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I\'m glad. Felix sighed in relief as he sat back.

He was truly content that he didn\'t need to pass any trials or tests, as he understood that for such an important ritual, the Jörmungandr would have made the test hell for him.

Thankfully, the Jörmungandr proved once again that he was a straightforward individual, who preferred keeping things simple and time-efficient.

After all, he already spent an hour browsing through Felix\'s memories.

He saw him at his best and at his ugliest and worst moments.

There was no better judge for a person\'s personality than looking straight into his memories.

Felix even took a step further and demonstrated his grit and resolve to not kneel before the Jörmungandr even though he was controlling his life and death.

Thus, he pretty much secured the approval of the Jörmungandr without him knowing about it.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=17669339406351905)/the-new-poison-primogenitor!_%!d(string=51159786229654981) for visiting.

Step forward, child. The Jörmungandr said.

Without hesitation, Felix broke the handcuffs and started walking towards the throne while staring respectfully at the Jörmungandr\'s calm eyes.

After reaching his side, Felix lowered his head in silence, waiting for the Jörmungandr\'s move.

Let\'s begin. The Jörmungandr stood up slowly from the throne, reaching three meters in height! He might be in human-like form, but that didn\'t mean, he would have the same height as them.

Lift your head. He ordered.

Felix did as he was told obediently.

Immediately after, the Jörmungandr placed his green-scaled finger on Felix\'s forehead.

Feeling the coldness of his finger, Felix got a bit nervous as he had no idea how the process was going to be.

Painful Long Fast Easy

It seemed to him that the Jörmungandr wasn\'t planning on telling him either.

Thus, he merely closed his eyes and got his ** together.

No matter how hard it was going to be, Felix was confident in his pain tolerance to handle the worst of it.

Are you ready The Jörmungandr asked calmly.

Please. Felix gave him a slight head nod with his eyes still closed.

Alas, he should have kept his eyes open as he completely missed the sight of purplish inscriptions starting to appear on the Jörmungandr\'s skin, like little snakes slithering on it.

However, instead of stopping after covering the Jörmungandr\'s entire body, they began marching as one on the Jörmungandr\'s extended arm, which had its finger linked with Felix\'s forehead.

Before long, the first inscription, which appeared as >ⵟⵀⴻ ⵄⵍⵍ ⵚⴻⴻⵉⵏⴳ EⵢⴻThud!

The moment he turned his back on Felix, the paralyzing effect was removed, making Felix drop face-first into the ground.


Pained, He couldn\'t help but cry out loud this time after having his burnt skin get aggravated by the cold hard floor of the mansion.

Knowing that he wasn\'t going to heal by himself without exiting the consciousness, Felix swiftly requested tearfully, Elder, may I get a few minutes to drink the rejuvenation potions

I am leaving in five minutes. The Jörmungandr informed him calmly.


Felix hastily exited the consciousness and beamed three rejuvenation bottles, drinking them in a jiffy.

A minute later, his reddened skin was turning pale again.

Not bothering to study the inscriptions, which were all over his n.a.k.e.d body, Felix straightaway entered his consciousness back again.

After reaching the mansion and seeing that the Jörmungandr was still sitting on the throne, he sighed in relief. 

He swiftly walked back to his position and bowed deeply to the Jörmungandr, Elder, I am extremely grateful for your grace, and I promise that I will never disappoint your expectations.

You don\'t have to be tense about it. The Jörmungandr chuckled, I am not expecting anything from you.

Just continue living your life as usual and use the poison element to your own pleasure without restrictions.

Honestly, the Jörmungandr simply felt like there was no need to create responsibilities or give Felix universal duties or such when he didn\'t have them either.

The primogenitors were given immense powers without responsibilities, and the Jörmungandr was simply doing the same.

Seeing that he was given full freedom on utility, Felix couldn\'t help but grin widely in delight.

However, his happiness was soon snuffed out after realizing that the Jörmungandr was standing up, probably planning on leaving!

Felix didn\'t want the Jörmungandr to simply jump back into the embrace of death after everything that he did for him.

He taught him about the past of the universe and even gave him his own poison manipulation without asking for anything.

Forget about the personality traits, which he gathered from his memories, Felix only now did he truly see and know the Jörmungandr.

He was forgiving, easy-going, straightforward, patient, and most importantly extremely generous!

Felix would truly feel like ** if he didn\'t even attempt to help the Jörmungandr to choose another option than death!


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