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However, they didn\'t hang into it for long as they could see that Nathan was being forced into retreating while focusing entirely on defense.

Before long, his defense would crumble and those claws would ruin his face or worse, take his life away!

The Argentinian captain seemed like he didn\'t even notice that his teammate was caught, as his bloodshot eyes were focusing only on Nathan while striking him in a frenzy!

Upon seeing that sight, Noah did the unexpected as he placed the passed-out bloodliner on his shoulder and rushed towards the Argentinian Captain with a new manifested Ice Mace in his hand!

\'Oh no!\'

Shivers coursed at the back of the Argentinian teammates at this sight.

They foresaw an ugly outcome that wouldn\'t please their captain one bit.

F*ck! come back here and fight me! The flexible man yelled in worry as he chased after Noah.

Too bad, he was a tad too slow as the moment Noah reached behind the Argentinian Captain, he clutched the collar of the passed-out bloodliner and used him as a human shield!

Then, he swung his Ice Mace at the back of the Argentinian captain!


With uncanny beastial reflexes, the captain narrowly dodged the strike after hearing the sound of the wind produced by the Mace!

\'Captain stop.\' The Felixable man, who knew what was about to come next, screamed in his mind.

Alas, the Queen merely delivered his voice with her monotonous voice, removing any source of agitation.

Thus, he watched in utter horrification, his captain retaliating instantly by swiping his right claw behind his back without even looking!


The claw ripped the bloodliner\'s stomach without a single ounce of resistance, appearing like a knife passing through butter.


Buckets of blood gushed from a deep long cut, the viewers managed to notice the gross-looking guts!

Some viewers even vomited on their screens in revulsion.

However, the ones closest to this scene weren\'t affected in the slightest, as Noah merely let go of the bloodliner while putting his Ice Mace on top of the stunned Captain\'s head.

The bloodliner was caught in the arms of the stupefied captain.

He ought to feel that way as his face was stained with the blood of his teammate and best friend!

Not in his wildest dreams would he have thought that his claws would be spelling such a disaster upon his best friend, whom he spent months and months training with from a camp to another.

His rationality was coming back akin to a tide, removing all of those bloodthirsty thoughts that were caused by his passive, *Blood Frenzy*.

He wasn\'t fighting with a deranged expression and giving up on defense for no reason.

It was due to this passive that forced him into that state the more wounds his claws had caused.

He never bothered to stop himself from entering that state because he couldn\'t feel pain in it.

That was always a bonus in battles.

But now He regretted unlocking such a cursed passive that robbed him of his rationality.

If he were awake, he would have heard his ally\'s message.

If he had his rationality, he would have retreated and regrouped with the flexible man instead of instantaneously counterattacking without even f*cking turning his back.

So many ifs were coursing in his mind in such a short amount of time, he didn\'t even feel Noah\'s Mace placed on his head.

Noah simply moved his mace back and forth once, and the chillness of Ice was more than enough to awaken the Argentinian Captain from his stupor. 

After raising his head and noticing Noah\'s expressionless face towering over him, he knew that his life had just been spared.

He wasn\'t stupid to not understand that Noah had more than enough time to splinter his head into fragments during his two seconds daze.

As the captain of the team, the moment he was put in this situation, surrender was the only way forward unless he was begging for an international embarrassment or death!

Plus, his teammate\'s life wasn\'t completely lost as he was still worth trying to save him.

Hence, the Argentinian captain shouted while carrying his teammate in his arms, We give up! Alisia, come heal Jaun fast!

Upon hearing so, the Argentinians dashed towards their captain with a worried expression clouding their faces.

Kenny, who was standing behind the backlines waiting for the perfect opportunity to ambush the healer or the buffer, didn\'t know what to do anymore after seeing them getting marked with red \'X\'.

Walton, who just made it in time behind them, was also left stunned.

Like them, no one anticipated this twist that ended the battle just when it was getting heated.

Heck, Felix was just about to pop off his 4th active ability to save Nathan since he didn\'t see any other solution.

His poison abilities were useless against their barriers and he didn\'t dare to leave the girl\'s side, since he noticed that the Argentinian assassin was hiding quite far behind their back.

Since Johnson was out of gas, Kenny leaving the team to assassinate, and Walton aiming for a flank, Felix was literally left with only Adam and the girls.

Adam was already busy being the only elemental ranger in the team, and Felix didn\'t want to leave him the job to protect the girls as well.

Yet, who would have thought that Noah didn\'t bother to wait for Felix\'s interference as he took matters into his own hands!

Forget about saving Nathan; he even forced the battle to end all alone!

Felix knew that Noah didn\'t do it by luck but it was a planned-out move!

He realized that Noah might have noticed the frenzied state of the captain and took advantage of it!

After all, Noah didn\'t need the bloodliner to shield him from the attack as he could dodge independently.

Regardless, he did so to make the captain lose focus after he sees that he had actually put his own teammate on the verge of death.

By then Noah didn\'t even need to voice his threat as the Mace lying on top of the Captain\'s head was more than enough to get the job done!

Everything was planned out by Noah and played out perfectly even better than what Felix had in mind.

\'Good ** Noah.\'

\'Well done.\'

\'Nice one.\'

Felix and the rest started sending Noah messages, praising him with thumbs up.

Alas, Noah didn\'t seem like he cared as he went to Nathan, who was beaten black and blue, and supported him to stand up.

Thank yo..u.

cough! Nathan said while coughing up small amounts of blood from his lips.

It looked like his internal organs were damaged pretty badly as well.

Upon seeing the disastrous situation Nathan was in, Olivia bolted towards him with a frantic look.

The rest followed after her.

Put him down on the ground. Impatient, Olivia said while plucking a petal from her Lilly Flower.

Seeing that Nathan was lying on his back, she placed the flower on his bare chest and said softly, Restoration Cocoon.

The moment she activated her peak active ability, the petal on Nathan\'s chest started to emit a greenish aura that kept spreading wider and wider until his entire body was encased in it!

Then, the greenish aura did its wonders by entering Nathan\'s body in each inhale and healing his damaged internal organs from within.

He kept inhaling green particles while exhaling grey ones.

Yet, Olivia didn\'t stop just there as she activated her *Lilly\'s Blessing* as well, which made her heal Noah\'s and Nathan\'s flesh wounds.

However, Noah swiftly unplucked the Lilly flower from his head since he wasn\'t hurt as badly as Nathan.

He didn\'t want Olivia to waste energy on him lest she ends up exhausted while Nathan was still not fully back in shape.

After seeing that Nathan\'s wounds were healing and his pained expression was relieved somewhat, Felix turned to the Argentinian team\'s direction and noticed that they were having some difficulty closing up the cut.

It was too deep for their healer to close it fast and he could see that the girl was trying her best.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._51650340231108568 for visiting.

If he could see so, it meant that Olivia was also noticed it.

However, since her teammates were her priority, she merely pushed the guilty feeling that was eating her heart up and focused on Nathan\'s treatment.

Her peak ability, *Restoration Cocoon* was the perfect healing ability from a lower-tiered bloodline since it could restore a man on the verge of death to peak form again. 

However, the energy consumption was monstrous and in her current state, she couldn\'t take care of two at the same time.

\'Sorry, Sorry, sorry,...\' Olivia merely chewed on her lips while looking at the other side, trying her best to avoid the sight of Jaun\'s suffering.

Meanwhile, the American steam chat didn\'t appear as excited and thrilled after the Argentinian team surrendered.

They didn\'t even get to enjoy the feeling of winning or the plays happening in the battle before the atmosphere turned gloomy and tense quickly.

It just didn\'t seem proper for the MCs to try and hype it up while there was literally a man struggling to survive.

From the hints of despair written on the Argentinian Captain\'s face, they realized that Juan was most likely not to make it in time before the extraction crew arrives.

Our dearest condolences are sent to the Argentinian team and their countrymen..

Kenny, Go unlock the chest and try to find healing substances.

Janna\'s saddened proclamation was interrupted by Felix\'s order as he pointed his finger at the dying man and said, Give them enough to sustain him until the extraction crew makes it up here.

Kenny nodded his head and rushed rapidly towards the Package that was positioned tens of meters behind them.

After reaching its side and opening it up, he rummaged through the boxes, which had different element logos, food logos, and such until he spotted a \'needle\' logo on it.

He took the box out and rushed towards the Argentinian\'s team.

After they saw what he was carrying, they opened the path for him to pass through and reach Alacia and Juan, who were currently surrounded by light particles.

Use this! Kenny said as he opened the box and showed her ten needles filled with a green substance.

Since there wasn\'t enough time to act politely, Alicia straightaway picked a needle and injected the content into Jaun\'s bloodstream.

She then injected two more near the area of the wound.

Only after so did she start feeling Jaun\'s shallow heartbeat stabilizing and even increase slightly!

The green substance might be a cheap product and mostly used on commoners, but it was good enough to deal with Jaun\'s condition temporarily if the quantity increased.

After his condition had stabilized, Alacia now had the time to focus on closing the wound properly.

Her teammates and the Argentinian citizen both sighed in relief at sight.

They knew that Jaun would be alright until the extraction team arrives.

Thank you for the help! Truly! The Argentinian Captain went to Kenny and clutched his hand tightly with clear appreciation and relief in his eyes. 


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