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10 minutes later...

\'As expected, no one bothered to come and check on me.\' Felix chuckled while glancing at his body that was in the process of breaking into small light particles, marking the end of the game.

During the last ten minutes, not a single player moved from their positions, letting Felix continue chilling peacefully.

He knew that they were going to believe that he was on the move, escaping from them.

Since they had functional brains, not one of them was stupid to go for such a meaningless and hopeless chase.

By knowing so, Felix simply didn\'t bother moving from his place, using reverse psychology.

He was drained from everything that happened in the game.

Thus, he honestly felt thankful that some retard didn\'t come and bother him.


Ladies and Gentleman Please give your loudest applause to your champion! Meliodas pointed his mic at Felix\'s body that was in the process of reconstructing and yelled with his eyes close shut, LAAAAND...LOOOOOORD!!

Clap! Clap! Clap!...

\'Not bad.\' Felix smiled faintly after opening his eyes at the sight of the spectators giving him a standing ovation.

He kept basking under their applause while waving his hand mildly.

Clap! Clap!...

Surprised by hearing clapping noises near him, Felix turned his head and saw that some players were applauding him with a respectful look.

Though, there were some who were too egoist to acknowledge Felix\'s gameplay like Mr.

Frosty and Rosanna.

\'Bastard, ruining my third win streak!\' Rosanna humphed in annoyance while teleporting outside of the stadium, not planning to stay and bask in his glory.

She paid 800 million SC to forcefully turn the odds in her favor.

Yet, it all gone to waste as Felix had no intentions of ruining his win streak for others.

He understood that the longer his win streak lasts, the more perks he would be getting from the SG platform.

The King!...The King!...The King!...

Under the ardent chants of the audience, Felix waved his hand one last time before teleporting out of the stadium, not giving Meliodas even the chance to drop near him and seek a chance for an interview.

After all, he did everything right without offending Felix at all.

He had a tiny bit of hope that Felix might see him favorably and give him a minute interview or at least stay for the unique title coronation.

Sadly for him, Felix was dying to have a cold shower after staying inside the volcano for over an hour or so.


12:30 PM in the camp, 30 minutes after the game...

\'That was refreshing.\' Felix got out of the public showers at the end of the hallway with a relaxed smile on his face.

He walked to his room barefoot while wearing a towel that covers his lower body and using another to dry his wet long hair.

It was a while since he last got a haircut and now his hair was long and messy.

Damn it, Felix! Wear some clothes already! Olivia, who was standing next to her room\'s door with two girls, scolded Felix after seeing that he was exposing his upper body...yet again.

Peeved, she pointed her finger at her friends\' reddened cheeks and complained, Look how uncomfortable they got after they saw you.

Felix approached the girls with a playful smile and asked, Do I make you uncomfortable

N.noo..no! Embarrassed and quite shy, the girls waved their extended hands in denial.

See Felix smirked at Olivia\'s vexed expression and turned around, going back to his room that was at the other end of the hallway.

This was already a daily occurrence in the hallway, Felix getting picked on by Olivia for showing too much skin in a merged complex.

Unfortunately, No matter what she said, Felix never budged and did what she asked, as wearing only a towel after a shower was a habit ingrained in his being for decades now.

It was already a lifestyle for Felix, and he wasn\'t going to force himself and change it due to some chicks, who get horny after seeing him like that.

If they weren\'t too young for his liking, Felix wouldn\'t have minded playing with one or two during those two months.

Too bad, Felix preferred matured women as his real age in his previous life was in the forties.

Although, for bloodliners, being in the forties was actually still extremely young as their average age range from thousand years to ten thousand years depending on their integration level.

Still, Felix fancied mature women over teenage girls, as he wanted none of their drama or clinginess in his life.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_50885546410573700 for visiting.

You Pervert!


Unbothered by Olivia\'s annoyed curse, Felix closed his door shut and went to wear his clothes.

After getting dressed, he sat on his bed and requested the Queen to display his total earning from the game.

He still didn\'t check, as he immediately went for a shower after logging out.

\'As you wish Sir, Felix.\' She paused, \'And congratulation on reaching silver rank.\'

Thank you. Felix nodded his head in appreciation and started reading the earnings\' hologram.

//>Winning Wish.

> Unique Title: Record Breaker!

> Streaming Revenue: 650 million SC

> Rosanna\'s payment: 500 million SC

>Game Points collected solo: 10850 GP //

650 million Hehe, I am getting paid the same revenue as famous platinum ranked player. Felix grinned in delight at the amount, as he knew that he was probably the biggest paid silver ranked player in the entire Milky Way Galaxy!

Other idols or famous silver players, rarely reach 150 million SC per game.

Though, purely counting the popularity of revenue and not the 3% extra revenue after winning the game.

After checking the revenue, Felix closed the window as he already had knowledge of the rest.

For the title, it was no brainer that Felix was going to get it after holding into the Crown for a whopping 75 minutes!

He surpassed the original holder by 15 minutes.

Yet, the best part, He lived to wear it proudly above his head, unlike the original holder.

As for his game points He managed to earn 5000 GP purely from holding into the Crown for 75 minutes straight.

The rest came from his elimination tally that surpassed 30 players!

Felix didn\'t wish to receive battle format for no reason.

He knew that he would be able to gather game points faster than other formats.

The only reason, he got 10K in shuffle maze before was due to having beasts for him to kill.

If the game was purely finding the exit, he wouldn\'t have gotten even 1k.

But in battle formats, fights take priority above all, which was Felix\'s jam!

Queen, please show me my profile. He requested.

//Rank: Mid-tier Silver (Play 1 more placement games to get your final rank.)

Games Played: 003

Wins: 003

Loss: 000

Win streak: 003 (Eligible for perks)/ (Click to get details on the win streak system and its perks)

Loss Streak: 000

Eliminations: 0045//

Impatient, Felix pressed on the >win streakTi-ring!

>Congrationlation on unlocking the win-streak system!

A side hologram displaying this notification in the middle emerged before Felix, making him grin faintly.

He swiped the notification away and it was replaced instantly with a small-sized list that was displaying two rewards written in silver.

//1) A rank skip game coupon.

(One use/24h before expiring)

2) A 2nd chance wheel spin coupon: Allow the user to respin the wheel in case the format or the game wasn\'t to his liking.

(One use/365 days before expiring)//

Tsk, they are really generous with winners. A bit sore, Felix clicked his tongue after seeing the perks of only winning three games in a row.

In his previous life, he was always aiming to win three games in a row just to get those hidden rewards.

Sadly, he was struggling to win even two games back to back, don\'t even mention three.

Without further ado, Felix pressed on the first perk, ignoring the other one, as he had no use for it currently.

Sir Felix are you certain about activating the rank skip coupon The Queen informed him, The moment you activate it, you will be put straight in gold mid-tier.

However, the game you will be playing will have gold rank bloodliners, far surpassing your strength. She paused, \'If you lost the game, you will be dropped to low-tier silver instead of low-tier gold rank.\'

She requested with good intention, \'Please think deeply about your choice.\'

I am certain. Felix requested, Please activate the coupon.

As you wish.


\'The coupon has been activated.

You will be placed in a mid-tier gold rank for a maximum duration of 4 months.

\'Please play a game before the period ends.

Otherwise, you will be placed back in your original rank.\' The Queen informed.

\'Will do.\' Felix nodded his head in understanding.

He was already familiar with the rules of using the rank skip coupon even though he never got one. 

The coupon might seem like it was offering three tiers skip with just one win, but Felix understood that even himself with his overwhelming strength that was terrorizing peak 1st stage bloodliners, wouldn\'t be able to win the game and keep himself in gold rank.

Ultimately, the gold rank was ruled by peak 2nd stage bloodliners and 3rd stage bloodliners.

Those, who obtained the coupon in silver were doomed in a gold rank with their current strength.

If the SGA left those players to increase their strength freely until they were fit to battle gold players, the coupon would lose its meaning and purpose as it would be the same as giving those players a free shot to skip a rank without hardship.

Thus, the existence of the 4 months limit!

Felix, who was still at 84% purification realm had zero chance of bridging such a wide gap of strength even with his primogenitor bloodline.

Sigh, I need to reach the first stage of replacement. Felix smiled bitterly at the thought of the Jörmungandr, waiting for him to reach 99% to wake up.

Till now, he still didn\'t figure out a way to stop the Jörmungandr from waking up.

Especially when he was lacking knowledge about him.

The only hope he was currently still latching on was the Jörmungandr\'s memories, which Asna was gathering in every integration.

He was waiting until he reached the end of his integration before seeing them all at once.

He didn\'t want to look at them now, as he understood that he was going to get demotivated from integrating more percentages after not recieving what he wished for.

Asna, who knew about the memories, didn\'t mention a single thing about what she saw in them as she was worried that the last hope he had, would be snuffed out after finding out that nothing of value to his situation was in them!

Alright, being bitter won\'t change anything. Felix regained his carefree smile as he waved the holograms away from his face.

He stood up and beamed the necessary materials for integrating, planning to split the remaining 4% Jörmungandr\'s essence into 2% today and 2% after tomorrow.

However, before Felix removed his clothes, the Queen abruptly said, Sir Felix, the instructor George has requested from the entire team to gather at the classroom in the next ten minutes.

What a pain in the ass. Felix sighed in irritation while beaming back the awakening materials in his bracelet, planning to reschedule integration when he gets back.


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