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However, his eyes soon brightened up after noticing that the shields of the Angola team were turned off due to the buffer probably wanting to save up on energy for any upcoming battles.

After all, no one was in sight and they couldn\'t keep the shields active forever.

The buffer\'s energy wasn\'t infinite.

Despite so, Felix noticed that a shield was left on a man in the middle of the formation.

He guessed that was probably the healer.

\'Change of plans, we are striking first.\' Felix informed his team while manifesting red bombs in his hand.

Meanwhile, the Angola captain had ordered his team to prepare for a retreat with a livid expression.

After so, he swiftly went to the silver package and keyed in a password on a screen that was on the top of the chest.

The password was given to him by the instructor after the gathering, just like everyone else. 


The moment he heard the sound and saw that the small screen had turned green, he clasped on the grip of the door and opened it wide.


However, just as he wanted to look inside, he was smacked in the face with a bloodish red bomb, making him blink his eyes once in confusion before they rolled at the back of his head.



His teammate shouted in worry after seeing their captain fall to the ground unexpectedly.

Alas, they weren\'t given a single chance to think things through, as one massive bloodish red bomb was sent in their direction.

With Felix\'s behemoth strength that could slap a 1st stage bloodliner to death, the bomb thrown by him traveled so fast; it neither appeared in the eyes of the bloodliners nor the stream.


Just like their captain, their faces were packed with raw confusion before their eyelids closed shut after getting engulfed inside a humongous cloud of red mist.

Thud Thud Thud!

The bodies lying randomly on the ground just showed the viewers the true horror of getting ambushed by Felix without having protection shields on.

There was no resistance, no back and forth fight, just two bombs were all it took for an entire team made of the elites of Angola to be sent packing home!

Upon seeing that everyone was already on the ground, Felix and his teammates dashed from the woods and split up in their way.

Felix went for the package and the captain, while the rest went to disqualify the passed out team and take care of the dumbfounded healer, the only survivor from the ambush.

Alas, being a healer meant that he was a sitting duck for Noah and the rest.

Only after seeing Noah knocking the scared healer out cold, did the viewers from the stream regain their wits back.

What..what was that! Micheal stuttered with widened eyes.

The Angola team was done for just like that He didn\'t dare to believe his eyes neither did the viewers.

They knew that Felix had poison bombs and poison pillars, but the ambush happened so fast they didn\'t even know what ability Felix used.

The fact that the inducement was changed from paralyze to hypotension made their thoughts get disarrayed even further.

After all, they still had no idea that Felix was able to switch to multiple inducements.

This made them assume first that Felix had just used his peak active ability instead of poison bombs.

Especially when the last bomb\'s explosion was big enough to cover the entire team!

However, this didn\'t explain to them why was the first bomb red and small just like his paralyze bombs!

It wasn\'t just them, who were left in utter bewilderment and shock.

As the Canadian team, who were planning to make a move at the Angola captain, froze in their positions with cold sweat running down their spine.

They never thought that another team was lying this close to them!

Worst of all, they were strong enough to take care of an entire team in less than five seconds!

Ca...Captain he is taking the tracker. A smart-looking girl, wearing circular glasses, stuttered in fear and anxiety at the sight of Felix, playing with a black device in his hand.

The ripped open package of the tracker was lying next to his feet.

The captain\'s expression turned ugly instantly after seeing the American flag in Felix\'s jacket.

He realized that his team had been screwed big time by not making the first move!

After all, if the US team were given orders to not harm them, the Canadian team were also given the same orders!

If they ambushed Felix and his teammates under the public view of the world, the political storm would whirl in their direction!

He didn\'t know if Felix made the first move intentionally or it was merely a stroke of bad luck on their side.

But what he did know was that as long as the tracker was in the hands of Felix, they could forget about getting it by using force!

\'The other teams are coming here.\' The Canadian captain ordered, \'Hide deeply and wait until the tracker lands in the hands of another team.

Then, we might have a chance to get it back.\'

Although his teammates were still frightened by Felix\'s ability, they still didn\'t cower and run away just because of it.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #..._51621824869483958 for visiting.

Unless there was absolutely zero chance of getting the tracker, not a single team would dare to withdraw under the observation of their citizen.

So far, the Canadian team still had a chance since they noticed that the only reason Felix\'s ambush worked so well was due to the Angola team\'s shields were turned off.

They weren\'t retarded to repeat the same mistake.

\'Not leaving huh\' Felix glanced in their direction with a faint playful smile, making the Canadian team shiver at the thought that he could see them.

However, soon they sighed in relief after seeing that he was glancing in every direction.

They assumed that he was worried about getting collapsed on by the other teams.

Captain, they are all out cold. Johnson said loudly as he approached Felix with the rest.

Meanwhile, he sent a mental message, \'The two teams are here.

One in front and the other to my right.\' 

\'Alright, start part two of the improvised plan.\' Felix notified them in secret while speaking out loud, Carry whatever you can and escape into the fog.

Argh! Captain, my energy is about to run out. Johnson clasped into his heart dramatically, making Felix\'s eyebrows twitch.

But he still played along and shouted while holding a black box on his shoulder, Just hold for 30 seconds!

I can\'t! Argh! Johnson let out one last groan before dropping into the ground with his eyes closed shut and limbs spread further apart.

The posture he chose truly appeared like a starfish.

The moment he dropped, the fog encasing the entire area disappeared immediately like it was never there.

Promptly, the entire forest brightened up by the sunlight again, exposing everything within it.

The viewers were speechless after noticing from above, two teams were in the process of preparing an elemental salvo from both directions of the package, aiming at Felix and the others!

Now with the fog gone, they were exposed redhanded to everyone!

The colorful effects of the abilities were too hard to miss.

Well, hello there. Felix addressed the dumbstruck teams casually with a hand wave.

Seeing that he didn\'t receive a response, he coughed and asked, Are you going to carry on with your ambush Should we turn our backs and act like we didn\'t see you

At this moment, both the teams knew that a lifelong embarrassment was going to stick with them until their death.

They couldn\'t imagine how they looked in the eyes of the world after this **ty ambush and they didn\'t dare to imagine it.

It was already embarrassing enough to get caught like this with their abilities prepared.

Yet, they had to end up landing in this situation next to Felix, who wouldn\'t hesitate to make fun of them for it.

Fortunately, Felix\'s aim wasn\'t on them but on the Canadian team, who were hiding on branches and using leaves as cover.

When the fog was still around, the visibility was impaired since there wasn\'t much sunlight to work with.

Thus, although the Canadian team wasn\'t exactly in the fog, they weren\'t worried about being noticed.

Especially when they were keeping quite a distance from the package.

But now

The sunlight exposed some bits of their outfits and they couldn\'t do anything about it since the moment they moved, it would just get worse for them.

Just as they were feeling thankful about those two teams attracting the attention of the US team, they were horrified to see that every member of the US team turned in their direction with cunning grins.

Chills coursed in their back after seeing their grins as they knew that whatever was about to come wasn\'t going to please them one bit.

Friends from Canada. Felix scratched his nose with a polite smile as he asked, How about you do us a favor by helping us take care of those two

\'God f*cking damn it!!!\' The Canadian Captain\'s expression turned unsightly the instant he heard so.

He knew that he had fallen into an unenviable situation!


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