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To actually turn into the hunter after being a prey for merely a couple of minutes. Meliodas smiled wryly as he praised, Only when spectating Landlord, will you see those kinds of scenes. 

Felix\'s fans puffed out their chest in pride while cheering at top of their voices, turning the stadium into their house!

It was clear that at minimum 5% of the spectators were Felix\'s fans, belonging to his club.

The two months between the games were more than enough for Felix\'s Fanclub to gather tens of millions of new members! Especially when Felix went viral for an entire week in the Mariana Empire after his 2nd game.

Right now, the natural spectators, who either still had no idea about Felix, or simply didn\'t give a crap about him as they came to cheer for their own people, started to feel the burn of having those fans breathing and screaming down their necks.

Alas, they could only complain in their minds and continue watching Felix hunting down the closest players one by one.


In the main battlefield, near the Crown, the entire forest was utterly ruined as trees had their huge branches snapped and lying all over the ground, and leaves of all colors and shapes were either burnt or still burning.

If the trees\' stem wasn\'t humongous and steady, the trees would have been cut down and fell into the ground by now.

BOOM! Crack!....

The natural beauty of the forest was nowhere to be seen, as tens of players were battling each other using destructive abilities, ranging from using small fireballs to medium-sized lighting storms, striking down with an impartial accuracy.

Yet, throughout all of this, the Golden Crown remained floating in its position without a single blemish on its l.u.s.trous surface or the gems attached to it.

Heck, the branch, which the Crown was floating on before, was already destroyed to oblivion.

But still, the Crown remained floating a hundred meters mid-air without support.

As long as no one took hold of it, it would stay like that until the game ends.

Can anyone of you losers still fight Rosanna knitted her eyebrows in disgruntlement as she turned her head, eying the wounded three players, who survived the first onslaughter with her.

Earlier when Felix left with Bloodriod and his allies, all the players in the forest collapsed on Rosanna and her goons, managing to kill two players and wound the rest.

She was only able to emerge unscathed due to her element and bloodline.

After so, she went into hiding and sent a message using the Queen to her allies to group up with her.

Now, they were watching the chaos unfold before them, not daring to make a move.

But for how long could they stay like this

The players were falling akin to flies near the Crown, downsizing the numbers each second.

Before long, a player with a flying ability or other similar abilities would take advantage of their shortage and steal the Crown!

\'Damn it, why is Bloodriod taking so long\' Irked, Rosanna kept looking at her bracelet, noticing that 7 minutes had gone by since she was contacted by him, informing her about his \'battle\' with Felix.

Currently, she was waiting just for him in order to dive back in the battle, with the advantage of having more players in her alliance.


Speak of the devil and he shall appear, as sand particles started to gather and form in front of Rosanna, making her yelp in surprise while pointing her green shimmering fingers in his direction.

It\'s me. Bloodriod rubbed some sand particles off his shoulder as he stood in a composed manner.

Where is the rest She titled her head, looking behind him, hoping to spot his allies.

Unfortunately, Bloodriod response made her heart sink, I am the only one who made it here.

He closed his eyes not wanting to display his fear and dread after remembering that chase.

What the hell are you talking about! She shouted with flushed cheeks, You told me that four of you escaped successfully from him!

Indeed, but we totally forgot that he had that overpowered eye vision! His upper lip trembled as he said, Whenever we believe that we had lost him, he suddenly pops up from behind us and starts throwing bombs at us.

And the f*cked up part, he was five times faster than us! He massaged his eyelids as he kept speaking, Every time he caught one of us, he engulfs him in his acid aura, making him beg for mercy just to have his head explode by a punch or a kick.

By the time, I made it to the main field, I believe that only Sierra had escaped since she went in the opposite direction from us.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_50698490904364281 for visiting.

Horrified and aghast, the wounded players behind Rosanna gulped a mouthful after hearing him retelling what happened like he was telling a ghost story in a camp.

However, they believed every word that came out of his lips as they saw what a f*cking Psycho Felix was inside the maze shuffle.

Then how did you escape She asked.

There is no reason for me to tell you. Bloodriod wasn\'t a fool to explain his abilities to other players.

Tsk Rosanna clicked her tongue in annoyance as she ordered, Whatever, get ready we will join the fight in one minute.

Argh! Ouch...

Pained, the players kept groaning out loud as they tried to stand while putting pressure on their heavy wounded areas.

Some had their back or chest completely burnt off while some had a long bloody wound on their limbs.

Keep groaning all day long, you losers are coming with me. Rosanna gave them a cold glance.

Sadly for you, none of you are going anywhere.


Before the shock of hearing a stranger\'s voice within their hiding spot set in their minds, their vision was suddenly blinded by the bright yellow color, making them want to close their eyes reflexively.

Alas, their eyelids were as unresponsive as ever.

\'What\'s goin...Argh, my head!!\' Rosanna didn\'t manage to finish even one thought before the world started to spin rapidly, making her feel extremely dizzy.

Thud Thud Thud...!

The only sound that was going through her mind was the noise of hard objects colliding.

A few moments later, which felt like years to her, the bright yellow mist was removed from her sight.

However, the paralyze and dizzy effect still lasted for five seconds before she regained her senses back.

Just as she tried to activate her escape ability, she felt her neck getting clutched and tightened, making her face turn purple.

After feeling the strength of the hand around her neck, she knew that her life could be ended faster than thought!

How much do you think your life is worth Felix asked with a faint smile while gazing at her behind the darkness of his hoodie.


She kept making muffed noises while looking at him with bloodshot eyes, trying her best to let him know that she was having difficulty breathing.

How was she supposed to answer when he was strangling her like that Some of the spectators had this thought coursing in their minds. 

Use the Queen to give me your price. Felix\'s faint smile was wiped out of his face as he said coldly, You have three seconds to please me with a good price before I snap your neck. He warned, Don\'t attempt to activate an ability.

I know that your plant elemental abilities require at least a second to activate.

\'You hateful prick!\' Rosanna could only curse in her mind as Felix\'s knowledge of her abilities was spot on.

She was a plant Elementalist with a legendary bloodline with abilities more oriented towards battles instead of support like Olivia\'s.

As Felix said, her abilities require plants to manifest first and that required time she didn\'t afford currently!

Hence, she could only drop any attempt to escape and laid down her price, \'I only have 500 million in my account after I spent all the rest hiring those useless sc.u.m.\'

Show me your bank account. Felix asked out loud, not giving a ** if the spectators heard him or not.

If it was another player, they would have used the Queen for such a sensitive matter, as the spectators didn\'t like seeing players\' life getting sold.

After all, if every player was caught and given the choice to buy his life with tens of millions or even hundred, what would be the point of them buying a ticket to come to watch the games, when all they would be seeing was players buying and selling each other instead of killing each other

Hence, unless the price offered was worth the risk, the players rarely choose to head in that direction.

Felix never bothered with offering this option to the rest of the players as he knew that most of them couldn\'t afford to get him even a 100 million SC.

He wasn\'t going to ruin his reputation in the SG, which was going to make him billions of stream revenue on higher ranks due to momentary greed for those millions. 

However, Rosanna was a special case, as she was being known as a walking cash pig in the games due to her mother\'s booming business in the UVR!

This made everyone, even Felix, to try and milk her out of her coins instead of killing her and getting 200 GP.

Without sounding a single complaint, Rosanna showed her bank account details, making Felix\'s eyelids twitch at the sight of hundreds of millions getting sent to her by the same account every month.

Without needing to ask, Felix figured that account belonged to her mother, sending a \'monthly allowance\' for her to play with.

Only now did the facade of being born in a rich family wore off, making Felix feel like he was born a poor commoner instead!


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