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Landlord! You crafty bastard! Infuriated and frustrated, Mr.

Frosty cursed out loud while glaring at the golden beam of light that was moving swiftly away from them.

\'You might have lowered our numbers, but you have offended everyone who remained!\' He sneered as he focused back on what left of the players.

Some were hiding behind rocks while some still fighting with bloodied bodies and murderous gazes.



Frosty furious proclamation resounded in the tunnel, forcing the players to halt throwing abilities and remember what was their target in the first place.

They all glanced above their heads and saw that the golden beam was truly moving away from them.

He played you all like a fool with one inducement! Mr.

Frosty continued shouting while pointing his finger at the golden beam, He set everything up in order to lower our numbers and build distrust between us.

The alliances\' leaders froze at hearing the last part, as they discerned that now they had a bigger problem than chasing Felix!

How were they supposed to leave their backs in the open again after what had just happened

Before, the players had a tiny bit of trust in each other as they had one common target, which was the Crown.

They believed that not a single player was retarded enough to start a fight when there was clearly no benefits in doing so.

But now

From the way everyone was having their abilities active and staying away from each other, the alliances\' leaders knew that no one was going to repeat the same mistake even when they knew that Felix\'s hallucination inducement was the cause of the chaos!

Cyber Fly, Valkyrie, Miss Dusk. Mr.

Frosty called the names of each alliance leader while staring into their eyes, I suggest we merge our alliances and hunt down Landlord! He clarified hastily to not waste time, The moment we kill him, the alliance will automatically break.


Frosty didn\'t bother addressing the partnersh.i.p.s as he believed that the moment the other leaders agreed to his proposal, the rest would be forced to accept joining the alliance or leave the tunnel.

I agree! Valkyrie was the first to voice her alliance\'s decision.

She was a wide-shouldered woman, wearing a knight armor while carrying two long swords on her back.

I accept your proposal. A man with bug receptors on top of his head nodded his head slightly.

Since even Cyber Fly already joined, what else for me to say An elegant lady with short curly hair said while chewing gum.

The players in the tunnel all started voicing their desire to join the alliance after seeing the big four dogs in the volcanic zone decided to combine their strengths.

Sign this contract please and be quick about it. Mr.

Frosty sent them a standard contract, entailing that they shouldn\'t harm each other and anyone who breached the contract would be required to pay 2000 GP.

He wasn\'t a retard to make the penalty more extreme as that would make players hesitate to sign the contract, and at this point, he just wanted to hasten the process so they could start the chase.

Felix was toggling further and further down the tunnel while they were standing here trying to make friends in order to build a thin line of trust.

After a short moment, the majority of the players signed the contract as some of them were too wounded to carry on fighting.

They withdrew to the entrance of the tunnel, dwelling the number of players further down.


Forsty\'s expression couldn\'t help but get ugly after counting the current number of the mega alliance didn\'t even reach 20!

They started the chase with 48 players or so and now they were left with lower than half!

If you found Landlord, don\'t engage but use the Queen and send us his position! Mr.

Frosty jumped from the rock and said lastly, MOVE OUT! We will plan the rest on the way!

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Boiling mad, the players let out a war cry as they chased after Mr.

Frosty, who was running with the three alliance leaders.

This time every player was paying close attention to the ceiling and walls for any further traps.

They learned their lesson the hard way.


Three minutes later...

The golden beam disappeared, making Felix sigh in relief.

The five minutes transmission truly felt like five years.

But now, Felix had 15 minutes of freedom to go wherever he wanted, and especially to start his plan.

Thrilled, Felix rubbed his hands together as he turned on his infrared vision limit to 100 meters and left it as it is.

Then, he chose a random tunnel from the three ones in front of him and continued his sprint.

However, he didn\'t run for even two minutes before seeing that the tunnel was split into two paths again.

Without slowing down he dashed through the right one, not worrying about finding a dead-end like he was in the maze.

The tunnels in the labyrinth were all connected one way or another to each other.

Thus, no matter, which path he took, he would end up finding other paths.

Heck, he might take one and see that he actually ended up making a full circle and coming back to the same spot!

This might mean that the Labyrinth wasn\'t really that massive, but its complexity was Felix\'s best environment.

And those players, who were stepping into it in separated groups, had no clue what was waiting for them.

\'That should do it.\' After spending three minutes entering and exiting tunnels randomly, Felix finally stopped running, making his fans wonder what he was up to.

He walked to a wall and started punching it with his fists as hard as he could, scaring the ** out of his fans.


The noise of his punches kept echoing in the nearest tunnels to his position, giving him away to any player in the area.

Meliodas kept switching the camera in those tunnels to let the spectators see if the noise had attracted anyone.

Fortunately for his fans, none of the players were near Felix at this point.

They were still close to the entrance of Labyrinth.

Felix forgot to calculate the aftermath of the chaos, which delayed the players two extra minutes from making a move.

Tsk, I toggled too deep. Felix clicked his tongue while massaging his tingling knuckles.

Speechless, the spectators saw him turn around and return where he came from!

Didn\'t he enter the Labyrinth to facilitate his escape They thought to themselves.

Sadly, the sight of Felix narrowing the distance between him and the players showed them that he never was planning on escaping.

After a while...

Felix suddenly stopped his journey back as he noticed five humanoid auras on the other side of the tunnel.

The walls weren\'t really that thick, as the Labyrinth\'s tunnels were resembling holes left by humongous worms.

\'Five at once Even better!\' Felix grinned as he turned around and started sprinting diagonally with the five players.

A couple of minutes later, Felix saw that there was a tunnel, leading to the other side of the wall.

His eyes brightened up in delight, but he didn\'t enter it.

Instead, he sprinted towards rock and jumped on it, using it as leverage to build momentum.

He bent his knees and hurled himself to the ceiling on top of the tunnel\'s mouth!

Since the surfaces were uneven and rugged, Felix had it a bit easier to keep hanging with his fingers and legs attached to the ceiling akin to a spider.

Unfortunately, all of his efforts went to waste as he noticed that the players were actually ignoring this tunnel and heading to another.

\'F*ck my life.\' Vexed, he could only improvise and scream with a terrified voice, Help! Landlord is chasing me!

Hmm Startled, the five players froze their footsteps, as their ears picked up Felix\'s echoing voice quite nicely.

Unsurprisingly, Valkyrie was leading this team as the twenty remaining players, were split up into four teams, each being led by one of the four big dogs.

They might want to find Felix, but it didn\'t mean they would split up into twos or threes and send themselves to death.

Stay behind me. With a stoic expression, Valkyries unsheathed her long swords as she called softy, Shield of Light.

A moment later, bright light started to gather before her until a wide shield was manifested.

The shield kept emitting a blinding light only in front of it, as for Valkyrie and the rest They were able to see through it like it wasn\'t even there!

The players behind Valkyries started to either morph or create their own offensive or defensive elemental abilities.

So far, not a single one of them was a pure support player.

This was honestly understandable, as not a lot of support bloodliners chose to play individual games.

It was too risky for them.

ARGH!! Argh!...

Abrupt pained groans began echoing through the tunnel\'s mouth, making Valkyrie and the rest to frown their eyebrows in worry.

They knew that whoever called for help earlier must have been caught by Felix!

Chronominia send our position to Mr.

Frosty and the rest. Valkyrie entered a battle position as she walked step by step towards the tunnel, Tell them that we found Landlord!

Unlike the tense atmosphere, Valkryie\'s team was experiencing, the spectators were laughing their asses off at the sight of Felix fake groaning while hanging upside down on the ceiling without a single ounce of shame.

This just showed them how far Felix was willing to go for game points!


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