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Red, activate the light bending paint. The driver said while narrowing his eyes in focus at the road that was leading outside of the city.

It was clear that their extraction point was in the suburb.

Without further ado, Red pressed on his AP bracelet\'s screen and the black van instantly turned invisible.

Even the wheels weren\'t spared!

This made the van and everyone inside it to drop off the radar as they drove on the road.

Soon, tens of police cars could be seen coming in the opposite direction.

Since the road was two-ways and not wide enough, the police cars were stacked one next to the other, making it impossible for the van to bypass them without being found.

Thus, the driver had to park at the side until they pass.

Phew! Phew!...

After seeing the last police car wheezing by, the driver started off slow to not raise dust and submerged himself in the road.

Then, it was a smooth journey from here on as the deeper they toggled within the suburb areas, the less police stations were situated.

In a short while...

The van stopped in front an average-looking house with a small backyard.

Immediately after stopping, the van was exposed in the open again.

\'Right on time.\' Red gave a thumps up to the driver and went outside.

He looked around and noticed that the neighborhood was as silent as a graveyard.

He wasn\'t surprised by the sight as this part of the neighborhood was still brand new and not put for sale yet.

Of course, the Hiltons managed to get this info from their real-estate channels.

If they weren\'t worried about getting suspected by the authorities, they would have used one of their many deserted assets. 

With that being said, this area was perfect for a swift drop zone.


Hire, are you here\' Red sent a message.


Upon receiving a positive confirmation, the squad brought Felix down from the van and took him to the backyard.

If Felix wasn\'t acting asleep, he would have seen a man wearing a pitch black coat and a simple white mask.

It was hiding his face perfectly, exposing only his two gloomy dark eyes.

Soon, the reason of his gloominess was answered as he went and kicked Felix in his stomach.

You little bastard! You costed the Organization at least 50 million SC by mixing your legendary bloodline with an epic one!

Bam! Bam! Bam!...

After kicking Felix three more times to vent his suppressed fury, he went down and cleaned his shoe with a handkerchief while ordering, Put him in my hovercar, I will take it from here.

The moment he said so, two blue hovercars suddenly appeared behind his back.

The mercenary squad didn\'t waste time as two of them went to lift Felix while the others went to turn on the engine of the vehicles.

\'I guess it\'s time to make a move.\'

Felix\'s eyes were snapped open abruptly the moment he felt his hands and legs were caught.

Slice! Slice!

With inhuman speed, Felix used his nails which were in the process of turning into claws to slice and the dice the heads of both the assailants!

Although he was still in mid-morphing, Felix was still fast enough that he managed to stand up, take care of those two and went to finish the rest of the squad before a single drop of blood tainted the mowed grass!


Hire only managed to hear the sound of the wind raging past his ears as his head was lowered, looking at his cleaned shoe.


Just as he wanted to raise his head, he felt a prick of pain coming from his hand.

His pupil subconsciously looked at the injury and noticed that his arm was sliced down from the elbow.

Only then, did the fear, the pain, and the horror of the entire experience had set in his mind and body!

Just as he wanted to scream his pain away, Felix removed the mask from his face and placed his hand on his mouth, closing it shut.

Shshesh... Felix shushed him down and said with a sinister smile, It\'s impolite to scream at night.

\'What\'s going on!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!! WHY IS HE AWAKE!!\'


Hire was truly on the verge of losing his mind.

Part of it was of course from the hellish pain of his cleaved arm but mostly it was due to Felix standing before him.

Alas, he wasn\'t given even a second to process the situation as Felix caught him by the neck and choked him hard.

He then gave him three quick punches in the stomach, making sure to use enough strength to hurt him but not damage his organs.

If you weren\'t still useful to me, I would have made you regret the day you kicked me. With a frigid expression, Felix tightened his hand around Mr.

Hire\'s  neck one last time before throwing him to the ground.

Cough! Cough!


Hire immediately started taking deep breaths while coughing in between like he never inhaled oxygen in years.

Felix crouched next to Mr.

Hire and placed his hand on top of his head.

A split second later, a silver colored mist started to emerge from Felix\'s palm until Mr.

Hire\'s head was wholly encased in it.

What are you doi..ng to meee..

Upon seeing it, Mr.

Hire cried with some difficulty like he was having having troubles connecting his words together.

Nothing much. Felix smiled warmly as he tilted his head, Just a truth inducement to get you talking. Felix added in a playful tone, Oh, you can think of it as getting injected with truth serum.

Yo...you bastard!! Mr.

Hire felt his heart getting chilled at Felix\'s straightforward method.

He expected before that he would be grilled and tortured for information.

which he exactly wanted so he could buy some time until reinforcement arrives.

Too bad, Felix knew that his time was limited so he simply acted based on it.

\'Shit! He will kill me after getting the information he wanted.\' Mr.

Hire knew that his situation was beyond hopeless and death awaited him either way.

Thus, he glared at Felix in hatred and sent a message to the Gama Organization member, who was waiting for him to bring Felix.

\'Plan failed! The target wasn\'t affected properly by the poison! He turned on us and killed the rest leaving me behind for interrogation.

He used something like truth serum, so you can expect your position to be compromised!\'

After sending the message, Mr.

Hire felt like his eyes were getting cloudy and hazy.

He didn\'t know if it was inducement\'s effect or his blood loss from his cleaved arm.

Cleaved arm CLEAVED ARM!

An electrifying shock coursed into his skin making his cloudy eye snap open and glance at his bloodied arm.

The moment he noticed that it was his bracelet arm, he released a gut-wrenching scream in his mind, \'NOOOOOOOO!!\'

Looking for this Felix brought the arm next to Mr.

Hire\'s face and said, You must think of me as some sort of retard to leave your consciousness connected to the Queen.

Felix didn\'t cut Mr.

Hire\'s arm for no reason.

He understood that as long as Mr.

Hire\'s AP bracelet was connected, he could always inform the Organization about the situation in a heartbeat.

That\'s why he killed everyone else and detached the Bracelet from Mr.


If he didn\'t need him alive, killing him was more than enough to shut down his bracelet and the Queen.

Right now, Mr.

Hire\'s consciousness was disconnected from the Queen, making it impossible for others to contact him or know his position if he gave them permission.

Since he was disconnected, The Queen wouldn\'t be able to fulfill the life and death contracts which he signed.

If it wasn\'t for Felix\'s bracelet being destroyed and the rest of the bracelets being disconnected from their users, the Queen would have used them to see if Mr.

Hire pulled anything fishy or not.

However, If Felix let him go by some chance and Mr.

Hire didn\'t connect with another bracelet, the task force would be notified and be sent to investigate.

The moment they notice fool play, Mr.

Hire would be executed. 

Currently, Mr.

Hire wasn\'t even thinking about the consequence of losing his bracelet as the feeling of weightlessness kept assaulting his being over and over again.

The pain was gone, the fear of death was gone and his agitation was cooled, leaving him to feel as high as a kite.

What\'s your real name Felix swiftly asked after seeing his abnormal state like he just smoked some fine-ass weed.

Thomas Reiner. Mr.

Hire replied softly with his eyelids drooped down.

What\'s your current job

Acting as a middle-man between the Organization and the Hiltons.

Seeing that his inducement was working just fine, Felix didn\'t waste time with unnecessary questions as he straight out asked, Do you know the Gama Organization spaceship\'s coordination


Tsk, as expected. Felix clicked his tongue in annoyance as he was hoping that he would receive a different response.

Where were you supposed to take me in the hovercar


Where exactly in Bedford

On the roof of the Bedford Moat House Hotel.

Whose waiting there

Number 12 in the Organization.

\'Number 12 Uhm...\' Felix pondered on the number trying to remember if he had heard of him in his previous life or seen him before.

However, the only one he recalled was Mr.

Gama due to his infamous strength of being a peak 3rd stage bloodliner.

As for the rest He had absolutely no clue.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #.-hire_52040335324404935 for visiting.

Do you know his strength or at least his rank within the Organization Felix asked.

I don\'t know his strength but his rank in the Organization is at the lower...end..s. By the time Mr.

Hire reached the end of the sentence, his voice was unrecognizable.

Looking at him closing his eyes while sleeping peacefully, Felix waved the silver mist away from his head.

\'I guess the poison is too much for his brain to handle.\'  Felix sighed while lifting his leg and stamping on Mr.

Hire\'s head casually.

He soon cleaned his shoe with the grass and destroyed every AP bracelet in the area.

He then swiftly jumped in the hovercar and took off while activating the light bending mechanism installed in the car.

\'Queen, please show me the shortest path to the Bedford Moat House Hotel.\' Felix requested.

Alas, no one responded to his call.

\'Stupid.\' Felix facepalmed after remembering that his silver AP bracelet was destroyed in the van.

Not wasting even a second, He cut through the Nanosuit since without the Queen, he couldn\'t order the Nanobots to give him his hidden Bracelet.

After ripping apart the hidden pocket in his chest, Felix brought out the pitch-black AP bracelet and wore it on his wrist.

He then placed the screen in front of his eyes and called for the Queen softly.

Instead of waiting the known 10 seconds, Felix got forcefully logged in his white room instantaneously.

Felix didn\'t wait for the Queen\'s greeting as he said, \'Please log me out and transfer all my data to this bracelet.\'

\'As you wish sir Felix.\' The Queen added a question, \'Do you want to hear the details and added features of your 11th generation bracelet\'

\'Not now, just create the shortest path to Bedford Moat House Hotel.\' Felix requested the moment he opened his eyes.

Immediately after, a holographic map was created to his right.

In it, Felix could see two colored dots.

One was representing his car and the other his destination.


Felix pressed on the acceleration button and watched his car wheeze by at a subsonic speed, almost breaking the sound barrier.

With this speed, he would reach his destination in barely a couple of minutes.

This was to his liking since he knew that Number 12 could potentially contact Mr.

Hire for an update!

Since he was dead, Number 12 would see that something wrong happened in the operation after not receiving a response!

Thus, Felix was racing against time to reach Number 12 before that happened!


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