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They didn\'t know if the team would shame them in the upcoming games or make them proud.

But they knew that as long as that flag was in their chest, they would always be cheering and rooting for them!

Clap Clap!...

Abrupt applause engulfed the field as the instructors and the juniors couldn\'t help but want to vent their emotions after seeing the junior standing upright, wearing the earthling\'s first-ever uniform.

The junior turned around in approval, letting them see the back as well.

They noticed that the junior\'s name was written in the upper half of his back as such >RT-Paul#'s-team!_51925595289875123 for visiting.

Both Felix and Sylvia emerged from two corners of the pack and walked towards the stage\'s stairs.

Felix had the same natural faint smile while Sylvia appeared as indifferent as ever.

However, from time to time she glimpses at Felix\'s face with a hint of desire before forcing down her retarded obsession with his perfect skin.

Unbeknownst to the danger he was in, Felix just went upstage first and shook hands politely with Mr.


Sylvia did the same then both of them stood next to each other while observing the thousands of eyes peering into them with different kinds of emotions.

Cool-headed, Felix lifted his head and focused on the VIP lounges.

Immediately, he spotted the US president with his enhanced eyesight.

He was clapping his hands with some government delegates who arrived with him.

However, Felix ignored him and kept looking at the VIP lounges, wanting to find someone.

Soon, he smiled warmly after his eyes spotted his grandfather clapping vigorously while standing next to the glass.

Behind his grandfather, he noticed a couple of strangers instead of the Maxwell elders.

He wasn\'t surprised as he knew that his grandfather merely got a free pass to watch the gathering live due to Felix\'s team\'s status. 

Although it wasn\'t official yet, pretty much everyone with a brain knew that he would be the captain.

Only now will it be official as Mr.

Rodrigas stopped clapping and leaned closer to the mic, Throughout the past three days, we had been streaming highlights from the competitions in the ESG Tv Channel and online.

Two teams dominated the majority of those highlights.

The American Team and The Russian team.

He extended his hand at Sylvia and then at Felix.

So, I assume that most of you had seen their battles and leadership in those highlights, which helped their team secure double the flag numbers than the rest.

Most bloodliners nodded their heads in agreement.

Whether they liked it or not, Felix and Sylvia showed a better performance than all of them.

It was only natural that they would be getting the most points and be considered the captain and vice-captain.

After all, if it wasn\'t them, then who

\'Good, no one is rising unnecessary ruckus.\' Mr.

Rodrigas relaxed his tensed eyebrows and carried on, Through everything they had done in the competition, the ESG Organization in accordance to the World Council, had come into unanimous verdict to elect Sylvia Ivanov as the Vice-Captain of the Earthling\'s team and Felix Maxwell as the Captain!

Clap! Clap!...

Under the heartful applause, Mr.

Rodrigas retreated a step back and gestured for the two remaining staff members to give Felix and Sylvia their Nanosuits.

\'Impressive.\' Feeling the weightlessness of the suit in his hand, Felix nodded faintly in admiration.

He then swiftly requested, \'Queen, please unlock the case and activate set 1.\'


The moment the case was opened, Felix placed his hand inside and watched himself getting encased in liquid-like silver goo.

He got to admit that the feeling was quite uncomfortable than what he had tried in his previous life.

Naturally, this wasn\'t Felix\'s first time wearing one as he had bought a suit from a Gold Prize Pool with 3500 GP.

The generation wasn\'t as **ty as this one where the comfort of morphing wasn\'t considered.

\'Should probably buy a better version when I can afford to spar some game points.\' Felix pondered to himself while inspecting his new uniform.

The colors of their outfits were the same as the Main Team.

However, the back was completely different as one had VC-Sylvia and number 2 underneath, While the other had C-Felix and number 1 beneath it.

Not bad. Satisfied, Felix smiled faintly while putting his hands in his jacket\'s pockets.

When Mr.

Rodrigas saw that both of them were dressed, he stood in the middle of them and gestured for the camera to take a couple of pictures.

Click Click!..

He didn\'t have to ask the reporters as they were already taking them nonstop.

During the process, Felix\'s eyebrows arched in annoyance after seeing staff members bringing long wooden chairs without back support.

Some were higher than the rest.

After seeing them, Felix remembered that the team was supposed to take the first historical picture before the end of the gathering.

Everyone guessed as much after seeing those chairs.


A couple of minutes later...

Every member of the earthling\'s team was either standing on the ground or those chairs.

No one was having his face blocked from the frame as the short ones like Olivia were placed in the front while the tall ones were at the back.

Felix was standing on the ground right behind Olivia while having Sylvia to his right and Noah to his left.

This created a weird scene in the middle of the frame as Felix was kneading Olivia\'s cute face under her constant threats.

At the same time, those two beside him kept staring expressionlessly in front of them like they were taking a funeral picture.

Click Click...

Unbothered by whatever those juniors were doing, the cameramen spammed the capture button nonstop, taking pictures from every angle.

Even the drones were doing their part.

No one felt like it was too much as this was the first-ever team for planet Earth.

They knew that many other teams would come down the line and look at this historical moment in admiration and fascination.


The last picture was taken with Felix chuckling while pulling Olivia\'s cheeks further apart making her smile forcefully with a hopeless expression.

The rest were either smiling widely, lowering their heads in a shy manner, caught blinking at the worst time possible, or posing like a model.

Everyone was captured in a unique way besides Noah and Slyvia, who didn\'t even blink once.

Yet, this picture showed the juniors\' liveness and the bright attitude they had towards their future.

In Felix\'s previous life, pictures of the earthling\'s team weren\'t treated favorably by the masses.

Not a lot of people hanged them in their houses and took pride in their team.

That\'s because of the tragic results in the games, one after the other.

But now, with Felix in the team, no one would dare to disrespect this team\'s picture as he would be leading the team....No! He would be leading the entire planet into a bright future in the Supremacy Games Alliance!

This time it\'s going to be different!


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