouds as he answered with a relaxed expression.

Even the pain from his broken limbs wasn\'t felt by him!

The truth inducement might take time to affect someone, but the moment it did, it would always bring out the answer no matter what!

The influence of the inducement was simply making the affected more suggestible.

The side effect was the current drugged feeling that Mr.

Twelve was experiencing!

Do you know the names of your Organization\'s members


Why do you want to kidnap me Felix rephrased his question to make it easier.

Was it to extract my legendary bloodline abilities and sell them to Witches or to sell me altogether to research institutes

The first one. Mr.

Twelve paused and continued softly,  If we failed to capture you be..fore you replace you..r bloodline, we planned on selling you all together to research institute.

\'As expected.\' Felix reacted quite indifferently to those two horrifying answers.

He always knew that bloodliners caught and sold to the Organization had only two fates awaited them.

The first one was getting forced into continuing to integrate until 99% just to have their abilities extracted by using the Genome Specifier Needles!

This evil and inhuman operation was referred to in the UVR as rearing bloodline stock!

A quite fitting name when those extracted abilities were purchasable and useful in many occupations!

The perfect example would be battle substances and potions created by witches!!!

Beasts weren\'t the only ingredients used to get substances like Fuchsia Eagle Wings which Felix used before in the highway ambush.


Since the bloodline integrated in human bodies was extractable, this meant it could be used just like in the case of extracting the essence from beasts!!

Since the moment humans decided to base their cultivation system on beasts, they couldn\'t escape the fate of having such a humiliating connection!

Criminal Organizations without a soul or humanity took advantage of this fact and went to primitive planets like Earth to capture their newly awakened juniors and use the Genome Specifier Needles to extract their abilities.

If they didn\'t have many, they rear them akin to sheep by helping them carry on their integration until they unlock six abilities.

It didn\'t matter if the bloodliners were using uncommon, rare, epic, or even legendary bloodlines.

The Organization would do its best to get them their required bloodline and force them into reaching 99%.

Then, they would extract those abilities and sell them to witches, who would use those abilities as the main ingredient in their substances and potions!

This would result in the birth of substances and potions, who had temporary abilities, like Angel wings, skin hardening, Blood rush, blood frenzy, and such.

The less evil Organizations would utmost extract 6 abilities from a bloodliner before getting him out of his misery.

Meanwhile, some of the diabolical Organizations would actually extract the six abilities and make the bloodliner use a higher-tier bloodline to start the process all over again!!!

Since those bloodliners were being reared like sheep, the etching process was completely ignored.

After all, the only reason humans etch the ability and get the enhancement was to be stronger.

But in the case of those poor bloodliners, their life was centered only to have their abilities harvested and sold.

Obviously, those with higher affinity and pain tolerance were most required due to the lower cooldown between the integration phases and low fatality rates.

That\'s why those Organizations attach themselves to newly discovered planets as the awakeners in them were unprotected, weak, and still fresh.

This meant, it was highly likely to find bloodliners with above-average affinity in them!

This inhuman method was extremely profitable to the Organization since a single bloodliner could potentially make them sell at least 18 abilities before his mentality finally breaks.

18 tier 1 rare abilities could bring them up to 10 million SC.

This was just from a single bloodliner with such a weak bloodline.

Now imagine hundreds and thousands of them!

Felix was almost going to end up a victim of this inhuman practice in his previous life.

Three kidnapping attempts failed on him and the last one, he almost committed suicide in it just to escape landing in the hands of the Organization.

So, Felix going after those f*ckers was totally justifiable!

He wasn\'t going to stop until he made the entire Organization regret targeting this little blue planet!

Now to my final question. Felix tightened his grasp on Mr.

Twelve\'s hair and said in a bone-chilling tone, What are the coordinations of your Organization spaceship

I don\'t remember it.

Felix rephrased his question since it was indeed hard to remember the latitude and longitude numbers.

Where is your spaceship parked


Twelve\'s expression twisted slightly like he was trying to get over the drugged status he was on.

However, he still opened his trembling lips to answer, In the Grand Canyon.

Near what

Near Tusa...

Before Mr.

Twelve could finish, his brain finally couldn\'t handle the drugging effect.

Thus, his eyes were closed shut, sleeping peacefully.

Felix didn\'t mind him sleeping as the Queen\'s protocol was for emergency situations like fainting.

\'Queen please tell me which zone, area, or town start with Tusa.\' Felix requested while placing Mr.

Twelve gently on the ground.

\'There is only one result, Tusayan town.\' The Queen replied.

\'Thank you.\'

Felix cracked his knuckles and thought, \'That should be enough to locate the Spaceship.\'

He then did the unexpected as he beamed six rejuvenation potions and a weird-looking potion, that had a kind of hazy fog inside of it instead of liquid.

\'Let\'s bring time backward, shall we\' Felix smirked as he glanced at his bracelet, looking at the time that had gone since the moment he poisoned Mr.


1 minute and 5 seconds!


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