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Meanwhile, on the monitoring floor, Mr.

Rodrigas had just switched the screen to Felix after seeing that Sylvia was retreating with her dazed teammates.

He could see that Felix had already returned to the same tree and started brushing the messy fur of his tail like he didn\'t leave his place for even a second.

Meanwhile, the battle of Noah and the rest was just about to be concluded in their favor.

It was obvious that without Felix\'s hypotension inducement, the battle wasn\'t going to be as fast as usual.

What do you think The Vice-president asked while staring at Felix.

Understanding what he implied, Mr.

Rodrigas responded, I guess there is no doubt anymore about the captain\'s position.

The supervisor of the US team, who was watching the big screen from behind them, asked out loud, Sir, how many points should I give him again


Rodrigas just waved his hand dismissively, Give him a hundred or so.

It doesn\'t matter anymore when he is 100 points above the 2nd ranker.

The supervisor did as he was told and soon the points next to Felix\'s name on the list had changed from >470570#._51853647054690840 for visiting.

Soon, Olivia\'s rank had straightaway jumped from 18th place to 3rd place, having only a ten points difference from Sylvia!

\'The Chinese won\'t be pleased.\' The Supervisor chuckled slightly at the sight of Zhang Wie getting pushed down to 4th place by non captain junior.

Deep down, he wanted to see Olivia surpass even Sylvia in points.

Too bad, Olivia didn\'t have any other way to get points when there were only two minutes left in the competition\'s lifespan.

Prepare the extraction helicopters! Mr.

Rodrigas smiled faintly as he praised the supervisors, Good work for the past seven days.

Your contributions won\'t be left unrewarded.

Thank you sir!


Two minutes later...

The competition has officially been concluded.

To all participants, please stop fighting in the next 30 seconds.

Otherwise, you will receive a heavy punishment. 

This sudden announcement had echoed in the forest from every drone, making it impossible for anytime to not hear it.

Just to be thorough, it repeated three times in the air and the last one was delivered by the Queen personally.

After hearing it, no one dared to fire a single ability or throw a punch.

If the punishment was just disqualification, some of the juniors wouldn\'t care and carry on fighting since in their eyes they were already disqualified without a flag.

However, a heavy punishment by the Organization was a completely different story. 

Please remain put in your positions and wait patiently for the extraction helicopters.

Don\'t be alarmed if it got delayed by ten minutes or more. The announcer suddenly added, In the meantime, your AP bracelets\' features had been restored so as the Queen\'s assistance.

The moment Felix heard so, he straightaway called for the Queen with an emotional voice, \'Welcome back, I missed you.\'

\'Thank you, Sir Felix.\' The Queen responded with her usual monotonous voice.

\'You don\'t miss me\'


\'I guess my love for you is one-sided.\' Felix teased with a smile.

\'I appreciate the feelings, Sir Felix.\'

\'Can you stop being so creepy\' Asna interjected in their conversation.

\'What do you know\' Felix scoffed, \'The Queen\'s place in my heart is bigger than your losing streak against the elder.\'

\'Are you sure about that child\' The Jörmungandr chuckled and took a shot at Asna as well, \'She is already on 50 lose streak.\'

\'For real\' Felix was shocked, \'Asna how can you be so bad\'

\'Fssss!! F*ck you both!!\' Not able to retort smartly, Asna relied on her instinctive mechanism of curses and insults.

Then, she cut off the connection to not hear anything else from Felix.

Felix chuckled to himself and requested the Queen to show him his messages inbox and emails.

The moment the two holograms popped off, Felix noticed that both of his inboxes were on the verge of exploding.

Since those inboxes weren\'t related to his Landlord persona, they were mostly congratulation messages sent to him by his grandfather, the elders, George, Sarah, and he even spotted a message from the President of the US.

After reading it, he smiled faintly before closing it.

The president simply thanked him for his superb performance and securing ten representative slots for the country.

Now, the US was going to have the most votes in the World Council.

Although they were just ten, Felix knew that it would be making a large difference in the decision-making of the planet.

Not that he cared about those political matters.

In his eyes, as long as the World Council didn\'t ** the bed by doing something stupid like detaching the planet from the Alliance or declaring a war on other planets, they would not be his problem.

\'Queen, please contact Fatty for me.\' Felix requested after closing down his two inboxes.

After a couple of rings, the call was connected.

Felix immediately informed Bodidi to bring him those five sand bottles to the same hotel room.

Felix knew that the teams would be sent back to their hotels for three days break before meeting again in the Olympiastadion.

After receiving confirmation, Felix hung up and lifted his head, looking at the approaching helicopter.

The noise produced by its rotor blades gave it away.

He didn\'t expect that it would arrive in the first minutes of the announcement.

\'I guess this is one of the perks for the future captain of the team\' Felix grinned slightly and jumped down the tree.

Whoosh Whoosh!

Soon, the Helicopter threw stair-like rope for them to climb up since there wasn\'t an open area for it to land.

Felix glanced one last time at the black forest, which was turned into a real black forest due to the hundreds of battles and skirmishes happening during the past seven days.

He sighed and thought, \'I hope the Council uses the UVR resources to grow new trees quickly and restore the forest\'s vitality.\'

Felix didn\'t remember if the Council did so in his previous life or not, and he wished dearly that they spend some of their fat capital on the forest\'s restoration.

Otherwise, he would take it upon himself and donate a million or two to take care of it.

He might be an asshole to humans, but Felix adored animals and nature.

He wasn\'t cheap to not help those wild animals get their forest back in shape again.


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