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That being said, everything that he saw wasn\'t really giving him a clue either.

And from the fact that the scenes showed that the Jörmungandr and Thor were already perceived as mortal enemies, it meant that the memories were at their last stretch!

Only a couple of scenes were left before starting the final battle, which ended with having both the primogenitors dead.

Felix hoped dearly that one of those scenes would be the key to his dilemma.

Seeing that Felix was ready, Asna pressed play.

And just as she said, the scene truly didn\'t show the fights between the followers, but just utter darkness with a couple of stars here and there.

This scene was shown more than 20 times for three hours straight, making Asna yawn in boredom once in a while.

Meanwhile, Felix\'s focus didn\'t break even in such dreadful boredom.

He knew that those scenes were showing the Jörmungandr traveling through space.

After all, the Era was named after the primogenitor simply due to their ceaseless wandering in the cosmos.

Can we just jump into the last two scenes Asna yawned as she said, This space wandering is going to last for another hour before reaching them.

Seeing that those scenes were just a waste of time, Felix gave his approval with a hand gesture.

Vigorous again, Asna swiftly accelerated the movie until it stopped at a scene that was showing the Jörmungandr facing a blue planet, somewhat resembling earth.

How big is he! Shocked, Felix had his eyes fixated at the planet that seemed like it was a soccer ball in the eyes of the Jörmungandr!

It was so small, Felix couldn\'t fathom how humongous the Jörmungandr had to be for it to appear like that!

Yet the worst had yet to come, as the Jörmungandr approached the planet rapidly with his mouth wide open, making Felix\'s heart start beating out of his chest.

He knew what was about to come and he felt terrified by the idea of it as the planet\'s resemblance to earth was extremely high.

Too bad, the Jörmungandr wasn\'t going to wait for Felix until he regains his composure, as his widened mouth engulfed the planet, blocking every ray of sunlight from reaching it.


The Jörmungandr closed his mouth, devouring the planet in one mouthful! He didn\'t even bit or chewed...He just swallowed it whole, sending chills down Felix\'s spine.

The sight was too horrifying, he was left trembling in a never felt coldness, even though he was tucked inside warm bedsheets.

What scared him and agitated him the most wasn\'t the fact that the Jörmungandr was able to devour planets but the resemblance of the planet to his mother Earth!

They were both blue and suspending peacefully in space without a single threat insight.

Yet, a second later, the planet\'s existence was erased from the universe!

Why Maybe the Jörmungandr was bored...Maybe eating planets was his meal, or maybe, because the planet was on the way of the Jörmungandr\'s path.

The sight of him continuing wandering forward like nothing ever happened made Felix feel for the very very first time in this new life that he wasn\'t in control of his fate.

Asna, are there beings left that can do the same Felix asked calmly.

All I can say is that the universe is ever-expanding and creating, Asna said with a faint smile.

I will take it as a yes.

So what are you going to do about it She asked.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=17669339406351905)/the-jörmungandr's-memories-iii_%!d(string=51067135195137566) for visiting.

Not responding, Felix closed his eyes while having his hand placed on his beating heart.

His agitation and fright were dying down, letting his heartbeats slow down back to normal.

He took a deep breath and opened his eyes slowly.

He smiled faintly while having eye contact with Asna and said, Nothing...But He turned his head, focusing back on the blackened screen, and promised from the bottom of his heart, I will never let myself experience the fate of being in that devoured planet.

He narrowed his eyes dangerously, If it came to be, I would be the one devouring others!

\'I will be the one devouring others...\' He repeated in his mind twice, making Asna understand that His resolve shouldn\'t be questioned or doubted!

I can\'t wait to see that day comes, but for now... Asna played the movie, Let\'s continue watching the final battle.

is it the memory scene that you told me about during the awakening

Yes, it will start in the final seconds of the battle. She asked, You ready

Play it.

The first image that came before Felix was a cosmic silver hammer with electric charges coursing through its body, descending from above aggressively!

Though the Jörmungandr was clearly looking at the attack, he was neither moving nor planning to.

He just kept gazing at his inevitable doom, getting closer and closer.

Before Felix could even question his passiveness, he saw electric discharges passing through the Jörmungandr\'s vision!

Felix immediately knew that he was paralyzed! After all, he was fighting against the primogenitor of thunder and lightning himself!

The paralyzing effect was expected to be potent even for the Jörmungandr.

Though, he recognized that wasn\'t enough to block the Jörmungandr from using his element.

So why wasn\'t he using any ability to save himself

Not receiving an answer Felix, watched the hammer connect with the head of the Jörmungandr in such a destructive manner, three nearby planets turned into dust by merely its aftershock.

Felix was able to see those planets as the Jörmungandr\'s eyes were still wide open even with the colossal hammer implanted deep in his head.

This made him also see Thor approaching the Jörmungandr while encased completely in a purplish fog in the shape of a human!

Too bad the fog was extremely thick, blocking Felix\'s vision from seeing Thor\'s visage.

And what\'s worse, the eyes of the Jörmungandr were closing down gently, marking the end of his eternity.

A worthy death from the hands of a worthy opponent.

At last, my meaningless search for a purpose had ended... The Jörmungandr\'s satisfied murmurs traveled through the cosmos, making Felix wonder how he could do so, as sound couldn\'t transmit in space.

So am I, my brother.

So am...I. An unfamiliar deep voice resounded from within the poisonous fog for a split second before going quiet.

Felix didn\'t know if Thor truly died as Asna claimed.

Still, he was more inclined to support it since if the Jörmungandr were affected heavily by the paralyzing effects of lightning, Thor wouldn\'t be spared from death when being encased in such a thick amount of poisonous miasma.

That being said, Thor\'s life or death wasn\'t the focus in his mind currently but the final words of those two beings.

What did Jörmungandr mean by saying that his search for a purpose was meaningless Why the hell was he still searching for it in the first place

Shouldn\'t he be alive for billions of years by his death That amount was enough for the clueless young Jörmungandr, which Felix saw smashing the lake, to find already his reason for creation.

But it seemed that he still didn\'t find it What messed with Felix\'s brain even further was the fact that Thor actually agreed to Jörmungandr\'s claim before his death!!!

Didn\'t that f*cking mean he was also searching for his purpose but failed

Enough thinking it! Asna kicked him in his knee under the bedsheets, making his thought process break off.

Why are you bothering about the primogenitors\' matters when you still didn\'t even solve yours She asked him in annoyance.

Felix realized that she was right.

This wasn\'t the time to derail from his main objective!

He could always find out about the primogenitors\' secrets later on, but the Jörmungandr\'s consciousness, which was breathing down on his neck, needed to be solved now!

After all, there was no guarantee that the Jörmungandr wouldn\'t wake up at this moment and destroy Felix\'s soul to oblivion.

Everything was said by Asna, who didn\'t even know about this issue in the first place.

So Felix took her prediction of the Jörmungandr awakening at 98% or 99% with a grain of salt.

If it wasn\'t for so, he wouldn\'t stop at 96% but add one more percentage.

Alright, please play them again from the start. He massaged his temples as he said, We will be analyzing every small detail this time.

Felix wasn\'t planning on watching the memories just once and call it a quit.

Though, it seemed that Asna had a different opinion.

Felix, trust me when I say that the memories are useless. Asna yawned in boredom, I watched them ten times meticulously, and I found nothing of use.

I beg to differ. Felix shook his head, Just play them, and I will be the judge of that.

Fine, suit yourself.

I am not going to watch it again. She handed him the remote control of her memories and requested softly, Keep the volume down; I will be taking a nap.

Speechless, Felix looked at her, covering her head with the bedsheets, and stopped moving at once.

She truly went to sleep!

\'Can I look at her memories with this\' Felix wondered to himself as he played with the remote control.


\'Tsk, can\'t I have a single thought without you hearing about it\' Felix clicked his tongue in irritation as he clicked play on the screen.

\'Still no.\'


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