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Felix stopped speaking at once after seeing with his own eyes how the Jörmungandr smashed both of his fists into the ground, resulting in the entire lake\'s water being lifted hundreds of meters in the air!

Then blackness again!

The memory scene was cut off.

What\'s wrong with him Felix asked.

Nothing. Asna shook her head.

How could him not knowing his purpose to be nothing Felix knitted his brows as asked.

Why ask me Asna gave him a half shrug, How would I know

I am not buying it. Felix scoffed and gestured with his hand for her to play the memories.

If she weren\'t going to answer, then he would find out by himself.

The screen soon lighted up and started displaying a mountain chain with green mist drifting on their peaks instead of snow.

Felix wasn\'t interested in this, but in the fact that those mountains appear quite small in his vision, like he was watching from the eyes of a giant.

His guess was soon proven correct as the Jörmungandr had returned to his serpent form and was slithering from a peak to another, leaving behind him that greenish mist.

After the Jörmungandr reached the highest peak, he started coiling around it until the peak completely disappeared!

Only now was Felix able to see his body.

He was extremely long, coiling tens upon tens of times from the mountain\'s base to its peak!

Just like his human form, his scales were l.u.s.trous dark green.

However, now he had purplish mysterious-looking inscriptions written on his body.

So many of them, Felix\'s eyes couldn\'t keep up to counting even a hundred before he reached his limit.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=17669339406351905)/the-jörmungandr's-memories-ii_%!d(string=51043087421603208) for visiting.

Asna, do they have a meaning He asked.

Of course. Asna agreed, then...there was no then, she just kept throwing a popcorn after the other in her mouth, engrossed in watching the Jörmungandr gazing at the sky.

Tsk, fine then, keep your secrets. Felix clicked his tongue in criticism.

He was already numb to having his inquiries getting shunned like this.

Thus, he just returned to the screen and kept watching...well, nothing really, as the Jörmungandr kept looking at the sky for minutes before the scene was changed again.

However, instead of moving forward like before, the same scene was played again...then, again and again, making Felix a bit anxious, as he understood that the memories extracted from the essence weren\'t all going to be useful.

Heck, the Jörmungandr had lived for probably billions of years.

It was simply impossible for Felix to collect even 0.000001% of the memories.

And even within these collected memories, there were bound to be useless scenes like these.

He just hoped that there would be fewer of them by the time they reach the end.

Thankfully, the memories weren\'t stuck in one place for long as the next scene showed that the Jörmungandr was back in his human form as he was seated in an ancient Emperor chamber of sorts.

Felix guessed so by the fact the Jörmungandr\'s hands were resting on the arms of a glamourous purple made chair, green carpet under his feet, stretching to a humongous gate that had a logo of a serpent that was eating its tail, and lastly, the statues of the Jörmungandr\'s in both of his forms placed at the sides!


The gate was pushed open slowly by two half-lings, which had a serpent lower body and human upper body.

But their entire skin was covered in mismatched yellow and green scales.

After the half-lings pushed the gate wide open, they bowed to the Jörmungandr and returned to their position at the sides of the gate, entailing that they were merely gate-keepers.

Soon, the real three visitors entered slowly with their heads buried in their chests.

They were half-lings as well, but they were well-dressed and wore l.u.s.trous bracelets at the end of the tail.

After reaching before the Jörmungandr, they kowtowed three times while shouting out loud in devotion, Heill til jrinnörmungandr, Forefatherrinn, Midgarðrinn serpent, jrinnörð serpent, ragnarrinnök bringer, ok poisoninn primogenitor! Vér heill þú!

After doing so, they remained with their foreheads glued to the carpet for a couple of seconds before getting permission to stand by the Jörmungandr.

Mæli! The Jörmungandr said.

Before Felix could ask Asna, she paused the memories and said excitedly, Give me a second.

I will be adding dubbing with manly voices to enhance the experience.

Isn\'t this too much of manipulation Felix could only nod his head speechlessly.

A second later, she rewound the memories and pressed play.

Hail to the Jörmungandr, The Forefather, the Midgard Serpent, the World Serpent, The Ragnarök Bringer, and The Poison Primogenitor! We hail you! They said.

Speak! The Jörmungandr said.

Not daring to lift his head, the half-ling in the middle began talking with a bone-chilling hatred, Our brethren and sistren in the 187th leaf of 57th branch, had been r.a.p.ed, plundered, and slain by the hands of your arch-enemy\'s followers!

Every town, city, worship holy grounds, were burnt and ruined to oblivion! The left half-ling said.

We came here, seeking your blessings to regain your honor and avenge our dead brethren and sistren. The right half-ling beseeched as he banged his forehead on the carpet, kowtowing so hard, his forehead started to bleed.

Did Thor\'s followers received his blessings during their raid the Jörmungandr asked indifferently.

Yes! One of the followers had summoned a massive thunderstorm above a city, covering it entirely. He trembled as he kept retelling the events, The storm was raining down with lightning bolts, striking down with abnormal accuracy anything that moved!

That sort of godly powers couldn\'t be achieved by lowly mortals like us. He replied in aggravation.

Since he decided to interfere in the mortal planes\' affairs, you shall show his followers, why am I coined as The Ragnarök Bringer!

The Jörmungandr suddenly stood up and took a deep breath, then he spewed a purplish miasma through his lips at the three eager and exhilarated half-lings, making them absorb the miasma through their seven orifices!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The three half-lings\' bodies kept twitching on the ground with their slits widening to the limit.

They were soon lifted in the air with their three limbs stretched further apart, and their back was bent backward.

\'No wonder they call it blessings!\' Engrossed, Felix thought while chewing slowly on a popcorn.

Shortly after, the three half-lings were placed gently on the carpet after the purplish miasma was absorbed completely by their bodies.

Instead of standing up immediately, they entered a kowtowing position and began chanting, We Hail the Jörmungandr! We Hail the Jörmungandr!...

Enough! The Jörmungandr reseated on the throne and said coldly, You have enough power now to bring ruins on three leaves.

I expect nothing less...

F*********ck! Felix cursed loudly after the screen promptly went black again, marking the end of the memory scene.

F*cking Hell! I wanna see what happens next! He was truly pissed as things were just getting heated before it went dark.

Is the next scene going to have battles between the worshipers He asked Asna with a hopeful gaze.

Unfortunately, Asna shook her head.

Sigh, that\'s sucks.

Getting interrupted just when the plot started to thicken was really a d.i.c.kish move.

Alas, Felix could only swallow his disappointment and start analyzing what he saw so far.

It seemed to him that the Jörmungandr had either taken over a mortal world and started expanding by raising the number of his worshipers in that said planet, or he was the creator of the serpent half-lings race!

Though, Felix was more inclined to believe in the 2nd hypothesis, as those half-lings had referred to the Jörmungandr as the forefather! Meaning they were part of his flesh and blood.

This exactly what Asna told him after he awakened, that the current beasts were only normal creatures way back.

Still, after being mated by the primogenitors, their born children had gained part of the primogenitors\' abilities and traits.

Those serpent half-lings had an upper-body almost resembling the Jörmungandr was another point that further proved this hypothesis.

That being said, there was a flaw in this hypothesis, and that was Jörmungandr\'s ability to mate with such weak and mortal serpents.

After all, how could normal serpents and snakes even be able to carry the seed of a being of such a magnitude

This mystery could only be solved by watching the memories of the Jörmungandr\'s mating ritual.

Unfortunately, Felix knew that those memories were not within the ones that Asna gathered as they had already passed through that period of time.

If he wanted to have a chance at finding out the answer, he could only continue gathering the Jörmungandr essence or ask him face to face.

Felix wasn\'t planning on doing the first one and hoped to avoid the 2nd one at all costs.

Asna, what do you think they were talking about when they were referring to leaves and branches He asked in confusion, as this was always on his mind.

During the primogenitors\' era, the universe terminology was completely different than nowadays. She said, The galaxies were being referred to as Celestial Trees, the solar systems were branches, and finally planets were leaves. She clarified, Those are just the basic terminology used.

There were still many more.

Felix didn\'t hear the last part as he was thoroughly stunned.

The three half-lings\' speech was playing completely different in his mind.

Before, he assumed that they talked about a country getting raided on the planet they were staying on.

But now, he realized that his vision was extremely narrowed.

How could the Jörmungandr not own multiple planets and solar systems under his rulership Heck, he probably already owned an entire galaxy or multiple ones!

Though, Felix shouldn\'t be blamed, as the time skips happening after each scene were probably in the hundred thousands of years to millions!

Now, he was attempting to kill off the consciousness of this being, who owned galaxies and created an entire race singlehandedly!

He would be lying if he said he wasn\'t terrified and worried.

Alas, those two emotions wouldn\'t bring anything to the table in terms of fixing his issue.

The issue was pretty straightforward.

Either he gets rid of the Jörmungandr, or he would be forever stuck in the purification realm.


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