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Without delay, Felix drunk the four pain relief potions first, followed by the double percentage potion, which allows him to experience half the pain.

After doing so, Felix waited patiently for the pain to set in.

Since the hotel\'s room wasn\'t really that soundproof, Felix put a leather belt in his mouth and bit on it.

Seconds went by, then minutes...Asna and the Jörmungandr were sitting on one couch, each holding a bucket of popcorn.

One was flavored with Caramel and the other had a purplish fluid on top of it.

However, they weren\'t eating it as their eyes were fixated on Felix.

Asna was looking at him in eagerness and sadistic joy while the Jörmungandr was observing him in curiosity.

Both of them soon shared the same entertained expression after seeing Felix\'s face get twisted like a rope as he bit on the thick leather belt with all of his strength.


Asna was a bit disappointed by not hearing him scream with his high-pitched voice like a little girl instead of him just letting out muffed out noises.

However, looking at his watery eyes and snort running down his nose was more than enough to get her in a good mood for an entire week.

After a couple of minutes...

Oh he is receiving the first mutation.

Intrigued, the Jörmungandr said as he noticed Felix\'s spring green hair with purplish tips was getting completely reshaped from its roots.

The color was changed to sunflower blonde with some random locks turning wholly pitch-black.

This led Felix to have some tips in blonde while some in black.

However, this sense of chaos and erraticness gave a peculiar sense of harmony in the eyes of Asna and the Jörmungandr.

The feeling was the same one that Felix experienced when he first saw the Sphinx.

Yet still, the hair mutation wasn\'t over yet as surprisingly even its strands\' straightness was turned into being slightly wavy, with the hair\'s never growing thickness, Felix started to resemble a lion with a fluffy golden mane!

Thankfully, the hair stopped growing after almost burying his entire head in it.

This blocked Asna and the Jörmungandr from seeing his unsightly expression but they could guess that he wasn\'t doing well by how loud his muffed noises got.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_51371759257059258 for visiting.

As they assumed, Felix\'s eyes started to bleed buckets, forcing him to close them shut while holding into them tightly with his hands.

He kept rolling on the carpet, spreading his blood all over the place, making a mess.

Yet, Felix didn\'t seem to care about anything as the only thing that was on his mind was the agony of having his eyes forcefully getting changed.

That\'s right!

Even his violet serpent-like eyes weren\'t spared, as his slits were enlarged to the maximum before getting reshaped from thin slits into a triangle with sharp endings, resembling two pyramids! One was straight and the other upside down!

Just like the pupil of the Sphinx, they were golden in color instead of black!

After this process finished, his irises color was switched gradually from violet to pitch-black, appearing as darkness reigning over two golden shimmering pyramids.

However, this scene couldn\'t help but get stained with blood, as by the time the mutation finished, Felix\'s eyes were completely red.


The moment the 2nd mutation ended, the 3rd one followed after, making Felix want to scream at the top of his voice.

Who could blame him though

A huge bulge was starting to emerge slightly above his rear, appearing like something was trying to push its way out forcefully.

Unfortunately, that exactly what happened as Felix\'s skin finally couldn\'t take it anymore and ruptured wide open, letting out a long bloody stained tail!

Asna raised an eyebrow in surprise at the sight, as the tail wasn\'t serpent-like but actually resembled a lion\'s tail!

Its golden fur could be seen from its unstained patches.

Most importantly, the end of the tail bulgier and bushier.

Just like his hair, the fur of this bulge was black, contrasting with its golden color.

Whoosh Whoosh!

The instant the tail reached one meter in length it stopped growing and began to flail aimlessly without control.

It seemed like its nerves were already wired to the nervous system, making Felix\'s agitation and agony move it like that.

Fortunately for Felix Not a single mutation appeared after this one as the replacement process was about to finish.

Unlike the other integrations, this one was the messiest of them all as the entire room was painted with drops of blood!

Walls, bedsheets, carpet, and even the ceiling weren\'t spared!

All of this due to his stained tail hurling blood in every direction.

God knows how long it would take for the hotel\'s staff to clean up this mess.

Fortunately, the golden tail started to relax its movement until it remained still just like its owner, who landed on his back after the feeling of nothingness assault his being.

That feeling had marked the end of the replacement process.

\'Finally...\' Felix managed to let out only a soft sigh of relief before his eyelids were closed shut.

In the end, he couldn\'t handle the exhaustion and relaxed his muscles, making him lose consciousness instantly.

Ahh, nothing beats the old days of seeing him getting tortured without worrying that he might end up dying.

Gratified and content, Asna stretched her arms behind her back as she stood up from the couch.

She was planning to head back to her mansion and continue her sleep.

Seeing that Felix was lying on the ground like a corpse, the Jörmungandr lost interest and teleported to his bedroom.


12 hours later...


A soft groan escaped from Felix\'s lips as he woke up to the nasty feeling of having every inch of his body pricking him due to the aftermath of using such a large percentage to replace with.

Thankfully, he wasn\'t as weak as in his earlier days, making his body not get wholly ruined and on the border of crippleness.

Thus, he moved his hands slightly next to him, trying to find the rejuvenation potions.

Alas, he completely forgot that he was rolling on the carpet and not remaining in his position where he placed the potions.

After touching here and there without finding anything, he realized it as well.

\'Damn it.\' Exhausted, Felix attempted to open his eyelids, but they felt as heavy as a brick.

Still, with enough persistence, he managed to open them slightly, letting him see everything in red due to the stagnated blood blocking his sight.

However, unlike the last time during awakening, where his vision was hazy and confusing, everything appeared clear as crystal in his eyes!

It\'s like he was looking through red glasses!

This made him pretty confused, but he didn\'t bother addressing it now, as the only thing in his sight were the bottles lying on the carpet a couple of meters away from him.

Seeing that the distance would be hell to reach in his messed up condition, Felix decided to give up on them and use his revitalization passive.

Without further ado, he activated his corruption aura and let his body absorb the poison and heal up back in shape.

While his energy was being consumed like there was no tomorrow, his body was getting healed even quicker than using rejuvenation potions.

Felix never bothered to use his passive before, as the moment he got it, he was already past 50% in his integration.

After it, his head was starting to hurt due to Jörmungandr\'s oppressiveness.

Felix couldn\'t activate abilities when his head was about to split into half by that nasty headache.

Thus, he used rejuvenation potions until now, when the headache wasn\'t a problem anymore.

30 seconds later...

Crack! Crack!...

The moment Felix tried to stand up after feeling alright again, every pressured joint in his body started making noises, relieving their stiffness.

Feeling comfortable, Felix took it on himself to stretch the remaining joints while walking towards the bathroom.

He wanted to clean up his eyes first as he might be able to see clearly, but everything appeared in red even his overgrown hair, which was impossible to miss.

After reaching the sink, Felix opened the tap and cleaned his hands first from the blood.

Then, he brought his face near the sink before starting to smack it over and over again with water while simultaneously running his hands on it, trying to remove the stagnated blood in a thorough manner.

His eyes bled way too much compared to the last time.

This took some effort to finally clean them and let Felix\'s vision return to normal.

The first thing Felix did after regaining his sight was lifting his head and see his reflection in the mirror.

He wanted to see how the mutations appeared.

Immediately after seeing his golden triangle-like eyes and overgrown deep yellow hair mixed with pitch-black locks, a satisfied smile emerged on his face.

He got to admit that he preferred this appearance way more than the first one, especially the darkened irises with their golden triangle-like pupil.

He noticed before that the Sphinx had those eyes and he was quite fascinated by them.

Ah, I need a haircut again. Felix sighed exasperatedly while holding his hair with both hands, keeping it away from blocking his face.

If he let go, his head would be completely buried down to his neck.

There must be something else right Still holding his hair, Felix looked underneath him and didn\'t notice any mutation on his front.

However, the moment he turned his head and saw the golden tail touching the ground motionlessly akin to a dead snake, his eyebrows couldn\'t help but start to twitch.

He always expected that he might get a tail mutation from the Sphinx, but he didn\'t think it would be from the lion species!

He assumed that since the Sphinx tail was serpent-like, he would also be getting a furless serpent\'s tail.

He actually wanted the serpent tail since he received one as well in his 2nd stage of replacement in his previous life.

The tail he received made rattling noises that had a small chance of messing with the senses of his foes.

Yet, looking at the golden tail with its bushy end, Felix didn\'t know if it had a hidden ability like that.

Honestly, he was hoping that it had, as those were the three mutations that he obtained.

So far he didn\'t notice any benefits from them besides making him look extra dashing just like the Jörmungandr\'s bloodline!

Felix didn\'t f*cking use 10% all at once to be extra handsome!


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