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12 days later...

Felix could be seen lying face down on the carpet of his room under a puddle of sweat.

He was completely passed out.

Asna was already numbed by this sight, as during the past ten days, Felix had integrated 10% with a two days interval, making him jump from 86% integration to 96%.

The three bloodline bottles he bought had luckily given him 14% essence, letting him have enough to reach origin purity all at once.

Sadly, it didn\'t matter as before dealing with the Jörmungandr, Felix wasn\'t planning to integrate a single percentage more.

Right now, Asna was simply waiting for him to wake his ass up so she could show him the mismatched memories that she found from awakening to this point in time.

Fortunately, Felix didn\'t keep her waiting for long as he opened his muddled eyes slowly.

Not letting a single sound, he simply drunk rejuvenation potions until he felt alright again.

He cracked his joints while sighing in relief at finally making it to the end of the purification realm.

Well, 3% were still needed but in Felix\'s eyes, if the problem with Jörmungandr wasn\'t solved, it wouldn\'t a farfetched reality to call it the end.

\'Asna, I will visit you after a quick shower.\' Felix said while picking his towel from the closet.

Gloomy, Asna made a sound in agreement while reading his hopeful thoughts about the Jörmungandr\'s memories.

\'I hope he won\'t be too disappointed.\' Dispirited, She sighed while closing her eyes, rewatching the latest memories for the tenth time now, hoping to see a clue she missed before.

Alas, nothing changed...


20 minutes later, in Asna\'s mist-made Mansion...

Felix brought a chair and sat next to Asna, who wasn\'t showing a single sign of her gloominess before.

Instead, she was smiling charmingly while patting the empty side of the bed with her hand.

Come lay next to me. She played with her feet in contentment, It\'s cozy under the bedsheets.

I would rather stay here. Felix said, Now, start telling the memories from the earliest days of the Jörmungandr to his death.

It\'s better if I just showed you. Asna snapped her finger, creating a mist-made mirror, that appeared more like a TV screen.

She glanced at Felix\'s startled expression and smiled, Unlike you, I have full control over my memories. She patted the side of the bed again, Now come lay next to me, It\'s going to be a long movie.

If you insist. Felix smiled faintly as he went and tucked himself in the bedsheets.

As always, Felix only refuses offers like those once to show his manners, but after the 2nd time He never turns the other side.

Though, none of them pulled anything iffy and kept it respectful between them.

Felix was too bothered by the Jörmungandr\'s situation while Asna wasn\'t in the mood to tease Felix.

Have in mind that we will be seeing from the Jörmungandr\'s point of view. Asna informed Felix just as she clicked play.

Felix narrowed his eyes in focus at the screen, which was displaying everything in grey color, making it extremely hard for Felix to see what was going on.

He knew that he would be seeing through the Jörmungandr\'s eyes, but he didn\'t expect it to be this **ty like normal serpents.

However, those thoughts were soon removed from his mind after seeing an infrared tiger-like creature walking past the Jörmungandr.

He was shocked as the tiger appeared f*cking massive, making him either believe that the Jörmungandr was extremely small or the tiger was a giant.

This is when the Jörmungandr was still a baby snake. Asna paused the memories as she clarified his doubts while eating from a bucket of popcorn, which god knows when she created it.

No wonder! Felix exclaimed while extended his hand in her direction.

Asna put a few pieces of popcorn on his hand and pressed play again, unbothered by his vexed expression at her stinginess.

Felix threw one popcorn in his mouth while watching the mini Jörmungandr slither through the greyed out grass field.

It kept slithering aimlessly while hissing with its cute tongue from time to time.

Just as Felix was wondering how could the Jörmungandr, the primogenitor of poison element, one of the rulers in the early days of the universe, be a normal clueless snake, the screen suddenly turned completely bright red!

Then, came nothingness.

The screen went pitch-black for five seconds before the world brightened up again, but this time it truly brightened up!

The grass field was green and stretching for miles, the sky was clear blue with tiny clouds drifting by the wind.

Felix felt like he was watching from the eyes of a human instead of a serpent.

Even the silence from before was gone as the sound of the wind, whizzing by kept resounding from the screen.

Before Felix could ask for Asna\'s input, he was horrified to see two human-like hands, fully encased in l.u.s.trous dark green scales!

The hands kept being tightened into fists, making the long sharp nails hide inside the fingers, before retracting again outside after the fists were unlocked.

This action kept going over and over again, making Felix understand that the Jörmungandr was just as f*cking confused as he was!

Soon, the screen was blackened yet again for two seconds before showing that Jörmungandr was walking in a steady manner, treading between humongous trees, which were surprisingly purple, and had giant dangling banana-like fruits from its branches.

The fruits kept emitting a purplish mist, yet that didn\'t seem to stop the Jörmungandr as he jumped one single time and plucked one of them, bringing it down to the ground.


A massive crater was resulted from his landing, raising a cloud of brownish dust! Felix was speechless as now he knew where his superstrength came from.

After all, he clearly saw that the Jörmungandr didn\'t put much strength either in his jump or his fall.

The crater literally resulted from his weight only!

Before he could linger on the weight of Jörmungandr, he saw him lift the fruit above his head before bringing it to his mouth, which was widening gradually to the point, Felix believed that his jaw was dislocated!


The Jörmungandr bit the giant fruit from the middle and started chewing with purplish juices spraying everywhere.


Felix looked at the bottom of the screen and saw some drops of those juices were sizzling on the leaves, corroding them within a second!


The Jörmungandr wiped his mouth with his thick green-scaled arm as he burped in satisfaction.

\'That explains my messed up tasting buds.\' Felix pursed his lips in amus.e.m.e.nt.

Pay attention, you will see his face soon. Asna broke his thought process while gesturing with her head at the screen that went black again.

Sure enough, the reflection of the Jörmungandr could be seen on the water of a clean leveled lake.

Felix couldn\'t help but raise his eyebrows in surprise after seeing his green-scaled face, which had fangs protruding down his purple lips, long pointy ears, violet serpent-like eyes, and lastly his long dark purple hair with greenish tips.

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The Jörmungandr kept touching his cheeks gently while parting his lips slightly before closing them back again.

He kept doing so until bizarre irritating sounds started to emerge, shocking Felix to his core as he felt that the Jörmungandr was trying to speak!

He didn\'t know how was he going to achieve so, and in which language was he going to speak, but he was eager nevertheless to hear what he had to say.

He didn\'t worry about the language barrier as the Queen was the perfect translator.

The number of languages she had in her data was unfathomable, reaching back to the dark ages.

After waiting for a while, his patience was rewarded by a somewhat peculiar constructed long chair of noises, which was released from the mouth of the confused Jörmungandr.

Hverr em ek

\'Queen, please translate.\' Felix requested with a confident smile.

Unfortunately, his confidence was wiped out of existence after the Queen responded for the very first time in his life with an answer, \'I apologize, but I do not recognize the language.\'

She informed the dumbstruck Felix, \'If you managed to bring me the language phonetics and lexicon, you will be rewarded with 10 billion SC.\'

For the Queen, who hunts for new data each second, a newly discovered ancient language was worth a hundred times more than the garbage data she bought from earthlings.

That being said, If even she didn\'t know the language, how the f*ck Felix would know it

Hopeful, Felix turned around and asked Asna, Do you know what did he say

Asna nodded her head as she told him, He said, Who Am I

\'Who am I\' Bewildered, Felix repeated the question in his mind, not knowing what to think anymore.

Everything that was going on was messy and confusing.

A tiny normal snake suddenly became the Jörmungandr after red light, and if that wasn\'t enough, the Jörmungandr turned human-like with the ability to understand and actually speak!

Yet, he knew how to speak with a legit language that Asna could somehow understand.

But he didn\'t even know his existence

Too bad, Felix\'s confusion had just gotten worse after hearing the Jörmungandr speak again, but longer this time.

Hvat er minn purpose

Felix looked at Asna, making her translate, He said, What is my purpose




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