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14 minutes later...

You useless pig! Why do you have tracking abilities, if you can\'t f*cking track **! Mr.

Frosty could be seen admonishing a short man, who was wearing goggles.

The players near them didn\'t intervene as they were also tired and extremely annoyed by the tracker\'s continuous failures.

It\'s not my fault that Landlord possessed that busted vision ability! The short man glared at Mr.

Frosty right in his eyes and yelled, You know what I had enough of taking crap from you and this meaningless chase! He smashed his goggles at the ground, I am f*cking done! You go find him by yourselves.

He wasn\'t bluffing in the slightest, as he truly turned around after and walked away from the team.

The contract, which was binding him didn\'t a have term to stop players from giving up.

Unbothered by losing the only tracker in the team, Mr.

Frosty displayed a holographic timer that was counting backward and said, This is our last chance at securing the Crown.

If we failed to locate Landlord in those five minutes of transmission, you can forget about finding him in the last ten minutes. He suddenly added with a tremble in his voice, Don\'t forget that the volcano can erupt at any moment now.

The players\' expression turned grave at hearing him mention this.

They weren\'t stupid to forget about Meliodas\'s warning in the game hall, as it affected their lives.

However, none of them wanted to yield yet.

Especially when the last transmission was going to start off soon.

That being said, everyone made a mental note to leave the volcano after five minutes, whether they took the Crown or not.

They were about to enter the last 15 minutes of the game and the volcano could erupt at any moment.

Fortunately, there was a two minutes alarm before the eruption starts.

\'Biohunter, Rosanna, do you have any plans to catch Landlord in the next 5 minutes\' Mr.

Frosty sent a mind massage.

\'How about we split up to cover a bigger area If we carried on using the same approach as before, I doubt we will be able to catch Landlord.\' Rosanna suggested.

\'I am in favor of that.

Plus, I doubt that Landlord still has enough energy to instantly eliminate every team he meets.\' Biohunter agreed.

\'You guys split your teams if you want, I am not splitting mine no matter what.\' Mr.

Frosty\'s agitated expression as he sent this message was enough to entail that he was still terrified of Felix.


Your team is the biggest.

At least split five players and you remain with the other nine.\' Rosanna insulted without shame.

After all, she was literally the only player in the game that had no reason to fear Felix as he couldn\'t touch her due to the contract\'s constraints.

However, it was applied both ways, which meant she was most the useless player in the entire chase!

The only reason, she was still here was to fish for the Crown if the players managed to kill Felix.

The Contract which she signed had nothing to do with the Crown.

Sadly, neither Biohunter nor Mr.

Frosty knew that the 2nd legendary bloodliner in the game, who they honestly were putting their hopes on was just here to ride their success. 

\'Only ten seconds left before transmission.

Wrap it up.\' Biohunter informed them.

\'Fine, I will do what Rosanna suggested.\' Mr.

Frosty gave in eventually.


Do not engage when you meet up with Landlord, just surround him and make sure to block his retreat paths.\'

By the time Biohunter\'s message resounded in the minds of Rosanna and Mr.

Frosty, the golden beam emerged yet again in the sky.

This time, everyone knew that the game was going to be decided in those five minutes.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_50840118541476020 for visiting.


\'Here we go again.\'

Felix, who was walking casually like he wasn\'t being hunted by 35 players, sighed in exhaustion while gazing at the golden beam on top of him.

\'Five more minutes and I will be out of this hell.\' He wiped his sweaty forehead as he increased his speed, starting to sprint.

He felt like the heat was increasing gradually, turning the labyrinth into a furnace.

He believed that this was a sign that the volcano was on the verge of erupting, which was honestly quite understandable, as the two-minute alarm was barely enough to give the players a headstart to escape.

But now, after feeling the raising heat, everyone with a brain would understand that it was time to bounce!

Sadly for Felix, everyone was too committed in the chase to yield that quickly.

\'Uhm Did they split up\' Felix raised his eyebrows in surprise as he noticed five red auras approaching him from the left.

As always, he chose the nearest tunnel that was in the opposite direction from them.

However, after running for a couple of seconds, he saw another five auras intercepting him from the front.

Exasperated, he pressed his lips together as he turned around, going back from he came from.

Too bad, he didn\'t move even two steps before seeing five auras rushing at him from behind as well.

\'Shit! I will be surrounded soon!\'

Felix understood that his situation was getting direr and direr, as he didn\'t doubt that the players weren\'t going to engage him but just block his retreat paths until the rest arrived.

Then, they will all collapse on him at the same time!

He knew that he would be doomed when that happens!

\'I can only make the first move!\' 

Without hesitation, he turned around and dashed rapidly towards the approaching 5 players from the front.

Two acid bombs were lying peacefully in his jacket\'s pockets.

He wasn\'t planning on using the corruption inducement anymore, as his energy won\'t support it, and even if it did, Felix planned on keeping it only in dire situations.

He is coming towards us! Enter a defensive position! Surprisingly, Biohunter was leading the team that Felix chose.

The players in his team immediately activated their defensive abilities as they encircled a girl, who had two fingers placed on her left temple.

Felix, who just entered their line of vision, couldn\'t help but lower his eyebrows in restlessness at the sight of the girl within their ranks.

However, after seeing that she had her eyes open, he sighed in relief while snapping his finger, engulfing himself with a white aura.

Good luck using your abilities on me. Felix chuckled while dashing towards them, making Biohunter\'s expression to turn unsightly.

The dumbstruck look the girl had, was enough to tell him that her mental abilities were absolutely useless if the target wasn\'t in her vision.

After all, how could she affect Felix\'s mind when she couldn\'t even see him

Phew, Phew!

Alas, Felix didn\'t give them enough time to think about other solutions as he hurled those two acid bombs towards the girl.


An abrupt wall of greenish flames rose in front of the bombs, making them evaporate the instant they passed through it.

Not bad! Instead of feeling worried, Felix laughed in excitement as he continued to charge towards Biohunter, who was standing behind the wall of flames.

How about this Dragon Hail Technique. Biohunter shouted as he started slapping the wall of flames with his palms over and over again, sending a hail of greenish small snakes, slithering in the air as they targeted the white sphere.

\'Dragon my ass.

If he saw the real thing, he will piss himself in fright.\' Asna scoffed.

Completely engrossed in evading those snakes, Felix didn\'t pay attention to what she said.

He simply kept smiling foolishly, enjoying the feeling of fighting again instead of just throwing one corruption bomb and end everything.

Whew! Whew! Whoosh!...

An abrupt barrage of elemental abilities graced Felix from the front, wiped that foolish grin from his face, as he was forced to roll to the side reflexively.

In the end, this was a 1vs5 battle!



Unfortunately, he rolled in direction of one of the neverending hail of snakes, making him eat a direct explosion!

The flames didn\'t encase his body after, but the explosion itself did enough harm to Felix, forcing him to use revitalization while rolling on the ground, not planning to remain a split second in the same place.

Good thing he did so, as the moment Biohunter heard the explosion, he immediately switched from throwing randomly to targeting that specific area, making tens of green snakes rain on the ground.

Without getting ordered, the players all aimed their abilities in that said area as well, completely missing Felix.

This gave him a breather to recover his wits and stand back up.

He gritted his teeth as the burnt marks on his body were pricking him during the revitalization process.

Thankfully, his injuries were merely on his skin, making the sleepiness inducement enough to heal him back to his peak in a split second.

\'I need to get near!\' Felix pondered on a way to help him put his opponents within his aura, as his bombs were clearly useless against that wall made of greenish flames.

He didn\'t want to waste his energy by throwing bombs on top of their heads, as they could easily dodge them.

Boom Boom!...

Felix kept dodging those randomly targeted abilities while surveying his surrounding, looking for something to help him out.

\'Oh That will do!\' His eyes brightened up as he noticed a few medium-sized boulders near the wall of the tunnel.

An idea struck him after remembering an attack he was exposed to in the shuffle maze.

Boom Boom!...

Uncaring about the explosions happening around him, Felix dashed towards the boulders and hid behind them for protection.

However, he soon did the unexpected as he spread his arms wide and hugged one of the boulders!

The boulder was black and rugged, giving Felix a good grasp with his steel-like fingers.

\'RISE!\' He shouted in his mind while trying to lift it up!

The spectators were dumbfounded as the boulder was three times the size of Felix, yet he was still trying to lift it!!

He must be nuts! Meliodas yelled in shock what was in everyone\'s mind.

However, before anyone could mock Felix on his foolish attempt, they saw that the boulder was getting lifted inch by inch in a slow manner until it was raised above his head!

Felix puffed out his reddened cheeks while revolving in his position continuously.

After sensing that he built enough momentum, He yelled as he threw it towards Biohunter and the rest.


Before Biohunter and the rest could even comprehend the abnormal sound of the wind, the Boulder rushed outside of the white aura, heading towards them fiercely akin to a wrecking ball.

DOOODGE! Scared **less, Biohunter screamed as he jumped to the side, not giving a crap about holding the defensive formation anymore.

The players didn\'t need his warning, as each activated either their escape abilities or simply hurled themselves as far as possible from the blast zone.


Immediately after colliding with the ground, the boulder shattered into pieces of all sizes and shapes, propelling them in every direction akin to bullets!

Argh! F*ck! Ouch!!..

Biohunter and the players, who simply did a basic dodge, weren\'t spared from getting showered by those rocks!


By the time the dust settled, Meliodas and the spectators were awestruck by the sight of Biohunter and his allies, groaning on the ground while holding their bruised bodies.

Thankfully, they were lying in a curling position before, managing to protect their vitals.

Only one player managed to escape safely as he dug a hole on the ground, which was barely enough to hide a single person.

Poof Poof...Poof!

Not fooling around, Felix threw a paralyze bomb on each player, taking advantage of the fact that they couldn\'t hold their breaths even if they wanted to.

The painful bruises made it almost impossible to do so.

As he excepted, Biohunter and the rest breathed in the inducement obediently and froze in their positions with twisted expressions.

Yet, nothing could hide the clear horror of having their eyes wide open, staring at a leg approaching their faces in kicking motion.

\'Wait I want to buy my life.\'


\'Please Landlord don..\'


\'You will follow us soon.

Mark my words, Landlor..\'

Bam! Bam!

Utterly deaf to the Queen\'s voice, which was sending him their last words, Felix kicked their heads to oblivion one by one, making them explode immediately on contact!

He had no time to entertain their requests or wishes as the rest of the players never stopped sprinting towards him.

After dealing with them, he glanced at the hole in the ground and threw one acid bomb in it before bolting away, not planning to stay and see its result.

Landlord once again demonstrates to everyone that his wits are his greatest weapon! Meliodas commentated passionately, To actually throw a boulder to break through their defensive formation! Just marvelous!

While the spectators were cheering, some of Felix\'s fans were at loss for words since the moment Felix threw the boulder.

Did he really just imitate *Boulder Explosion* By Pure Muscle This question was repeating over and over in their minds, making them enter a dazed state.

This was the first time they saw someone imitate other bloodliner\'s abilities forcefully.

Yet, when it was coming from Felix, they suddenly felt like it was to be expected!


They all broke from their daze as they started chanting and rooting for Felix after seeing that he was having difficulty breaking out of the teams\' encirclement.

The battle with Biohunter\'s team lasted for 30 seconds.

Yet that was more than enough for the team behind Felix to catch up and the others to reach their positions!

As Felix expected, they didn\'t approach him but kept waiting for everyone to make it before they attack all at once.

What can Landlord do to escape from this wide encircleme..


Before Meliodas could finish his sentence, a booming noise resounded on the screen, shocking everyone alike.

Meliodas instantly pointed the camera from Felix to the outside of the Volcano.

The moment the spectators saw what was going on, they couldn\'t help but exclaim in shock and excitement!



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