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The first thing Adam did was expand the pipeline system and fleshing out the building instead of keeping it just like a blueprint.

This made it easier to notice the rooms, bathrooms, and every area connected with those AC pipelines.

Then, Adam pointed at the roof of the building, which looked like a small mansion and said, Red, you will drink invisibility potion and use the Advanced Grappler to climb up the roof in under 5 seconds.

Take care of all the security guards you will see there except for one.

Force him to drink Slavery Potion and order him to respond to any radio call.

After dealing with those steps, your next move will be spilling the Marauder Poison in this AC pipeline, which is connected to the kitchen and some other rooms. Adam said while coloring a pipeline to separate it from the rest.

I should wait until Green notify me that food is almost prepared, right Red asked.

Adam nodded his head and explained, Yes, we need to time it well, so when the Marauder Poison lands on the food, the dishes should have been already made and ready to be served for the guests.

Only then will no chef or waiter dare to taste the poisoned food and expose us.

I still don\'t trust this Marauder  Poison. Joseph said while knitting his eyebrows in skepticism.

His distrust was understandable as the Gama Organization, which was about to send them a dose of it, informed them that it was one of the most effective sleeping poison created personally by the Serpent Half-ling Race.

Its mechanism was unique as it was a liquid that turns into a transparent fog during contact with the atmosphere.

Even then, it would remain ineffective on anyone who inhaled it.

However, when a single particle touched an edible substance, the poison would awaken from its dormant state!

Then, anyone who ate the poisoned food was bound to sleep for at least 24h based on the dose taken.

Adding to the weirdness of the poison, Josphef was more worried about Felix\'s poison resistance.

Just like him, everyone else pretty much knew that Felix had a really high poison resistance.

Probably even peak one just lower than immunity.

He wasn\'t confident about the poison\'s effectiveness on him even though they got told by Mr.

Gama that only poison immunity could resist its effect completely.

Since it was common knowledge that an element\'s immunity was impossible to unlock straightaway even for legendary tier 7 bloodline, no one bothered to consider Felix having one.

The only known method for a bloodliner to possess an immunity would be getting exposed to the vicious side of the element continuously and for a prolonged period of time.

That was extremely tough, even for peak 6th stage bloodliners.

Don\'t even mention Felix.

Joseph was only worried that Felix\'s poison resistance would lower the duration from 24h to 12h or even 1h!

The Grand Elder understood his distress as even he wasn\'t so sure about the exact duration.

However, they were told that it could never be lower than 20 minutes of sleep for anyone.

This meant they had only that duration to extract Felix from the building and transport him into the drop spot before he wakes up and f*ck them up.

If only they could give us 2 doses, we won\'t have this time limitation hanging above our heads like a sword. An elder sighed in dejection.

Don\'t dream about it.

Getting one dose of such a rare poison was already a lucky strike on their side. Another elder interjected. 

This should let everyone knows how much investment the Organization had put in this operation. The Grand Elder narrowed his eyes dangerously at the mercenary squad and said, So don\'t f*ck it up.

Unbothered by their nasty glares, the Grand Elder gestured for Adam to carry on his explanation of the plan.

This time, Adam pointed his finger at the hall of the mansion and said, This is where the banquet would be held and everyone would be gathered, even us.

He snapped his finger, and holographic small people were created.

They weren\'t static as they kept talking while sitting on many circular tables.

Soon, the food was served and placed on each table at the same time.

Here is the tricky part. Adam placed a finger on his nose and said, It\'s impossible for everyone to eat simultaneously.

This meant some of them would be poisoned while others wouldn\'t.

However, since there are 30 seconds before the poison truly put the affected to sleep, we need to force Felix to eat in that duration!

Adam thought process was simple.

If Felix didn\'t eat in that duration, he would notice others falling to sleep and concluded that the food was poisoned.

By then They could forget about touching him since he was the strongest bloodliner on the planet.

This applied to Olivia, and the rest, who would 100% make it impossible for the plan to carry on if they remained awake while Felix was asleep.

After all, they would be wearing their Nanosuits and it wouldn\'t be easy to take them down.

In Adam\'s mind, his teammates and George needed to be poisoned for the plan to work.

As for the rest of the guards

They could easily deal with them even if they were bloodliners.

Ultimately, they would be utmost at greater purity.

So far, we have ten suggestions to force Felix into eating or drinking the poisoned food. Adam created a list of those suggestions and read the first one, Suggesting for Felix to make a toast as the Earthling Team captain.

This would force everyone to drink the poisoned wine or other drink simultaneously.

This suggestion was placed first since it had only a few variables that could affect it.

Like the bottles of wine weren\'t already open in the kitchen so the poison wouldn\'t contaminate their mouth!

If that happened, the poured wine wouldn\'t be poisoned, which makes the suggestion a bust.

Another variable would be Felix rejecting making a toast!

But in their eyes, that\'s highly unlikely since the banquet would be packed with heavyweight authoritative personals.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-scheme-ii._51995697997726215 for visiting.

No one was fool enough to disrespect them by rejecting making a small toast.

If! This was a big if! Felix still rejected the proposal anyways.

The 2nd suggestion on the list was making Robert make the toast for him!

They knew that Felix respected his grandfather greatly, which meant he wouldn\'t refuse to take a sip after the toast.

These were just two suggestions from ten!

Everything had been taken into careful consideration to make the plan have a 100% success rate!

Adam soon carried on explaining the rest of the plan.

Every milestone he reached, he considered plan A in case they succeeded it and planned B in case it failed. 

By the time he was done, two hours had gone by, and the mercenary squad members were reminded of every small detail.

Sigh, if only Adam managed to befriend him, he could have brought Felix outside with the team in an outing or a vacation. Joseph murmured while rubbing his temples in fatigue at such a complicated plan.

All the elders sighed in dejection at hearing him mention so.

The original plan was far simpler as it relied mostly on Adam striking a friendship with Felix and the rest.

He somewhat succeeded in gaining the goodwill of the others due to his polite, warm, and patient nature.

Alas, throughout the entire period he spent with Felix, he never received a single word from him!


Adam only gave up on this plan after they reached the States, and Felix still didn\'t speak a word to him.

At that point, he didn\'t hesitate to inform the elders to pick one of their secondary plans.

After seeing that Felix wasn\'t planning on leaving the building of his family, they ended up going with this complicated plan to force him out!

When it comes to the safety of their family and saving their dynasty from crumbling, the Hiltons went all out in the past three months!

They even asked the Organization for some advanced extraterrestrial weapons to facilitate the operation.

Of course, everything wasn\'t given but lent to the Hiltons.

And it was expected to be either returned or paid for.

The Hiltons weren\'t really worried about not paying them since if the plan succeeded, they would be rewarded with 20 million SC!

If it failed Well, they wouldn\'t be worrying about the loan anymore but their lives.

Alright, let\'s go for another practice run in the UVR.

After Adam finished the demonstration, The Grand Elder didn\'t excuse them but pointed at his bracelet.

His meaning was clear.

Everyone would be invited to his UVR\'s room to carry on their practice.

The room was probably already expanded to copy the governor\'s mansion and the environment around it!

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement and closed their eyes shut.

Even Adam and the elders entered the Grand Elder\'s room since they also had their own part to play in the plan to avoid getting suspected.

If it wasn\'t for this, the Hiltons would have used their private squad instead of forcing a random one unrelated to them.

The end goal of the plan wasn\'t just kidnapping Felix but enjoying the fruits of the operation without being under the Council\'s radar!

They knew that massive chaos would rise after the operation, and they wanted nothing to do with it!


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