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Inside the same public airport within the city Freiburg, Felix was sitting in the terminal, waiting for 40 teams to reach the airport so they would be taken all in a commercial plane back to Berlin.

That\'s what they were told after landing here by the helicopter.

So far, only 20 teams or so were crowding the terminal.

Yet, there were just a few whispers and murmurs resounding here and there even though 200 juniors were gathered in one place.

Felix could see that the majority of teams had a member or two detached from their group.

They kept either glancing at the ceiling absent-mindedly or glaring at each other, rearing to start a bloody fight.

Soon, his eyes landed on Sylvia having her head hung low as she sat away from her teammates.

Felix knew that she might be still bothered by not securing a flag for each member.

Not that he gave a ** about her problem.

She was still not that close to him to bother himself with her matters.

if it wasn\'t for so, Felix would have gifted her those two extra flags instead of giving them to Olivia.

He didn\'t give them to her just for fun but he had a plan in his mind that might help Olivia change for the better.

Shortly after...

Felix and the rest were asked to head to gate number 21.

After making a line, they entered the plane one by one.

Felix walked to the First Class cabin and sat comfortably in a single chair by the window.

The First class was limited to only captains and vice-captains of each team.

Thus, Felix had the pest Adam sit in front of him, ruining his comfort.

However, after seeing that Sylvia was passing by, Felix gestured for her to sit in Adam\'s chair.

Although this was beyond disrespectful to Adam, he still accepted gladly as he stood up and gave a way for Sylvia.


Sylvia considered it for a second before nodding her head and sitting in front of Felix.

Seeing that they were not talking, Adam assumed that it was due to him standing in front of them.

Excuse me. He nodded his head politely and went to an empty seat at the back of the cabin.

After Felix saw that he was gone, he gave a quick smile to Sylvia before closing his eyes.

Please wake me up when we land.

Okay. Sylvia agreed at once without fanfare.

Then, she gazed at his face deeply for a couple of seconds before she turned her head to the window, peering at the reflection of herself in the glass.

\'Is his skin smoother and paler than mine or am I imagining stuff\'

Sylvia touched her cheek twice before glancing back and forth between Felix and the window.

Soon, she couldn\'t handle but take a sneaky picture of Felix with her bracelet.

The moment she did so, the Queen informed Felix about it since it was concerning his privacy.

Felix, who was in his Androxa house just waved his hand dismissively, Leave her be.

Meanwhile, Sylvia could be seen having two invisible holograms linked together.

One had Felix\'s face and the other her own face.

She then clicked on the >detect< button, wanting to see if Felix\'s skin had any blemish in it or not.

A few moments later, the result came out, making Sylvia\'s cold composure break apart.

\'Zero percent What the hell is he using for his skincare!! I want it!!\' Slyvia\'s eyes abruptly switched to Felix and stared at him in awe and desire! 

If Felix\'s memory wasn\'t garbage, he would have remembered that Slyvia was known for two things, her coldness and secondly her obsession with her skincare!

Her current milky white skin wasn\'t that natural as she used a ton of products from Earth as well as the UVR.

Yet, she still never managed to reach the same result as Felix.

Only now did she find a way to seeth her obsession once and for all.

Her heated eyes as she looked at Felix\'s skin would make anyone misunderstand her intentions.

Felix, who was dialing his Investment manager only felt a sudden shiver course in his spine like he was marked by a predator.

Why do I feel danger He glanced around him in bewilderment.

Soon, the feeling went as suddenly as it appeared.

Felix stopped thinking about it and carried on dealing with his business matters.


Three days later, At 07:00 AM...

Felix could be seen pushing Fatty Bodidi back inside the spatial tear with merely one hand.

A moment later, Bodidi\'s body was fully inside.

Jeez, cut some curbs already. Felix complained as he dusted his hands.

Alas, the spatial tear was already closed as Bodidi had anticipated Felix\'s firing shots at his newly gained weight.

What do you know A fatty worm is a cute worm. Asna disagreed with a snort.

You better prepare your fat ass as well. Felix placed the five bottles on the carpet and smiled, It\'s time to unlock my first sand passives!

Immediately after saying so, Felix removed his shirt and sat next to them.

He already had everything prepared and now it was up to Asna to check for the Sphinx essence.

Let\'s began. Felix took a deep breath and started the process.

Ten minutes later...

Felix was staring at a small bottle that was 7% full with a deadpan expression.

He still was having difficulty believing that he ended up finding only 7% essence in a f*cking five epic tier 5 bottles!

Last time, he found 10% in four bottles, which was ** compared to what he was used to.

But now he actually ended up with less than that while f*cking having an extra bottle!

It might seem like he wasn\'t losing much since he could always sell the bottles back, but one shouldn\'t forget that Felix was losing 10% after each sell!

Since the total price of those bottles had reached one billion SC, it meant that Felix had spent 100 million SC for merely 7%!

Sigh, I guess I need to try with higher-tiered bloodlines. Felix blinked his eyes twice before rubbing them with his fingers.

He always knew that he would reach this stage one day when he would need to step up his game by buying a tier 6 bloodlines or even tier 7.

After all, it was quite obvious that those tiers were going to have a larger amount of essence compared to what he was using before.

However, Felix knew that those tiers were going to give him a bit of trouble to get his hands on them.

Unlike tier 5 and below bloodlines, they weren\'t found in shops like Goati\'s or Looby\'s shop.

Instead, they were sold exclusively in auctions.

If one didn\'t want to rely on auctions, he could always commission a hunter squad to get the job done for him.

Alas, the hunter squads, who were able to actually hunt such monstrous beasts, were already hunting exclusively for private clients.

Those clients might be auction houses or just research institutions wanting those beasts for research purposes.

This meant auctions were Felix\'s only path to getting them.

Besides of course relying on a wish from SG.

Felix understood that if he kept getting below 10% while purchasing five bottles by five, Goati would run out of stock pretty quickly.

Restocking for such high tier bloodlines usually takes a couple of months.

Even if he didn\'t empty his stock, there was no way for Looby to keep getting five bottles after five bottles in each week and get them sold in time.

Even with the new traffic that he had, it was impossible to sell so many high tier bottles that fast.

This meant Felix needed to aim for tier 6 bloodlines after he reached a wall with Goati and Looby.

He hoped that it wouldn\'t happen until at least he reached lesser purity by relying on only epic tier 5 bottles.

\'No need to think about such matters now.\' Felix shook his head and shoulders to relax his body.

He was about to integrate 5% all at once and his mind needed to be focused.

After a few minutes of relaxation, Felix snapped his eyes wide open and looked at the empty large-sized needle.

After filing it up with 5%, he placed it in his chest and pushed it.

Alas, he pushed and pushed, and his skin refused to give access to the needle.

Not wanting to break it lest the essence sprung out, Felix stopped his attempts.

I guess needles for the 2nd stage aren\'t strong enough for my skin anymore. Felix chuckled in self-mockery and placed the needle down.

Since the moment Felix awakened, he never used earthling\'s needles but purchased ones from the UVR specifically made for integration.

Before, he never had problems with it as he always purchased a needle good enough to penetrate the skin of a 2nd stage bloodliner.

But now It seemed like his enhanced strength was giving some trouble for his needle.

However, Felix wasn\'t distressed by it as he always had a needle for each stage in his spatial card just for those kinds of emergencies.

Thus, he swiftly took a new one and emptied the content of the first needle in it.

2nd round with a 4th stage needle. Felix took a deep breath and penetrated his heart.

Luckily it went smoothly this time.

Felix drunk the integration potions and closed his eyes shut.

\'I wonder which passive abilities I will be getting from the Sphinx\'


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