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A few moments later, the VR Pod opened up while emitting smoke outside of the lid.

Felix disconnected the nutrition needle from his bloodstream and the tube that was attached to his willy.

After getting out, he immediately went for a morning shower, which lasted 15 minutes.

Then, he called for room service to bring him his breakfast and leave it in front of the door.

Morning, guys. He called in a relaxed manner while gazing from the window at the breathtaking view of the sun slightly above the sky of Berlin.

Morning. Asna yawned in her bed as she responded.

Good morning. The Jörmungandr answered gently while sipping coffee from a mug and watching series on TV. 

It seemed like either Asna had influenced him the past few days, or he was slowly adapting to modern life.

If I get lucky with Lady Sphinx\'s essence, I will be making a breakthrough to the 1st stage of replacement today, Felix informed them with an eager expression.

He was expecting the 4 bloodline bottles to arrive today, as three days had gone by since he gave Bodidi the coordination of this room.

Finally, you will get rid of this snake\'s bloodline. Asna fired shots while brushing her teeth.

Hearing so, Felix knitted his eyebrows as he remembered something he ignored for a quite long time now, Elder, what\'s going to happen to you if I replace your entire bloodline

Oh, don\'t worry about me. The Jörmungandr smiled faintly, Nothing will affect my consciousness.

Felix found it a bit hard to believe as the only reason that the Jörmungandr woke up was due to reaching 99% in integration.

Thus, there was no way for Jörmungandr\'s consciousness not to be related to the bloodline.

However, just as Felix wanted to question the Jörmungandr about it, he heard him say, The moment I woke up and saw how your bloodline integration system is all about, I split my tiny consciousness and placed a part in your human bloodline.

So don\'t worry, as long as you don\'t die, I am not going anywhere.

I am glad you did so.

Felix\'s worries evaporated immediately at his clarification.

He knew that Jörmungandr\'s means were completely off the charts.

So it wasn\'t that hard to believe his words.

Felix looked at the time and noticed that there were still a couple of hours before Bodidi brings him his bottles.

Thus, he decided to go for another round of practicing his inner manipulation.

So far, he was almost about to shave off a full second.

However, the medium-grade stones he consumed to achieve so were in the hundreds, leaving him with only a couple more before running out.

Thankfully, Felix anticipated so and bought another 1k from the Fuzzia shop after purchasing the four bottles.

Now, they were coming as well in one single delivery.


4 hours later...

Bodidi brought Felix his stuff and took off.

If the hotel\'s room weren\'t just a bedroom and a bathroom, Felix would have asked Bodidi to stay and wait for him until he finishes the filtration process.

So he could hand him the bottles and send them to Looby.

But, Felix couldn\'t risk letting Bodidi see what he was doing with the bloodlines.

He trusts him not to be nosy and but not to keep his secrets.

After getting the delivery, Felix prepared everything needed for the replacement next to him while he was sitting on the carpet.

He lifted the first bloodline bottle that belonged to The Ebon Desert Lion and started to withdraw the content until the large needle was filled to the brim.

Felix flicked the needle tip once before placing it on his chest.

He took a deep breath and penetrated his heart with it.

Without waiting a split second, he injected everything inside and repeated the same process until the entire bottle was emptied.

After doing so, he said with a hopeful tone, Asna, it\'s your turn. 

This was the moment of truth that would decide Felix\'s entire 1st stage speed of advancement.

The four bottles were all tier 5 epic rank, just like he was using with the Jörmungandr.

So far, Felix never got less than 12% from using only four bottles.

Felix honestly was hoping to be just getting the same without lowering it any further.

Too bad the first bloodline results didn\'t put a smile on his face as Asna informed him that she found only 3%.

Felix didn\'t stress on it that much as he still had three more bottles.

Alas, the 2nd one turned out to be empty.

Then, the 3rd one came, and still nothing! Felix was left with one bottle, and 3% essence gathered in total!

His heart had already sunk to the bottom of the abyss.

Still, it was attached to one final string that might pull it up.

Felix\'s hand was shaking as he held into that string.

He looked at the empty last bottle in his hand and said while gritting his teeth, Please just 1%.

He was waiting for Asna\'s news, and he felt like every second was taking forever to pass by.

After waiting for merely three seconds, Asna informed him while yawning, I found 7% in this one and some memories about the Sphinx.

Hearing so, Felix couldn\'t help but let out a long sigh of relief.

This 7% might have just pushed the total to 10%, which was quite a **ty result considering that he was using such high tiered bloodlines.

But Felix wasn\'t complaining that much as he would take 10% anytime without batting a blink.

The fact that the Sphinx was a chimera of 4 species truly scared the ** out of him, making him assume the worse.

Thankfully, 10% was still manageable.

Good work Asna. Felix nodded his head in appreciation before requesting, Please continue holding into those memories to yourself for now.

Felix felt like it was better to see the memories linearly as he did with the Jörmungandr\'s memories.

The history might not be complete, but he would at least get a better view than just watching random pieces of memories without knowing which one was earlier than the other.

Asna voiced her agreement and followed it with a question, Are you going to use 10% all at once or just 1%

I will go for 10%. Felix smiled as he clarified, With the elder\'s bloodline having the biggest percentage, I doubt that I will be feeling the same hellish pain that I went through after 50% anymore.

He grinned as he beamed the four filtered bottles, leaving only a new bottle with the 10% Sphinx bloodline.

Plus, using 10% all at once is probably going to give me a useful mutation unlike before.

Felix always desired a mutation from a primogenitor\'s body.

The Jörmungandr\'s mutation only made him appear stunning and dashing.

But Felix believed that was a wasted opportunity.

Hardworking bloodliners, who always strive for the best, never replace a bloodline with lower than 15%.

First, this gives them a straightway new passive, replacing the old one.

Second, with such a high percentage used, they were bound to receive a useful mutation that could be even better than an active or passive ability!

For example, Claws morphing ability consume elemental energy each second, draining the bloodliner of a well-needed resource.

However, those with mutations receive the same claws with the same strengths and weaknesses without losing a single ounce of their energy!

This mutation could actually turn permanent if the bloodliner received an ability related to those claws and decided to etch that said ability in his 1% bloodline.

This, of course, would make him stronger than his peers without mutations.

Adam and Noah, the first ones to reach origin purity, took a month\'s break to prepare themselves for integrating 15% all at once.

Felix heard from Olivia that both of them succeeded yesterday in doing so.

He still didn\'t check on their mutations, but they must have gotten something good from how Olivia sounded.

Speaking of Olivia, she was actually already in origin purity, but she still didn\'t ask Felix to hand her the tier 2 epic bloodline that he bought for her.

It was clear that she wasn\'t ready yet.

Felix didn\'t rush her as he knew that it was better to prepare and integrate a lot at once, then replace the bloodline for the sake of replacing it by using 1% or such.

If Felix wasn\'t scared **less of integrating a whopping 15% at once, he would have waited as well until he gathered that amount.

Alas, Felix\'s difficulty integrating with 10% at once was probably the same as integrating with 20% or more for the others.

That amount was already too much to handle, even for Felix.

He didn\'t want to get greedy lest he ends up getting killed just because of adding 1%.

Old snake come and watch him get tortured with me; you will love it! Asna\'s loud voice traveled wide and far in the consciousness space like yelling at her neighbor.

Tell him to hold for ten minutes. The Jörmungandr shouted at well, The episode is about to end.

Felix, the old snake...

F*ck, I can hear him, stop yelling in my mind. Felix replied in irritation while rubbing his temples.

Though he was annoyed and eager to start, Felix did plan to wait 10 minutes obediently without voicing a single complaint.

He was glad that the Jörmungandr was interested in series and movies.

Heck, he would be glad if he got interested in anything actually.

As long as he gives up on seeking death.

10 minutes later...

Go ahead, child.

Hearing the Jörmungandr\'s elderly voice, Felix snapped his eyes wide open as he took the needle, which was already filled with the Sphinx\'s bloodline, and stabbed his heart with it, injecting everything within his bloodstream.


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