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Disclaimer: Early chaps today since I didn\'t post any yesterday.

Sorry had some private matters to take care of.

(●´ω`●) PS: those are today\'s chapters released in advance!


Two days later, in the evening...

Felix was getting ready for the send-off banquet in his bedroom.

By getting ready, it meant checking on his potions and substance, which he bought in his last shopping spree just for these moments.

Those potions and items weren\'t just for battles but also had other unique effects!

After double-checking everything, he closed the spatial card interface and pressed on the card for ten seconds.

Then, it was detached from the bracelet.

Felix pulled it out and requested calmly, \'Queen, please back all of my data in your clouds services and keep updating it.\'

\'That would cost you 100,000 SC a month.\' The Queen asked for confirmation, \'Are you certain.\'



Immediately after he said so, the Queen informed him, \'Your data has been successfully transferred.

If your bracelet ever breaks, wear another and request for your data to be returned.\'

\'Thank you.\' Felix nodded his head in appreciation while putting the spatial card inside another pitch-black AP bracelet that was lying on the bed.

This was an 11th generation AP Bracelet! Only two generations lower than the best available bracelet in the market!

Felix always wanted to buy straightaway the 13th generation bracelet that cost more than 30 million SC a piece.

However, they were always out of stock the moment they land on the shelves.

Now that the real-world dangers were approaching every day, he stopped caring about the latest generation and bought what\'s available in the stocks.

However, he still didn\'t remove the silver bracelet on his wrist.

Instead, he snapped his finger and turned his pajamas into a formal suit.

He then placed the black bracelet inside his suit and requested the Queen to make a hidden pocket.

The Nanobots responded to the Queen\'s order and encased the black bracelet, making it part of the suit!

He nodded his head in satisfaction after touching where it was hidden and feeling nothing!

If it was another normal suit this would have been impossible but the Nanosuit could easily pull it off!

He truly was glad that he had gotten the Nanosuit quite easily and without paying a cent.

It might be an outdated generation, but it was good enough that Felix never removed it unless he was taking a shower!

As for the rest The Nanosuit could morph into any clothes he wanted with 100% similarity.

So, there wasn\'t really any feeling of discomfort.

He might be comfortable wearing the Nanosuit but he sure wasn\'t about the upcoming banquet.

banquet after event after banquet...So troublesome. Annoyed, Felix started fixing his hair while mumbling softly.

If he didn\'t have a strong belief that the Hiltons orchestrated this banquet to take him down, he honestly would have pretended sick or something.

The party held after the Pilot Episode Event had drained all of his social interaction bar.

Especially when the first episode had received a genuinely positive response from the guests.

All of them could see its potential and the monstrous revenue it would bring when the first season lands on the Network Max platform.

As one of the main shareholders, Felix had to entertain most of the guests.

Thankfully, he didn\'t come out empty-handed as he had obtained IDs of some film investors giants, who were well-known and filthy rich.

If he kept a friendly relationship with them, Felix\'s upcoming film studio would have a somewhat smooth journey throughout the entire process.

From filming, production to the release.

As for the hiring and management of the Company Felix left everything to Mr.


Felix only requested to be called when the company was fully operational with its staff members and the building fully erected in the UVR.

Obviously, Felix wired a fat budget to take care of those things.

He should be expecting to visit his company\'s building in the next week or two based on the difficulty of securing good land in Androxa city.

Right now, Felix emptied his mind from those business matters and focused fully on the upcoming banquet.


Ten minutes later...

Felix exited the elevator and went to the parking lot of the building.

After seeing two long limousines, Felix entered the white one.

Whose the pretty girl Felix immediately complemented Olivia after seeing her sitting in the backseat while wearing a long white dress and light makeup.

Yet, what made her appear extra cute was her new mutation after she successfully advanced to the 1st stage of replacement!

The mutation she received was high-profile alright as a drape of white leaves had grown from her shoulder blades and reaching down to her waist!

Since the white leaves were stacked together, they appeared like two folded angel\'s wings!

With Olivia\'s white dress and Lilly flower on top of her head, it wouldn\'t be farfetched to call her an angel!

You think I am pretty and not cute Olivia asked with her eyes brightening up! This was probably the first time someone referred to her as pretty instead of cute.

Especially when the only mutations she kept receiving were adding to her cuteness and not the charm of a woman.

Alas, her happiness was short-lived as Felix replied casually, They are the same to me.


You jerk! Olivia kicked Felix with her high heels while sulking at the window.

Felix merely shrugged his shoulders at sight and started surveying the area around him.

He didn\'t know when exactly the Hiltons were going to strike and he needed to keep his vigilance at its peak all the time.


After waiting for five minutes, the elders came down and went to the black limousines.

Then, they took off without heavy security measures since the limos were bullet-resistant.

And in the elders\' eyes, no one was bold enough to attack them when they had the Council\'s backing.

While the rest were chatting with each other during their drive, Felix kept peering from the window.

However, minutes went by and they were getting closer and closer to the governor\'s mansion.

Still, not a single threat was seen in insight.

\'I guess they will make a move in the banquet.\' Felix smirked slightly as he leaned back on his seat.


30 minutes later...

Both limos parked in front of a luxurious mansion that had a Western castle style instead of the modern buildings.

Since it was built on the outskirts of the city, it was surrounded by a manmade garden belonging to the governor.

In this garden, tens of security guards and bodyguards were spread out on it while wearing an earpiece and holding a radio in one hand.

When some of them made an abrupt move, their suit opened up slightly exposing two handguns holstered with their belt.

\'The security isn\'t shabby.

Might give them some trouble.\' Felix commentated in his mind while surveying with his eyes anything that attracted his interest.

Soon, he spotted four-man with lowkey mutations standing in front of the mansion entrance while folding their hands on top of their nether region.

Felix merely glanced at them and carried on moving inside the hall, which was already packed mostly with old seniors.

They were sitting at empty tables while chatting under the soothing classical piano music.

Felix looked left and right and soon spotted Adam sitting with the Hilton elders at a designated table for their family.

When Felix looked at them, he noticed that all of them were eying him simultaneously.

Some of them gulped after getting found out while some swiftly looked in other directions after his eyes made direct contact with them.

His enhanced vision let him pick up on those tiny expressions and out-of-place emotional hints.

After noticing them, Felix let go of any doubt he had about their attack.

Now, he was 100% positive that something was going down tonight.

Meanwhile, Adam, the Grand Elder, and Joseph had just smiled and raised their glasses in his direction as a greeting.

Clap Clap!...

Felix\'s focus was brought back to the banquet after hearing the sound applause directed at them.

Good evening, Numbed, Felix walked through the tables while nodding his head politely at the seniors.

Not wanting to get caught by one of them for a chat, Felix walked faster than the others.

Before long, he made it to the Maxwells\' table and seated himself.

He then turned his infrared vision to three hundred meters and kept it that way.

Any new humanoid aura entering this zone would be spotted immediately.

However, Felix waited and waited yet still no one raided the banquet as he expected.

Half an hour had already gone by and he spoke to the governor, Walton\'s elders, and even the Hilton grand elder came by to say hi.

Since the relationship between the families was strained, he merely greeted them and returned to his table.

In a short while...

The waiters brought the dishes and drinks.

Immediately after seeing the opened bottles\' lids, The Hiltons showed signs of relief.

Some were pretty obvious while some kept it hidden.

Felix managed to spot those subtle signs as he kept taking swift glimpses in their direction throughout the evening.

\'Is there something in the food or drinks\'

He pondered while looking at the waiters, putting down a dish in front of each person.

Then, following by pouring either wine or champagne from two opened bottles on their tray.

\'It\'s impossible for them to poison only my dish since the staff hired in the governor\'s mansion is wearing AP bracelets.\' Felix concluded this because those waiters were wearing one and even the guards had a bracelet of their own.

It had already been a year and a half since the SG invitation and the bracelets were easily gotten for highly authoritative individuals and the rich ones.

This meant, even the kitchen staff had a bracelet of their own.

Since the governor gave them one, he certainly made them sign contracts to be loyal to him and his residence.

However, the security guards outside seemed like they were just hired for the party since they didn\'t have bracelets.

That\'s why they had been left outside of the mansion while the guards with bracelets stayed inside.

After reaching this reasoning, Felix believed that if poison was the Hiltons\' scheme, they must have poisoned all the food and drinks since they wouldn\'t have an insider to poison just his food.

This signified that even the Hiltons\' food was poisoned as well!

Since it was like this, he inferred that the Hiltons couldn\'t put a destructive poison but just a soft one.

Like paralyze, sleepiness, or force them to lose consciousness.

He didn\'t know how exactly they pulled it off and he didn\'t care.

He only wanted to know if the poison was harmful or not.

After all, his grandfather and Olivia were going to digest it as well.

After concluding that it wasn\'t fatal, Felix closed his eyes and imagined what he would do if he was the mastermind.

\'Poison everyone, raid the banquet, kidnap only me to avoid unnecessary trouble, and send me to an already prepared extraction point.\' He snapped his eyes open and smirked faintly, \'In the extraction point, Mr.

Hire will 80% be there as the middle-man of this operation.

He will either extract my abilities personally or take me to a member of the Organizatio...\'

Ting! Ting! Ting!..

Felix\'s thought process was interrupted by the Hilton Grand Elder, hitting his wine glass with a small silver spoon.

Some seniors, who were ready to taste their delicious-looking dish, lifted their heads and focused at the Grand Elder just like everyone else.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have the honor of sharing the same blood as my great-grandson Adam. The Grand Elder patted Adam\'s shoulder with a loving smile and said, He is our family pride and joy.

Soon, he is going to be the pride of the country and the entire planet!

Clap Clap!...

Thank you, thank you! The Grand Elder placed a hand on his chest as he showed an appreciative expression to the sudden applause.

However, he waved his hand lightly to make them stop and carried on, I wanted my great-grandson to propose a toast, but how could I have the audacity to do so while the captain of the earthling\'s team is with us

He smiled warmly while pointing at Felix with his glass of wine, That\'s why I propose for the captain, our national hero, the country\'s greatest pride to make a toast and hopefully a speech to coronate this moment in history!


This time, the applause was even louder as everyone had looks of anticipation and pride while gazing at Felix.

The Grand Elder wasn\'t wrong about making history since this would be Felix\'s first toast before joining the PSG.

\'So that\'s how they planned on forcing everyone to get poisoned at the same time.\' Felix mused in his mind at such a witty idea.


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