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Hearing Olivia\'s voice, Felix turned around and saw that the Argentinian Captain was rushing towards them with clear fervor and excitement written all over his face.

To his sides, he had those two morphed bloodliners.

One had wooden like-drills instead of arms and the other kept slithering on the ground akin to a serpent!

Not one of them was carrying an external weapon as everything was banned besides using one\'s own abilities.

Thus, those three bloodliners had to fight against Noah\'s Ice Mace that weighed almost a ton!Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._51645711313322122 for visiting.

That\'s only if they managed to make it in one piece!

As the moment Adam felt confident in his aim to land his *Hellfire Salvo* at them without losing most of the molten rocks to the trees in his way, he waved both of his hands down and sent those molten rocks flying rapidly at those three!

Boom Boom!...

Dodge at all cost!

The Argentinian Captain screamed loudly while rolling out of those molten rocks path, which were raining down on them akin to a mini-meteor shower!

His teammates didn\'t want to test the limit of their shields by playing around with fire, so they gave up on their advancement and hid behind trees, using them as cover.

However, they didn\'t just hide there and wait to get bombarded again, as the elemental rangers decided to return the favor by throwing their abilities altogether, aiming at the backlines, where Felix was standing with Olivia, Lexie, and Lena.

Whoosh! Whoosh!..

Seeing a bunch of elemental abilities falling in their direction, Felix and the girls gave up on their positioning as they spread out swiftly and took cover behind the nearest tree.

Boom Bam!..

Frightened, Olivia sat behind a tree with her hands covering her ears, trying to block the loud noise of explosions happening near her.

Anyone in her position would feel like they were thrown in the middle of an active warzone, where grenades were exploding each second nonstop.

Felix, who was feeling satisfied by Olivia dodging by herself for the first time ever, sighed in vexation at the sight of her closing her ears and eyes with a scared expression, appearing like a kitten in the rain.

\'Well, at least her feet moved this time instead of freezing as always.\'

In the end, Felix was still a bit content with her small improvement.

A few seconds later, the barrage had ended, taking with it two innocent trees as they were utterly scorched black.

Not hearing any more noise, Olivia opened her eyes and peeked with one eye warily.

Soon, she noticed that Noah and Nathan were already moving up in direction of the Argentinian captain and those two front-liners.

While Noah just kept running forward recklessly while dragging the Ice Mace behind him, Nathan was using his Kangaroos legs to hop from a tree branch to another.

Since the distance was already quite close between the front-lines, it didn\'t take even a couple of seconds before Noah and Nathan met up with their foes.

\'Brother Noah, take care of those two while I am holding the captain.\' Nathan informed while bending his knees to limit on a branch, appearing like he was building momentum.

The moment he noticed Noah\'s head nod, he hurled himself with his bronze metallic fist glazing forward fiercely.

His target

The Argentinian captain, who noticed his attack beforehand and was currently using a tree to block Nathan\'s attempt. 

BOOM! Crush!

Alas, the Argentinian captain didn\'t expect Nathan\'s punch to be powerful and forceful enough to rupture the thick stem of the tree from half, and landing a straight punch in his chest!

It might have lost most of its force due to the tree taking the brunt of it, but a straight punch from Nathan\'s metallic bronze skin, which enhanced his physical strength by at least 400 BF, was enough to make the Captain groan in pain!

\'F*ck that hurts.\'

Still clasping into his bruised area, which was sending waves of pain constantly, the Argentinian Captain backrolled with his human hands and stood back up.

The instant he noticed that Nathan was rubbing his bloodied fist with a pained expression, he knew that he didn\'t get out of this scuffle unscratched.

Heh, that was totally not worth it for you. The Argentinian captain sneered as he pointed at his exposed bruised area that was in the process of recovering its healthy tan skin!

Based on the speed of the process, Nathan figured out easily that the passive, which was doing so, must be from a tier 2 bloodline.

This meant the captain was already 1st stage bloodliner with one passive while he was still not even in the origin purity yet!

But! He didn\'t feel worried in the slightest as he had full confidence in Noah\'s strength to brutalize those two and come assist him.

He was just tasked with holding the captain down not defeating him.

\'Oli, Please heal me up!\' He requested while entering a boxing posture again, hopping on his place like a kangaroo.

Alas, if it wasn\'t for the Lilly Flower on top of his head, he would have appeared quite dashing instead of comical.

But he was already numb to the feeling of embarrassment and simply enjoyed having his fist getting caressed by gentle green energy.

Not in my watch! The Argentinian captain shouted as he charged forward in a ferocious manner.

Seeing so, Nathan was left with no choice but to combat him although his bloodied knuckles were still not healed yet.

Bam! Bam! Slice!

Punches, kicks, and even those beastial claws got into the action as everything those two possessed was being used to get an advantage over the other!

Bruises and bloodied flesh wounds were being stacked on their bodies as those two kept going at it wildly without using any techniques.

It wasn\'t like Nathan didn\'t learn any boxing techniques to facilitate his combat experience but the Argentinian captain was fighting savagely, not bothering with defending at all!

He just went full ham on Nathan forcing him into his own pace!

Nathan knew that he couldn\'t afford to fight him in such fast-paced combat as the wounds, which were building up underneath his metallic skin, were not healing faster than the Argentinia captain!

After all, Olivia\'s external healing would never beat recovering using one\'s own ability!

Hence, Nathan\'s situation could be seen by everyone that he was losing the fight and pretty fast.

If it wasn\'t for his metallic skin somewhat protecting him, he would have already been done for by a single hack from those sharp claws!

Upon noticing Nathan\'s deteriorating situation, Noah tightened his grip on the Ice Mace as he whipped it from the side at one of his foes, wanting to end this battle quickly and go assist him.

Alas, just like before, the bloodliner smirked with an unworried expression while twisting his body from his waist.

This action resulted in his upper body leaning 90 degrees backward, dodging the Ice Mace effortlessly.

From Noah\'s expression which was showing signs of irritation and impatience, it was clear that he was being played like this since the moment he started fighting those two bloodliners.

What\'s wrong slowpoke You tired yet The flexible man laughed in ridicule while gesturing for Noah to come at him with his finger.

Alas, Noah wasn\'t provoked into doing so but turned around and dashed towards the other bloodliner, who was trying his best to look for an opening and ambush Noah with his dreadful drill-like arms.

Seeing that Noah was coming at him, the bloodliner pointed his wooden drill at a branch on top of him and said with a smile, Don\'t you learn

As he spoke the wooden drill unrolled on itself rapidly before extending upward and started rolling on the branch!

Feeling the tightened grip, the bloodliner waved his other hand mockingly at Noah and was dragged upward!

Alas, just as the flexible man wanted to laugh again, Noah did a semi-turn to build up momentum and threw the Ice Mace in direction of the man, who was still being dragged in the air!


Scared **less by the fast-approaching Ice Mace that could explode his head akin to watermelon, the man guarded his face reflexively with the remaining arm.

Though he didn\'t have to as the transparent shield was still active on him.


Both the Ice Mace and the barrier exploded immediately after contact, making both the bloodliners and their Argentinian teammates sigh in relief.

They completely forgot that by Noah throwing his Ice Mace, it was considered as an elemental projectile, and those transparent barriers were able to block only projectiles but not up close and physical abilities.

That\'s why they appeared transparent like they weren\'t even there.

However, Noah didn\'t look bothered in the slightest by his failure as he knew that a teammate, who was always watching their battles was going to take advantage of that slight opening.


As he expected, a bloodish red bomb exploded immediately on the chest of the bloodliner, who lost his barrier, making him look with a dumbstruck expression at the red mist encasing him.

Alas, by the time that image was sent to his brain, the poison was already inhaled by him and took effect.


The instant he lost consciousness, his morphing ability withdrew back, forcing him to drop on the ground quite badly.

Noah gave Felix a thump up with his back facing him.

He then dashed towards the motionless body and grabbed him by his back collar.

Without a single ounce of emotion in his face, Noah lifted him in front of his face and headbutted him right in the forehead!

The viewers, the Argentinian team, and even his teammates, soon started looking at him massaging his forehead speechlessly.

If you can\'t handle headbutting someone, why do it in the first place!


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