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Just as Felix reached his room from the Cafeteria, he received a message from his grandfather informing him that 5 days later, there would be a send-off banquet for the team.

It would be hosted by the governor of Massachusetts state and the guests would be just the heavyweight authorities in the state.

Thus, the entire team was required to be there without any exception.

Felix immediately asked with a serious expression, \'Was this the governor\'s idea or someone proposed it to him

Robert didn\'t know what he wanted from such a piece of information but he still answered, \'I believe it was the doing of the grand elder of the Hilton Family.

Elder Charlotte received this information from her subordinates about it.\'

\'Trying to get me out forcefully\' Felix grinned widely after hearing a positive response.

He was a bit doubtful at the start since they had already participated in a banquet last week in the governor\'s mansion.

It was a celebration of the national team\'s achievements in the World Competition.

Felix felt that it wouldn\'t make sense for the governor to host another one so soon in his own accordance.

But now it seemed like he got convinced by the Hilton grand elder to host one as a final send-off since Felix and the rest would remain in the earthling\'s headquarter for a long time.

Just as he expected, the Hiltons were probably pressured by the Organization to make a move as soon as possible.

Since he was always holed up in the family Headquarter, he left them with no other choice but to force him out with such a method.

Felix appreciated it as now he knew when and where he would be hit.

Now he needed to start planning ahead on countermeasures and take advantage of this knowledge!

This was truly unfortunate for the Hiltons since in their eyes, Felix shouldn\'t be expecting any attacks from them or anyone in that sense.

After all, he should be clueless about the Organization\'s existence just like everyone else.

Too bad, with his future information about the Organization and their dealings with them, their ill intentions were as clear as crystal in his eyes.

\'Hehe, are they going to raid the party Kidnap me midway\' Felix grinned devilishly, \'I can\'t wait to see what plans they had for me.\'


10 minutes later, inside the Ivy League City...

Felix\'s body reconstructed at the sideways of a wide street, that was packed with expensive-looking hovercars passing by him.

Yet those hovercars were actually the norm as some bloodliners were traveling speedily on four-legged mounts, spherical seethrough vehicles, and more weird-looking transportation methods.


Just as Felix wanted to turn around, his shoulder was bumped against a bloodliner who had his face buried in a hologram.

So sorry! The bloodliner apologized with a slight head bow.

It\'s my fault. Felix smiled politely, I shouldn\'t have logged off at the sideways.

Sigh, I feel you brother. The bloodliner buried his head back in the hologram and waved his hand in melancholy, Good luck on finding a place to stay.

You too. Felix said while looking at the man\'s slumped shoulders.

He knew that the man was struggling to find a place to rent or buy inside the residential area of the Ivy League City.

Just like the man, Felix also didn\'t manage to find a place to stay for the past seven days he was in the City.

This was because in the entire mountain chain, there were only ten mountains for residential purposes.

They were already packed to the brim with SG gold players and above.

Heck, there were even apartments that had three to four players sharing them like they were broke paupers.

But in reality, everyone in the Ivy League City was a rich lord due to their high rank in the SG Platform!

They could afford to buy multiple houses and mansions outside of the Ivy League City, but here Most of them were homeless just like Felix!

This was because the Ivy League\'s City had been built on a humble mountain chain instead of spreading to infinity like the Capitals cities in the UVR.

Those mountains had their summits smoothen up and already taken.

For example, there was the Teleportation Mountain, PPFT Market Mountain, the Public Market Mountain, the Missions Mountain, the Schools\' Mountain, the Arena Mountain, The Training Center Mountain, and the list goes on and on.

This left only a couple of mountains to be used for residential purposes.

They were far from enough to accommodate every player.

Although the Organization responsible for creating the league and the city saw that the lack of space was causing a problem for the players, they still didn\'t add a hundred extra mountains to solve it.

Instead, the f*ckers were creating a single residential mountain each year and leaving the players to fight tooth and nail to bid for houses, apartments, rooms, and even garages!

The currency used in this auction was game points!

Yet, the players still bid recklessly to buy at least a room so they could have a place to stay in the city instead of teleporting back and forth.

No one could afford to pay 200 GP for each teleportation and there was no way in hell those proud bloodliners would sleep in the streets like hobos.

The last solution they had was logging out in a public place and sleeping in the real world just to log in again in the same spot.

This what Felix had just demonstrated.

However, this wasn\'t really a long-term solution or even a comfortable one since the bloodliners would be forced to use only their AP bracelet for logging in and not the comfortable VR Pod.

Thus, to stay in the city one should be willing to pay both legs for it.

This was the reason Felix never stayed in the city before even though he knew that it was a hundred times better than even the Capital of the Empire...Of course, bloodliners-wise.

However, he was holding into his 12k game points just to prepare for the upcoming residential auctions and snag at least a room in an apartment.

He didn\'t care if he shared the apartment with other players since he could train his poison manipulation in the Training Center Mountain.

The upcoming auction was actually quite near, happening in a month.

After he secured a room, Felix planned on moving to it and remain in this city for a long time.

Right now, Felix was walking on the streets, heading to the school where he was being taught tail techniques courses.

Obviously, Felix wasn\'t going to choose a school in the Androxa city or the Mariana City since their prices were expensive as hell and the courses weren\'t even that good compared to being taught personally by an active high leveled player.

The school Felix signed in last week was called Silver Hammer School!

He chose it because of the good reviews the instructor received and the fees were affordable.

Only 300 GP per month.


After a short walk, Felix had reached the entrance of a skyscraper, which had a board sign placed on every two floors.

If one was bored to count, they would a total of 40 board signs.

Each board sign was representing a different tail school and a different discipline! It was common sense that mutations weren\'t all the same.

Thus, a tail meant for whipping and destruction shouldn\'t be taught techniques meant for slicing and cleaving.

Felix didn\'t bother to lift his head and look at his school sign that was right above him.

Instead, he just walked inside the bustling building and went for one of the five elevators.

After entering and waiting until it was crowded, the elevator automatically closed.

All of them had tails of unique shapes and types.

Felix\'s tail was actually lowkey compared to some of them.

Just like the player in front of him, who had a black metallic saw for a tail!

The motherf*cker was having it placed right on top of Felix\'s nose, forcing him to stand stiffly lest he gets his nose done.

He might not die but it sure would hurt like hell.

This experience was daily for everyone willing to take the elevators.

Heck, even Felix\'s fluffy end tail was currently placed on the lips of a girl behind him.

If Felix turned, he would notice that she was pressing her lips tightly like her life was dependent on it just to not eat his tail\'s strands.


\'Thank god.\' Felix sighed in relief as he stepped outside of the elevator with a bit of difficulty.

Fortunately for him, his school\'s floor was quite close to the ground floor.

After getting out, Felix was immediately met with the sight of an extensive wide floor that spanned for at least a kilometer or two! It was utterly disproportionate to the skyscraper\'s real size.

On this wide floor, there were many unique-looking machines, placed in an ordered manner.

Due to Felix\'s enhanced eyesight, he could see tens of bloodliners stretching their tails while sitting in the middle of the floor.

While they were stretching, a beefy man with his upper hairy chest exposed and thick black beard was walking between them with his arms crossed on his chest.

He had a thick silver-skinned tail, that was was flat and bulgy at the end of it.

Due to it, his tail truly resembled a silver hammer!

Upon seeing that they had already started, Felix didn\'t dilly dally in place as he swiftly sprinted in their direction.

The moment he got closer, he was noticed by the Black-bearded man and the students.

Landlord, you are late by three minutes. Displeased by his tardiness, he arched his eyebrows and warned, I told you before, either you come early or you don\'t come at all.

Just never arrive late in my courses!

Just as the bloodliners started to laugh with gloating looks, they got glared at by the instructor, This applies to all of you!

None of them let out a single peep after so.

Seeing that the black-beared instructor was looking at him again, Felix nodded his head in understanding and went to sit on the ground.

Although the entire building was packed with schools specifically aimed at tails, Felix didn\'t want to get kicked out of this school as the black-bearded instructor\'s style of fighting was extremely in line with what he desired from his tail mutation.

The instructor was nicknamed \'The Demolisher\' even though his SG name was Silver Hammer!

He got this nickname due to his brutal fighting style which utilizes his tail mutation to deliver heavy strikes that were capable of exploding his foes upon contact!

This was the fighting style of the Silver Hammer, A peak-tier Platinum player, Felix\'s instructor, and the founder of the Silver Hammer School!


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