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After Felix stepped from his room, he saw that Noah was just about to leave as well.

They nodded at each other as a greeting and walked together downstairs.

After a while, they reached a three-story building that was pretty quiet compared to the noisy field, which was packed with juniors practicing their abilities\' accuracy, sparring between each other, or doing body workout.

Soon, they entered the building and went upstairs to the 2nd story.

After arriving, they noticed that the door to their classroom, where they studied and watched their rivals\' recorded videos, was closed shut.

Felix went and knocked twice, then he opened it up slightly before asking in a polite manner, May we enter

George, who was standing before a dusty white data show screen, gestured with his hand while saying, Come in, and close the door behind you.

Felix entered and left Noah to close the door.

He looked around him while walking to the back of the classroom.

The entire team was already sitting in their desk chairs.

Brother Felix, come sit here. Adam smiled politely while gesturing at a desk that was to his right.

Ignoring his existence, Felix walked past him and sat at the last seat in the back.

Maybe next time. Unbothered, Adam smiled charmingly while turning his head back, focusing on Goerge.

No one bothered to address this interaction as they were already numb to Felix\'s utter disregard for Adam.

The only one who was bothered by it was George, who had his eyebrows knitted while gazing at Felix.

He wanted the team to be unified and have each other\'s back.

But so far, Felix and Adam were like water and fire.

He was tired of appeasing Felix into getting closer to Adam and the rest of the captains during the last month or so.

If he wasn\'t low key scared of Felix, he would have scolded or punished him like he was doing with the rest.

But now He only sighed in dejection and decided to ignore the interaction like the rest.

First, I apologize for bringing here on such short notice.

But I have important information to share. George looked at them sternly and said, We just received some leaks about the format which will be used for world representative battles.

Curious, Felix\'s ears perked up for what about to come.

He didn\'t know if his knowledge about the world\'s competition was going to be the same or change due to him messing with the time-line here and there.

The leaks entailed that all the teams are going to be left alone in a wildness for 7 days, fighting to locate flags, which were hidden in the wilderness. He added, We don\'t know the exact number of flags, but I believe that it was going to be a hundred flag with each representing a spot to be in the earthling\'s team. 

\'Still the same.\'

Felix lost his interest the moment he heard the leaks, as nothing changed from his previous life.

Felix already knew that all of the teams were going to be fighting for 7 days straight in wildness for hundred hidden flags.

He also knew that finding a flag wasn\'t the win requirement but actually holding into one by the time the competition ends!

Unlike tournaments, this format was going to hit many birds with one stone.

First, it will test the hardship of juniors in the wildness, as they would be required to get their food and water as well as find a shelter to spend those seven days.

Second, it will ease the burden on the ESGO organization and the German government of dealing with the massive number of teams and participants.

After all, there were 195 countries around the world, and each country was going to send a ten-member team, no matter if they had what required to be competitive or not.

The world representative battles were open for all countries, and no one was planning to give up on battles before they even began.

This was going to result in having 2000 participants or so combating for the limited 100 representative spots.

Isn\'t a hundred spots in a team a lot Dale asked in confusion.

Didn\'t I tell you to read the public rules of the Planetry Supremacy Games George scolded him, What were you wasting your time on to not even know about this!

Seeing that Dale was lowering his head in shame, not planning to answer, Nathan smirked and ratted on him playfully, A girl he met in a VRMMRPG has stolen his heart and time.

Hell, I barely managed to pull him out of the game and bring him here.

You f*cker. Dale cursed under his breath while glaring at Nathan, who was giving him a wide grin.


Listen up! George slammed the desk with his palm, bringing everyone\'s attention to him, and said in a strict manner, I don\'t care what you do in your free time or how you spent it.

But! At least spare an hour or two to memorize the rules of PSG and some of the UVR\'s ones.

You don\'t know if there will be a written test or not about them.

After all, you guys are going to be fighting for the face of our mother earth.

If you were lacking in knowledge, it won\'t be long before you shame the planet in front of other civilizations!


Yes! Dale nodded his head.


George crossed his arms and started explaining that each planet was required to have a maximum number of 100 representatives since the games played don\'t always require a ten-member team.

Heck, there were games that needed the entire hundred representatives to take part in.

However, those kinds of games were few and between.

The majority of the games were still played by at most 20 representatives.

This meant the 100 juniors would further be split into the main team and the reserve team.

Since the games were deadly, it was expected that the main team to have deaths in every game or sometimes even a full wipeout!

Thus, being in the reserve team wasn\'t actually that bad as opportunities to represent the planet come faster than one could anticipate.

Read the rest of the rules in your free time.

After finishing his explanation, George tapped on his bracelet and said while pointing his finger at the newly emerged hologram, This is the forest nearby the camp.

Tomorrow you guys will be transported deep within the woods and be left there for the next seven days!

\'F*********ck!\' Felix\'s expression was nonchalant as always but deep inside, he was having a mental breakdown at such dastardy news.

Unfortunately for him, George wasn\'t done yet, We will place 100 flags in the forest and you guys are required to collect at least 20% in those 7 days. He extended three fingers and said, There are only three rules.

One, you can only bring two bottles of water and two biscuits package with you.

Two, I expect to see full communication and zero conflict. He said this rule while giving Felix a side glance, making Olivia and the rest chuckle.

Sadly, their amused expression didn\'t last for two seconds before it was replaced with despair after hearing the last rule.

Lastly, accessing UVR or using the Queen\'s assistance is forbidden!

I suddenly feel sick. Dale said while clasping his stomach with a twisted expression.

Go pack up the necessities needed for your survival. Unresponsive to Dale\'s reaction, George tapped on his bracelet, showing a side-hologram that had a long list of camping kits, which included, a tent, sleeping bag, pillow, and such.

Copy this list down and go pick them up from the warehouse.

Just as George wanted to excuse them, he saw Felix raising his hand in the air with a sincere smile.

George flinched at the sight as he knew that trouble was about to come.

However, he still gave Felix permission to speak, as he knew that if he ignored it, Felix would speak anyway.

I just want to inform you that I won\'t be able to participate in this mock practice. Felix gave George and an honest look and said, I have a severe addiction to UVR and if I can\'t connect once a day, no one is going to like the outcome.

\'Severe addiction my ass!\' George yelled furiously in his mind while nodding his head in understanding, I see, those conditions are indeed quite troublesome to deal with.

However, we can\'t have this mock practice without the captain of the team. George gave a forced smile and proposed, How about two hours connection per day

My addiction can only be seethed with 6 hours a day at best. Felix\'s honest expression as he kept bull**ing through his teeth was truly at a mastery level.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-competition!_50908795873840967 for visiting.

4 hours! George cut straight to the point and started negotiating with Felix.

6 hours. Felix called calmly.

5 hours!

7 hours.

6 hours does sound nice. George agreed while wiping his sweaty forehead after hearing an hour getting added.

Perfect. Felix nodded his head in satisfaction under the speechless looks of his teammates.

They knew that Felix was enjoying too many perks in the camp due to his \'legendary bloodline\' and \'captain status\', but this was the first time for them to see the instructor losing a negotiation with Felix!

Before, Felix always took a step back in his requests to respect the authority of the instructor.

But when it comes to blocking him from accessing UVR just for a stupid mock practice Felix wouldn\'t budge on this one.

The silence was broken by Dale\'s whining, I also have a severe addiction, and I swear that I am going to lose my mind if I don\'t connect to the UVR for 7 days straight.

Then lose it! I don\'t give a **. Annoyed, Goerge turned around and left through the door, not having any thoughts to entertain other\'s requests as well.


The moment Dale saw the door get closed again, he cried out loud, This is so f*cking unfair! Why can\'t he give us at least one hour of connection!

Felix chuckled in amus.e.m.e.nt at Dale\'s tantrum, as he knew that George was simply trying to recreate the exact version of what\'s they were going to experience in the world\'s competition.

It was evident that the AP features were going to be banned to remove all sorts of cheating.

In the SG, those features were banned as well, except for the Queen\'s messaging loophole, as it was important for alliances and partnersh.i.p.s.

But for features like scanning, accessing the network, and such, they were game-breaker cheats.

Just in this mock practice, Felix could use the hundred meters scanner to locate the flags.

He just needed to find one by himself and scan it.

Then the rest in hundred meters around him would be marked by the Queen.

There was no way for either George or the ESGO Organization to keep such a glaring loophole for the juniors to take advantage of.

Stop whining already and look at this video that went viral just now. Excited, Nathan sat on Dale\'s desk while enlarging a hologram in front of him.

Activate the volume, you moron. Dale asked in annoyance.


The moment Nathan activated the sound, everyone\'s ears shook by a booming explosion, making them close their ears in irritation while gazing at its source.

Shocked, they gaped at a video displaying a red-skinned human on top of a surfboard-like rock, flying in the air underneath a meteor shower that was about to strike everything in sight!

Before they could comprehend if this was in SG or simply a scene from a movie, the player broke into tiny particles then came the silence followed by the maddening cheers of the spectators.

Felix\'s eyes were frozen stiffly on Meliodas standing on the commentary table as he screamed, Landlord proves once again! THAT HE IS THE BEEEEEST!

\'Here comes trouble.\' Asna said, laughing out loud.


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