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Back in Berlin, on the top floor of a modern ten-story building, hundreds of supervisors sat each in front of holographic screens showing a team stream.

Some streams were showing battles for the package, while some were showing teams getting extracted by helicopters.

What mattered was that the entire competition was under the supervision of those people, and any slight movement was being watched, studied, and noted.

In front of those supervisors, Mr.

Rodrigas and the Organization\'s vice-president were standing with their hands folded behind their backs.

Their attention was fully captured by a giant screen displaying the Russian team against the Chinese team.

In the middle of their battle, a silver package could be seen implanted in the ground.

Zhang Wei might need to walk away from this package if he can\'t find a method to reach Slyvia. Mr.

Rodrigas said solemnly.

I doubt any junior in the competition is capable of touching Slyvia while she is in the air. The vice-president said.

Indeed, those butterfly-wings mutation are truly a game breaker in this competition...

Sir! You have to see this!

A sudden loud request interrupted their conversation.


Rodrigas turned around and saw a stirred supervisor pointing his finger at his small screen.


Rodrigas waved his hand as he ordered, Play it on the big screen.

The moment the supervisor received permission, he sent his hologram to the giant screen.

Soon, the Slyvia image fluttering in the air as she evaded projectiles thrown at her was replaced with the US team\'s image.

They were shown carrying the Package while walking away from the destroyed area.

Only the Argentinian team and the Angola team could be seen from the stream\'s corner, waiting in their places for extraction.

Oh The US team has secured the package The vice-president praised, Not bad.

However, the supervisor didn\'t want to show this as he swiftly replayed the scene of Felix\'s battle against the England team.

Sirs, please watch and give me your personal evaluation as I can\'t pinpoint how many points I should reward captain Felix after his battle. He requested with an agitated voice.

I see. Mr.

Rodrigas nodded his head and ordered with his back facing the supervisor, Play it.

The supervisor immediately unpaused the replay and started watching with a thrilled expression even though he already saw the fight live.

Boom, Boom!...

The replay started right when Felix had received a direct bombardment from the England team.

The sight made the two middle-aged men raise an eyebrow in surprise as they clearly saw before that Felix couldn\'t be healthier any more.

This made it easy to conclude that Felix had survived the bombardment.

Upon seeing how deadly it was, they began to wonder about the method used to survive it.

They didn\'t have to wait long as Felix soon emerged with dark green-scales covering his body, shocking them greatly.

He actually unlocked a semi-morphing ability while having a legendary bloodline! The Vice-president exclaimed in shock and excitement.

How strong will it be!

Before the other two could respond, the answer to the vice-president was shown in high resolution as the instant Felix made a move, the battle had turned one-sided without any way for the England team to resist or fight back.

Elemental abilities Useless!, Mental Abilities Also useless! And there wasn\'t a need to talk about physical abilities as the England team was barely capable of seeing Felix\'s movement.

One ability had solely brought a team led by the 4th ranker in the Elites list down to their knees!

That\'s what appeared in their eyes.

If only they knew that Felix was merely using 5% of his strength so as to not end up killing William and the rest with a single slap.

After a couple of seconds, they saw Felix letting the England team walk away without removing them from the competition simply because of William\'s element.

Then, he deactivated his morphing and went to group up with his teammates.

The other teams\' supervisors swiftly lowered their heads and focused on their work after noticing that the replay was over.

It was merely a few seconds long, so they didn\'t miss anything crucial in their teams\' stream.

Now that\'s a f*cking proper show of a legendary bloodline\'s strength! Thrilled, The vice-president let out a booming laugh.

His excitement was understandable as Felix being stronger only meant that the earthling\'s team would have more chances of gaining victory against their peers.

Barriers were always his Achilles heel since his poison can\'t reach inside.

Even his pillars ability was utterly useless against them. Mr.

Rodrigas smiled widely for the first time, But with this semi-morphing ability, this changes everything!

The vice-president nodded his head in agreement while watching Felix order Kenny to send one box of healing substance and one box of food to the Canadian team.

Then, he went with everyone to pick up their hidden camping bags from a marked tree.

The supervisor suddenly paused the replay and asked, Should I play the replays before The US team had taken care of eight teams solo.

The England team was merely the last one.

Upon hearing so, The two middle-aged men each showed a sign of surprise.

When they saw only a few teams were next to the package, they thought that was mostly everyone who participated in the package\'s battle.

However, it turned out that the other teams got eliminated way earlier than the rest.

But, after seeing Felix\'s semi-morphing ability, they didn\'t think that would be hard to achieve.

Play them from the start.

Alas, the moment they saw that Felix actually never used more than his poison bombs and that the eliminations were actually due to teamwork and synergies, they were left in astonishment and admiration.

They were astonished by the team as a whole and admired Felix\'s leadership and conservative nature.

After all, they saw that he could have morphed and gone full ham on everyone due to his heightened defenses, which made him resistant to possibly everything.

Yet, he decided to save it as a last resort and let the team shine instead.

In their eyes, that decision was the best to make.

Since in this competition everyone was marked individually based on his performance.

You see, every supervisor here was responsible for evaluating a team\'s performance by rewarding points or reducing them.

Since every supervisor had signed a strict contract forbidding them from being biased and unfair in their evaluations, every bloodliner\'s total points were affected purely by his performance.

Felix knew this all along.

He remembered the shock it brought to the viewers and the participants when Mr.

Rodrigaz had revealed after the competition that the top hundred bloodliner with the most points would be chosen as a representative instead of the flag holders!!

Of course, getting a flag wasn\'t all useless as every flag was worth a hundred points.

This meant if a flag holder went and performed well, his position was secured in the earthling\'s team.

However, the same couldn\'t be applied for the ones who got a flag and decided to lay low or stopped bothering to put their full strength into helping their team getting their own flags as well.

Those bloodliners would have their points reduced, which meant they would get surpassed by those without flags.

Felix wanted to give his teammates a shot to perform and get as many points as possible.

They sure shined as Johnson, Noah, and Olivia made Mr.

Rodrigas and the rest nod their heads in satisfaction and appreciation for their talents.

Especially Johnson! He truly shone over the rest within the fog.

Before long, the scene was back to when the England team was sneaking on the US team.

The supervisor paused it and said, I believe that I have given proper points to the rest.

However, for captain Felix, I didn\'t dare to mark his performance.

Especially after showing his peak active ability.


Rodrigas extended one finger in his direction, implying that he needs a minute of silence.

Looking at his closed eyes as he rested his hand on his bearded chin, no one dared to interrupt his thought process.

They knew that Mr.

Rodrigas already had in mind to make Slyvia the captain of the earthling\'s team.

And no one was actually complaining since there was truly no one that could contest with her for the position.

Even Felix, with his legendary bloodline, had been taken into careful consideration before.

Still, he didn\'t change Mr.

Rodrigas\'s favoritism at Slyvia.

However, after this new display, Mr.

Rodirigas\'s belief was shaken.

Felix had shown exactly that he had what Slyvia possessed.

Whether in planning, leadership, looking at the bigger picture, and more.

He even went and showed that he was strong enough to take care of an elite team all by himself, something that no one was capable of doing in the competition.

Even Slyvia was far from reaching that level.

This tipped the balance to Felix\'s favor, and everyone could see it, not just Mr.


The supervisor responsible for the US team didn\'t dare to rate Felix\'s performance and give it appropriate points because he believed that it would be way higher than Slyvia\'s!

It was evident to all that the president of the ESG Organization was looking favorably to her! Hence, he would rather let Mr.

Rodrigos mark Felix\'s performance personally.

It wasn\'t against the rules to do so since Mr.

Rodrigas was the Organization\'s president and signed the same strict contract as them.

After waiting for a while, Mr.

Rodrigas opened his eyes and informed calmly, Reward him 100 points for everything he had done since the instant the package had landed.

Just as the vice-president wanted to advise Mr.

Rodrigas to increase it since it was pretty underwhelming compared to Felix\'s performance, he heard him carry on, And 100 more for his battle against the England team.


Everyone drew a cold breath in shock at such a large amount given all at once for a single battle!

They ought to feel shocked as the supervisors never rewarded more than 50ps to a junior.

He is strong enough to go against one of the best teams in the competition all by himself. Mr.

Rodrigas said, Any junior who could do the same will be rewarded with the same amount.

Upon hearing so, the US team\'s supervisor swiftly clicked on Felix\'s name written at the side of the screen and typed 200ps.

After doing so, Felix\'s name jumped from 19th on a list that included all of the team\'s bloodliners to number one!

Wanting to see how the new list looked like, Mr.

Rodrigas requested in his mind, \'Queen, please put the list on the side of the large screen.\'

Rank 1) Felix Maxwell, Total Points: 220ps

Rank 2) Slyvia Ivanov, Total Points: 99ps

Rank 3) Hina Suzuki, Total Points: 87ps.

Rank 4) Leo Bridges, Total Points: 51ps.

Rank 5) Zhang Wei, Total Points: 51ps.

Rank 6) Maria Oliveira, Total Points: 45ps


Rank 21) Aadav Acharya, Total Points: 43ps

Rank 22) Johnson Maxwell, Total Points: 41ps.

Rank 23) Sophia Schmidt, Total Points: 31ps.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_51723442990399755 for visiting.

Rank 24) Noah Maxwell, Total Points: 25ps.


Rank 1987) Tom Jackson, Total Points: -10ps//

The list was long enough; It included even the last bloodliners, who had minus points!

This just showed the effort and time those supervisors were currently putting in to make those ranks as fair as possible.

Since the competition was seven days straight, it only meant that each team actually had two supervisors monitoring their actions.

One at daylight and the other at night.

Nothing happens in the competition that goes unnoticed inside this floor.

If Slyvia wants to catch up, she needs to put extra effort. The Vice-president said, chuckling.

Catch up Mr.

Rodrigas shook his head as he looked at Felix, ordering his team to erect their tents in the same spot as yesterday.

He snapped his finger and changed the image back to the Russian team against the Chinese team and said, She can\'t catch up in this competition, and if she is still aiming for the captainship, she could only hope that she meets with Felix and fight it out with him.

Heh, that would be fun to watch. The Vice-president grinned slightly as he rubbed his goati.


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