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Elder, please reconsider your decision. Felix said, very serious.

No. The Jörmungandr waved his hand at Felix, No matter what you say, I have no plans to revive.

If you have absolutely no plans on reviving now, then please stay in my consciousness for a couple of years. Felix promised, If nothing that you saw during those years made you change your mind, then I won\'t bother you anymore with this matter.



No is a no! The Jörmungandr struck the armchair with his palm, creating a loud soundwave, which raptured Felix\'s ears wide open!

Yet, Felix just snapped his finger and replaced the broken ones before continuing with a beseeching look, Just two years! That\'s nothing compared to the billions of years that the elder had lived!

You stubborn piece of a block! The Jörmungandr glared at Felix, hoping to scare him off into changing his stance.

Alas, Felix just continued negotiating, One Year! Just one year! It\'s the same as a blink of an eye for the elder.

Felix gestured with a glance for Asna to back him up.

Alas, she completely ignored it and simply kept playing with her nails in boredom.

Assist him What crack was he on

She literally told him before that she didn\'t want to share this tiny consciousness space with anyone, not even the Jörmungandr.

Yet, here he was trying his best to invite him on his own discord!

If she wasn\'t confident that Jörmungandr was never going to change his mind, she would have already started cursing Felix.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=17669339406351905)/this-is-f*cking-war!_%!d(string=51171994674196374) for visiting.

Alas, her confidence was shattered after hearing the Jörmungandr murmur, One year Uhmmm.

Seeing that the Jörmungandr was actually pondering on the matter instead of rejecting at once, Asna felt a sudden shiver at the thought of him actually agreeing.

It\'s just a single year, elder probably won\'t even notice it before it ends.

Felix kept striking the iron while it\'s hot, trying his best to convince the Jörmungandr.

He just needed for the Jörmungandr to accept and by then, he could introduce him to the new entertainments in the UVR.

Felix didn\'t know if one year was enough to make the Jörmungandr addicted to the liveliness of the present era, but he was willing to try his utmost effort to help the Jörmungandr regain the will to live again.

That was the least he could do to repay the Jörmungandr.

Seconds went by then minutes.

Both Felix and Asna were holding their breaths in anticipation of the Jörmungandr\'s answer.

One was praying to hear a \'yes\' and the other \'no\'.

Before long, the Jörmungandr broke out of his daze and replied with a gentle smile, Then don\'t mind my intrusion.


NOO! This can\'t be happening! 

While Felix tightened his fists in delight and excitement, Asna was pulling her crimson hair with an infuriated expression.

She promptly pointed her finger at the Jörmungandr and yelled in irritation, You old snake! How could you listen to a mortal You brought shame to the primogenitors\' race!

The Jörmungandr merely chuckled, paying no heads to her insults.

Meanwhile, Felix was grinning foolishly at the notion of having the Jörmungandr with him for a year.

There were so many things that he could learn from him, whether the secrets of the cosmos or the thousands of poison abilities that he created!

Suddenly, his grin was stiffened after realizing that he had absolutely no idea how to manipulate poison!

He swiftly asked the Jörmungandr with a hopeful look, Elder, to use abilities and such, do I simply need to think about them

What nonsense are you spewing The Jörmungandr said, You received poison manipulation, not my abilities.

If you want to use abilities with just thought like you do with your garbage cultivation system, you need first to create your own and practice using them over and over again until they get ingrained in your being.

Felix\'s heart skipped a beat at hearing so.

He always believed that element manipulation simply meant thinking about ability and it shall manifest on its own.

However, it seemed to him like there was more to the poison manipulation than just that.

How can I create my own abilities Felix asked.

Before thinking about creating abilities, you need to first learn how to harness the poison energy to your own will. The Jörmungandr shook his head, If you can\'t even do that, you should forget about creating a single poison string.

Harness the energy That seems quite complex. Felix knitted his eyebrows as he requested, Elder, mind telling me how can I do so exactly

Figure it by yourself. The Jörmungandr said, Come to me only when you face a hurdle that you can\'t overcome.

By then, don\'t bother me with those matters.

Hearing so, Felix nodded his head in understanding.

He soon stood up and bowed one last to the Jörmungandr, I am extremely grateful to the elder\'s kindness, and I hope I can replay you some time.

Don\'t mention it. The Jörmungandr merely waved his dismissively, You can leave us now.

I have some matters to discuss with Asna.

\'Behave yourself.\' Felix gave Asna a warning glance before breaking down into misty particles.

Asna showed him the middle finger while cursing him yet again, You traitorous prick!

After seeing that Felix had left, the Jörmungandr smiled gently at Asna and asked, Which room am I going to take

In your dreams. Asna sneered while pointing at the door, Go build your own house!

You are right. The Jörmungandr nodded his head, It\'s better this way.

The Jörmungandr suddenly teleported outside of the mansion.

He pointed his finger at the empty space in front of him and called softly, The 100th Palace.

Responding to his call, the mist began to rise from the lake in a slow manner, shaping up to the wishes of the Jörmungandr.

Humongous grey pillars were the first to start manifesting one by one in a circular shape, putting the Jörmungandr right in the middle of the formation.

Then, walls swiftly rose after, connecting those pillars to each other.

The Jörmungandr pointed his finger at the top of those pillars and the mist heeded his order, creating a dome-like ceiling.

Yet, the Jörmungandr was still far from being done as he kept pointing his finger at the walls, pillars, floor, and ceiling, giving them each plenty of artistic details, which made the palace appeared somewhat alive when compared to Asna\'s basic decor, which had only a bed and a tv.

By the time the Jörmungandr dropped into the floor, a throne and a humongous status of his serpent form were created as well, giving the palace the dignity of being owned by the primogenitor.

Not bad. Although everything appeared greyish due to being built by mist, the Jörmungandr was still somewhat satisfied by the final creation.

However, he didn\'t remain in the palace more than necessary as he truly wanted to speak to Asna about some important matters.

He snapped his finger and he was teleported back to Asna\'s mansion, which appeared like a roughly built shack when compared to the palace\'s magnificence.

Well, coining Asna\'s house as a mansion was merely to stroke her ego a bit.

But in reality What kind of mansion would have only a f*cking bed and tv

Asna probably never cared about her mansion\'s appearance nor Felix bothered to mock her for it.

Yet, after the Jörmungandr\'s heavy-handed creation of a \'house\', the spell was broken!

Little Asna mind telling me...

Are you trying to provoke me! Asna yelled in fury while pointing her finger at the humongous palace, I told you to create to a f*cking house, not a palace that reached the soul barrier!

The Jörmungandr gave her an honest look as he said, But, this is the smallest house that I lived in before.

Alas, his honestly had just made him seem like he was humble-bragging before Asna.

And she wasn\'t having any of it!

Then let me show you my smallest house as well. She snickered as she snapped her finger, destroying her entire mansion within a second.

She then rose in the air with her hands spread apart, lifting a giant cloud of mist with her.

The Jörmungandr kept watching speechlessly as she attempts to create a new mansion that was five times bigger than his and more glamourous than ever.

However, just as Asna tried to put the final touches on the mansion, she realized that there wasn\'t enough mist!

The lake was completely dried out by them!

Regardless, Asna wasn\'t fazed as she used the mist of the Jörmungandr\'s palace to finish off the final touches.

This made the Jörmungandr a bit annoyed as he noticed that the perfect spherical dome was missing a huge chunk of it, breaking off his palace\'s sense of beauty.

Little Asna, that wasn\'t a polite thing to do. The Jörmungandr chided her gently while waving his hand, taking back the stolen mist and fixing the dome again.

Asna didn\'t respond as she merely scoffed and took a huge chunk of mist from his palace\'s gate this time.

Alas, before she could use the mist, she saw that the Jörmungandr had taken a big chunk as well from her gate and used it to repair his.

Trying her best to surpass her fury, Asna asked while gritting her teeth, Old snake, are you trying to start a war

I am not trying to start anything. The Jörmungandr smiled, But, I won\'t let you bully this old serpent\'s kindness.

I see how it is.

Asna narrowed her eyes with an unfriendly gaze at the Jörmungandr, who was also looking at her with an honest expression.

However, none of them did anything as they merely kept having prolonged eye contact, which lasted for a couple of seconds already.

The atmosphere started to get tense as the only thing that was moving was the small bits of mist, roaming around the consciousness space.

Just as the Jörmungandr\'s lips parted a little, wanting to speak and break the tense atmosphere, Asna\'s narrowed eyes were snapped wide open, as she waved both of her hands at the Jörmungandr\'s palace!


The entire Palace broke into one humongous cloud of mist before beginning to converge with Asna\'s mansion, making it extremely spacious and wide with hundreds of rooms inside!

After she was done, Asna pointed her finger at the previous place of the palace and created a rough-looking shack with a single bed.

Now it\'s better. She offered a sweet smile to the speechless Jörmungandr and asked, Let\'s continue our conversation in my humble house.

I can\'t be conversing with an unruly child like you. The Jörmungandr clapped his hands twice with a serious look, I will be teaching you manners today.


Seeing that her mansion was collapsing, Asna yelled while trying to regain her control over the mist, This is a f*cking war!


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