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Upon recognizing this ability, some American viewers screamed at their screens for Felix to take cover.

While those without a single clue, just chuckled in derision at her bold claim.

They saw Felix emerging without a single scratch from two elemental salvos.

How would this one be any different

Show me what you got Sylvi. Felix said, smiling warmly.

I am really warning you! Sylvia stressed it again.

The hell Were you always this long-winded Felix opened his arms wide and beseeched, Please just strike me down already.

Alas, Sylvia still didn\'t fire those Icy bolts.

She merely kept looking at him while chewing her lips like she was worried for his sake.

\'What the f*ck is going on Did she fall for me or what\' Felix was left speechless by the sight.

This was the only reason that came up in his mind as he knew that Sylvia wasn\'t that merciful to care for his well-being when they weren\'t even that close.

\'Child, don\'t be alarmed by those situations.\' The Jörmungandr sighed in melancholy, \'It is expected to be loved and cherished when you are resembling me.\'

\'For real\' Felix touched his dark-green scales and somewhat believed in it since the only difference between him from before and now was the scales!

I didn\'t think you were into scaled men. Felix chuckled as he gestured with his hand, I appreciate the feelings but you don\'t have to worry about me.

\'Into scaled men What is he on about Does he have a screw loose or something\'

Confused and somewhat stunned, Sylvia kept looking at Felix\'s gentle smile with her icy blue lips parted slightly.

She had absolutely no clue what he was talking about or implying.

She was merely trying her best to make him move away from her fallen teammates so her ability wouldn\'t land on them.

But, it seemed like the retard saw it differently.

Felix smiled gently and said, Attack me! I can take it.

In the end, Sylvia couldn\'t handle beating around the bush anymore with Felix lest he misunderstood something else.

She pointed her finger behind Felix while looking in the other direction.

She may not show it but she was still embarrassed to ask him and move away.

\'Um\' After Felix looked behind him and noticed the ten bodies lying inside his red pillars, his eyelids couldn\'t help but twitch.

Even the Jörmungandr coughed and lowered his head, returning to the chess game he was currently having with Asna.

However, after looking at Asna\'s mocking look, he instantly regretted bothering with Felix\'s matters.

Look at you.

You must be feeling really stupid now Huh...Just look at you, a stupid old snake thinking highly of his ugly face.

Too bad, there was no way for Asna to be mature and not voice her mockery out loud.

It was in her blood to be salty and as annoying as ever.

After hearing Asna, Felix thanked his lucky stars that he had the Jörmungandr to take the brunt of Asna\'s jeers this time.

\'Next one on me, elder.\' He comforted the Jörmungandr while stepping away from the bodies.

The moment Sylvia noticed that he was far enough, she didn\'t hesitate to point her finger at Felix and fire those Icy bolts!

Phew Phew Phew!...

In the eyes of the viewers, those bolts appeared just like icy bullets fired from guns, fast and deadly! 

However, Felix was able to see them as clear as crystal due to his enhanced senses after the etching process.

After all, Felix\'s entire body had been entirely enhanced.

He might be able to control his strength and lower it down to play around with Sylvia, but he couldn\'t do the same to his senses or his defenses.

Hence, Felix took the bare minimum effort to evade those Icy bolts.

The ones aiming at his head, he simply moved it right, left, and downward, not letting a single bolt touch him.

As for the rest He used his one meter and half tail to swipe back and forth like he was trying to keep flies away from him.

Bam! Bam! bam!...

Since his tail\'s strength was monstrous, each wave was destroying tens of icy bolts during contact! The wind produced from the swipe took a dozen more!

The viewers were left in shock as they could see that the entire area was being bombarded by the Icy bolts except for a small circle, where Felix was standing.

Throughout all of this, he didn\'t move a single inch from his place!


Seeing that the last bolt had passed by his cheek and penetrated a rock behind him, Felix withdrew his tail back and left it to swing playfully like always.

This perfect defense was only a result of Felix swinging his tail barbarically and randomly without any meticulous control or using his body movement to bring out the potential of it.

\'I really need some courses.\'

While Sylvia and the viewers were staring in silence at his untouched clothes, not knowing how to react, Felix felt that his tail\'s control was really beyond trash.

It might look astonishing for the viewers but in his eyes He knew that he was using way too many movements which were utterly unnecessary.

During battles against 2nd or 3rd stage bloodliners, Felix understood that those unnecessary movements were openings that would be taken advantage of in a heartbeat.

It was only due to Sylvia\'s lack of experience that he was left untouched by those bolts.

Sylvi, don\'t take it to heart but you have missed at least twenty chances to strike my vitals. Felix pointed at his face and asked, Why didn\'t you manually control the trajectory of your latest bolts and made them unpredictable Didn\'t you see that the first ones were useless

\'What\'s up with him\' Sylvia was left stumped by his questions as she never expected that she would be receiving a lecture after her ability failed to inflict damage.

What baffled her more was the fact that Felix wasn\'t taking pride in his perfect defense but actually wanted to help her fix the faults of her attack!

She knew that if it was another bloodliner, he would brag about it all day long.

\'What a weirdo.\' Sylvia showed a faint smile before her expression returned indifferently again.

However, Sylvia had no intentions of answering him.

She simply snapped her finger and created the same array of Icy bolts.

Upon seeing so, Felix eyed her nonchalantly, I will not move my head this time.

If you still can\'t bypass my tail\'s defense and touch my clothes, I will disqualify your entire team, leaving only you behind.

That slight favorable impression that Felix left in Sylvia\'s heart didn\'t last even a couple of seconds before it was wiped out by his arrogance.

I dare you not move. Sylvia spoke coldly as she fired those Icy bolts again.

However, this time she murmured softly, Expand.

Abruptly, those hundred icy bolts started to get bigger and bigger in Felix\'s eyes, transforming from having the size of bullets to missiles!

Since there were hundreds of them, the entire sky above Felix had darkened, making it almost impossible to see the sun behind them!

Felix could only look speechlessly at the sight, feeling like his mouth deserved a beating.

He wasn\'t worried about the ability harming him as with his body defenses he would get out of it unscathed.

But, his last set of clothes was definitely not going to survive it!

\'Might as well train my tail control.\' Felix glanced at his playful tail one last time before controlling it to smash a bolt after bolt like he was playing a wacky molly game on steroids!

Boom! Boom! Bam!...

The only sound resounding in the area was belonging to those big icy bolts, exploding into small icy fragments before disintegrating into particles.

Since Felix gave out his word that he wouldn\'t move, those ice fragments kept landing on his entire body, ripping apart his clothes yet again.

Yet, Felix\'s focus was entirely put on his tail, as his pupil kept moving quickly following the trajectory of each bolt.

So far, he had a perfect score as every swing took with it five to ten bolts.

Neither Sylvia nor the viewers were able to see so.

They were capable of only seeing those bolts exploding the moment they get too close to Felix!

It was like there was an invisible ice grinder placed right in front of Felix, making it impossible to touch him!

The Russian viewers were falling more and more into the depth of despair at this sight.

They knew that no one managed to escape Sylvia\'s deadly combo of active ability *Ice Bolts* and offensive passive ability, *Expanding Ice*, which was considered part of the limited manipulation type.

Every time she was forced to use this combo, there were only two results; Heavily injured or escaping in fright outside of its range.

Heck, they knew that the only reason their team managed to get the package from the hands of the Chinese team was due to Zhang Wei getting absolutely owned by this combo!

He was left with no other choice but to retreat with his team as he couldn\'t protect them against it.

But now, they were looking with their own eyes at how Felix was having his hands in his pockets and feet fixated on the ground while being right in the center of this shower of Icy Bolts!

He was moving only his tail and eyes to nullify the strongest known combo in the competition!

Every Russian viewer who was watching this had their eyes glued to the screen, hoping dearly to spot a single Bolt passing by his ice grinder and touch his clothes.

They were not asking for much...Just touching his clothes.

Alas, the Ice Grinder didn\'t falter for even a split second.

At this point, even the Russian viewers had crowned Felix as the strongest bloodliner in their minds whether they wanted to admit it or not.

The disparity between him and Sylvia was just too obvious to ignore.

They would be lying if they said they weren\'t disappointed and heartbroken.

But, what they didn\'t know was that Felix\'s disappointment at Sylvia was tenfolds bigger than theirs.

He clearly pointed a way for her to take advantage of the trash control of his tail.

Yet, the rain of bolts was about to end and nothing much changed.

\'Sigh, I guess she still requires more time to prac...\' Felix\'s thought process was abruptly paused as his instinct warned of an upcoming attack from the side.

Felix simply glanced in that direction without moving his head.

Upon noticing that a bolt drilling the air while being on its path to strike his left cheek, a satisfied smile emerged on his lips.

Although Felix saw it, he didn\'t move his head out of the way or bothered to order his tail into striking the bolt.

He could see that bolt was aiming at him from a tricky position, making it almost impossible for his tail to reach it without him moving.

Felix promised that he would hold his ground.

\'Now it\'s better.\'


The bolt smashed Felix\'s left cheek before exploding into sharp fragments, forcing Felix to close his eyes.

The moment he did so, his tail lost its navigator and started to swing randomly, hitting only a couple of bolts.

But the rest managed to successfully bypass it and hit Felix\'s body ruining his clothes even further.

By the time the attack ended, Sylvia was left huffing in exhaustion like she had used all of her elemental energy on those two attacks.

\'Idiot, that\'s what you get for underestimating me.\'

A faint pleased smile could be seen affixed on Sylvia\'s face as she observed Felix covered in ice fragments while standing silently.

Alas, her smile was stiffed after seeing Felix starting to touch his clothes with a vexed expression. 

Not a single ounce of agony or pain could be seen on his face even though he was struck directly.

If I knew I will end up being half nude again, I wouldn\'t have played with you. Felix sighed as he walked back to one of the red pillars.

Stop! Seeing that he was targeting her teammates, Sylvia swiftly went above them and glared at Felix with her palms extended forward.

Felix glanced at her palms and noticed that chilling fog was being emitted slowly from them.

It seemed like another active ability.

However, He still didn\'t bother stopping as based on her shortness of breath and sweat covering her forehead, Felix knew that her energy was about to reach the red bar.

Relax, I just want a new jacket. Felix said as extended his hand inside the closest pillar to him and brought Sylvia\'s teammate outside.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!-(2-in-1)_51830673559837181 for visiting.

He quickly removed his jacket and threw him back inside the pillar in a rough manner.

After he wore it, he waved at Slyvia while walking back from where he came from.

I am done playing.

See you later.

It might appear peculiar for the viewers that Felix had abruptly left mid-fight, but this was Felix\'s intention all along.

He just wanted to test the capabilities of Sylvia not outright fight with her.

After seeing her last play he was quite satisfied with her skills and intelligence.

Felix might not have seen how she made the Icy Bolt get within his blind spot, but he could guess how she managed to achieve it.

First, during the barrage, Sylvia must have stopped a bolt right when it was about to collide into the ground.

To avoid getting noticed, she chose an Icy Bolt that was at the corners of the barrage.

After this, Sylvia kept controlling the Bolt to approach Felix slowly until the very end of the barrage when she sent it as fast as possible at his left cheek.

If Felix didn\'t promise to stay put, he would have dodged it quite easily.

So it might look like Felix gave her a direct hit, but he didn\'t care.

He just felt glad that she didn\'t turn out to be completely useless and had zero combat sense like Olivia.

Felix honestly didn\'t want to be carrying the entire team in the battles against other planets.

He knew that one day he would be forced into leaving or not have time for PSG.

This meant Earth needed more worthy bloodliners to carry on when he leaves.

After Felix went out of sight, Sylvia kept staring deeply at the spot Felix was standing before.

She couldn\'t help but focus on it as compared to the area around it, it appeared a lot cleaner and undamaged.

Scenes of their \'battle\' flashed by in her mind, making her see that Felix never seemed pressured or was giving it his all.

She knew that Felix truly was just playing with her and never took her seriously.

Nothing was more humiliating than this.

However, she didn\'t feel humiliated by Felix\'s attitude, not in the slightest.

She felt that way due to the apparent chasm of strength between her and Felix.

Although she understood that Felix\'s strength came mostly from his legendary bloodline, she didn\'t want to use it as an excuse since she knew that she was lacking in other departments as well.

Like the fact she completely missed changing the trajectory of her Icy Bolts in the first salvo.

Not to mention Felix\'s ambush from before.

She wasn\'t a retard to not realize that he wasn\'t aiming at her but at those behind her.

The fact that the bomb passed right by her cheek showed her that if Felix wanted, he could have disqualified her just as easily as it seemed.

As much as she hated to admit it, Felix was through and through the number one bloodliner in the world.

He outclassed her and she wasn\'t ashamed to admit it.

However, admitting it was one thing and not doing anything about it was another.

Sylvia wasn\'t planning on being in the 2nd rank for long.

It was impossible for her to accept anything but number one.

Sylvia smiled faintly as she looked one last time at that spot.

\'Enjoy being at the top while it lasts.\'


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