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5 hours later...

Felix was back in his Androxa house after he spent the last five hours jumping from a shop to a shop and from a city to a city, securing whatever sand stones he saw insight.

He also bought poison stones, fire stones, wind stones...etc to be purified by Asna and used as a backup energy source.

He wasn\'t a retard to use sand stones for that purpose. 

As for the five companies He already gave a call to Mr.

Igris, his investment manager, and gave him a mission to investigate those companies first before buying shares of the best one.

He wired him 200 million SC as capital and warned him that he expects to have at least 4% of shares.

This left Felix with 500 million SC in his bank account.

Felix didn\'t want to go full ham on shares, as he wasn\'t relying on his memories but on Jadie\'s recommendation.

Thus, he didn\'t know if they would go up or not.

Plus, Felix was simply aiming to get priority on high-grade sand stones by being a shareholder.

After he finished buying the amount needed, he would put his shares back on sale with the same pricing.

Just like this, he wouldn\'t be putting his coins in a company with an uncertain future.

Though, he would expect a quite delay before his coins get back to him.

The only reason he wasn\'t investing in other big-league companies that had their stocks surge to the roof in his previous life was due to the fact his capital and expenses were always holding him back.

After all, when compared to movies or series, which get released pretty quickly, giving Felix his returns within a couple of months, the companies\' stocks, were going to raise only after creating an astonishing product, found a mineral-rich planet, or had in general an incident that made their stocks smash through the roofs.

Those incidents weren\'t instantaneously, as the earliest one that was going to happen for a company, which Felix had his eyes on for a while, was in the next year or so.

Felix didn\'t have enough capital to support him, don\'t even mention putting hundreds of millions in stocks, that were going to raise only a year later.

That being said, after the series >My Love Rival is Menew game\'Ting, Ting, Ting!

Needle sound continued to resound in the living room, as it kept passing one format by the other until it completely froze on a format.

FINALLY! The moment Felix saw the format, he could help but shout with his fists clenched tightly.

>Congratulation on picking Battle Format!Ti-ring!

>Congratilation on picking The King of The Island Game!King of The Island Farforce_5844: Silver Rank, Low-Tier Wins 6 / Losses 16.

(For more details click on the name)

>Alphatech_1497: Silver Rank, Mid-Tier, Wins 5 / Losses 10.



> Cl.u.s.terfire_7934: Silver Rank, Mid-Tier, Wins 7 / Losses 13.


> Unpaid Landlord_6996: Bronze Rank, Peak-Tier, Wins 2 / Losses 0.



> Biohunter_6687: Silver Rank, Peak-Tier, Wins 9 / Losses 7 (For...)

> Grimmind_10222: Silver Rank low Tier, wins 6 / losses 17.

(For...) //

After scrolling to the bottom of the list, Felix found out that he was the only bronze player in the entire list!

Why most of them have three times losses than wins Asna asked with a playful look.

Isn\'t it obvious Felix clarified with a hint of sympathy in his voice, They were the losers, add ons, who wins games only if by luck or getting their some of their favorite formats.

Oh Just like you. She chuckled at his trembling lips, You lost at least 15 games until you finally made it into gold rank.

Felix didn\'t even lash at her, as it was his fault for falling in such an obvious attempt of teasing.

It was clear that she read his memories and knew beforehand, but asked to make fun of his garbage performance in his past life.

Though, mentioning so brought him some unpleasant memories, like the fact he had to pause his integration in peak 1st stage of replacement until he got out of silver.

The Supremacy Games wasn\'t merciful at all to losers like him, as it set a specific range of strength between ranks that couldn\'t be broken.

For example, the integration allowed in bronze to silver was from lesser purity to peak 1st stage of replacement.

This meant the players in silver rank, who broke through the 2nd stage of the replacement would not be allowed to play in the platform anymore as their strength outclassed their rank.

The platform could add specific silver games, where those with 2nd stage or replacement could compete in.

But why would they do so

They were trying their best to minimize the number of players in this overcrowded platform.

And by being proactive in keeping those losers, it would defy what they were seeking.

Obviously, the players didn\'t want to be kicked out of the platform, as it meant, heading to the real universe to do clan missions, hunting beasts, and such for gathering their resources.

They would rather halt their integration than ending up with such a fate.

Nevertheless, there was a silver lining about this.

As the more games one plays, the more experience he gathers, making him enhance his chances of gaining victory.

As long as they continue to survive and grid in the games, they would definitely get out of their rank at some point.

The same happened to Felix in his previous life, as he had his integration halted in peak 1st stage of rep for at least three years until he finally made it out of silver rank.

That being said, everything had an opposite, just like there were losers in the games, having a trash 30% win ratio, there were winners, who had either a 50% win ratio or above.

Solar Mist, Spirit Visage, Hound Stench, and the rest of the hardcore players in the shuffle maze were those winners.

Felix knew that he had to watch out for players like them in the upcoming game.

Thus, he swiftly started scouting the players with the highest win ratio, spending hours marking the players\' names and their abilities in his mind.

After he was done, he went to the garage and took his car out, driving towards the training center.

He wasn\'t planning on wasting those five days without practicing strategies and tricks to win the game.

He was aiming higher than just winning the game!


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