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You\'re joking right Felix couldn\'t help but exclaim in disbelief.

I wish. She removed the bedsheets, exposing her cute furry pajamas while speaking with a serious tone, What you saw wasn\'t in your imagination but a tiny piece of Jörmungandr\'s consciousness waking up for a split second before returning to sleep! She sighed, And if you keep integrating and adding more of his essence into your body, he will wake up for real and none of us is going to like the outcome of that happening.

What do you mean Felix clasped his hands on his head as he said, I understand that I am nothing but dirt in front of such a being, but you are one of the superior beings just like him. He asked while looking deeply into her eyes, So why are you worried about him waking up

Of course, I will be worried! She yelled, If he wakes up, he will either destroy your soul, killing me with you, or be a nice beast and start living with me in this tiny consciousness! She sulked, None of those options are good for me!

Nice beast

Felix shook his head at such a farfetched idea.

He was more inclined into believing that the Jörmungandr wasn\'t going to let go of such a free method of revival.

This meant, he would need to kill them both as there was no way he would prefer sealing himself inside Felix\'s consciousness with the whiny Asna.

What now He passed his hand through his hair with a thoughtful expression, Am I supposed to halt my integration

Not really. Asna shook her head as she clarified, I believe that the consciousness will truly wake up only after you reach 98% to 99% in your integration. She stretched her arms above her head while yawning, So, you can carry on your integration like normal.

Just stop at 96% or 97% until we think of a solution.

That\'s some good news at least. Felix sighed in relief.

Oh now that I think about it. She reminded him, Don\'t integrate more than 2% at each time.

I think that the reason you feel a headache after each integration is due to the Jörmungandr\'s attempts to keep his consciousness up for as long as possible before sleeping again. She explained, Your mental strength is too weak to handle his oppression pressure.

No wonder! Felix smiled wryly.

He understood that he and Asna might have one soul, but their social status was further apart by light-years.

This meant the Jörmungandr\'s oppression had zero effect on Asna.

However, for him, just a single thought, word, or a gaze with intention of harm, was enough to seal his fate.

Asna had no way to help him out defend this oppression feeling as it was aimed at his consciousness, not at their soul.

If he wanted to avoid all of this together, he had to start integrating with 2% per 2%, either from two days to two days or three to three.

It all depended on his choice.

Sigh, I should have known that integrating with a primogenitor isn\'t going to end well. Felix sighed while shaking his head.

Obtaining full manipulation of the poison element He knew that it was too good to be true.

However, he actually never had a chance to think deeply about it since Asna gave him only a couple of seconds to make a decision during his awakening.

She told him the benefits of awakening with this bloodline and the negatives which she knew about, like the fact he needed to hunt for its essence.

Only now, did the real dangers of awakening with a primogenitor bloodline resurfaced.

At this point, he didn\'t know if there were still more or not.

Thank you, get some rest, you worked really hard today.

Unbothered by his sarcastic tone, Asna flipped him the finger while closing her eyes, returning to her sleep.

Felix chuckled and left his consciousness.


Four hours later...

Felix finished his daily team practice routine and now he was taking a quick shower at the end of the hallway\'s bathroom.

After a while, Felix finished showering and was returning to his room, wearing only a towel, which was covering his nether region to his knees.

Oh my, he is at it again.

If he didn\'t already have a girlfriend, I would have already jumped on him.

Shush, he will hear you.

The girls, who saw him walking like that in the hallway, kept giggling and gossiping with flushed cheeks.

Well, their eagerness to hit it off with Felix wasn\'t out of nowhere as he was currently being coined on the internet as the new Mr.

Perfect, robbing Adam of his title.

But, this teenager\'s nuisance just made Felix fed up and use a girlfriend excuse as a shield.

After seeing that he was almost near them, they offered him the most beautiful smile they could muster, hoping to attract his attention.

Unfortunately for them, Felix had his head buried in a hologram, showing the current prices of sand element stones in the public markets.

Of course, they couldn\'t see the hologram, and that made them a bit upset, thinking that he was ignoring them.

But did Felix gave a ** Nope!


Felix closed the door of his room behind him and went to the closet.

After getting dressed, he laid on the bed wearing pajamas and continued to browse the prices of the sand element stones, from medium-grade to peak-grade.

// Medium-grade: 1000 SC in the Alexander Kingdom/ 2000 SC everywhere else.

High-grade: 10000 SC in the Alexander Kingdom/30000 SC everywhere else.

Peak-grade: 40000 SC in the Alexander Kingdom/120000 SC everywhere else. //

After seeing that the prices weren\'t really that different from the poison stones, which he bought before, he smiled bitterly.

He knew that to reach a 100% affinity rating from 1%, it was going to take a while plus a huge amount of high-grade stones.

Felix didn\'t even consider using peak-grade stones as they were extremely hard to get in public markets.

They only get circulated between the upper echelon or inside auctions, getting sold by bulks.

The only accessible way to buy them for him currently was using game points or a wish.

That being said, Felix had no plans on wasting either of these two on merely energy stones.

Let\'s see how many stones will I need. Felix created two side-holograms, one was displaying the number of poison stones he needed to reach 100% from 59%, and the other showing the number of coins spent in the process.

After doing a quick calculation, he found out that he needed 12,500 high-grade stones to reach 100% from 1%!

This result was considering the fact that Asna took half of the purified energy from his first affinity enhancement.

If he bought each stone using the lowest price tag, he would need a total of 125 million SC.

Sadly, Felix wasn\'t optimistic about believing that he would get even 3000 stones with that price.

Thus, the total should at least triple.

I can\'t be roaming kingdoms and getting spit at again, I need to invest in a mining company. Felix rested his chin on his hand, deep in thought on which mining company did it strike it rich in the future by finding rare minerals or high concentrated energy mines.

Unlike his investment in movies and series, which he clearly remembered extremely well due to him being a cinema lover, the mining industry on the other hand, wasn\'t really part of his interest in his previous life.

After all, there was an infinite amount of news trending on daily basis just in the Mariana Empire from all industries.

Unless Felix narrowed his daily news intake to the mining industry only, he could forget about understanding what was going on in their world.

Unfortunately, Felix\'s daily news was centered mainly on the SG both in his previous life and now. 

His lack of knowledge was biting him now in the ass, as no matter how deep he dug within his memories he remembered not a single mining company name.

Though he clearly understood that his memory was actually **, and even if he probably saw some news, which went trending empire-wide about the mining industry, he wouldn\'t be able to recall it no matter how hard he tried.

That being said, Felix had a super memory search engine living in his consciousness that could solve this problem.

\'Asna can yo...forget it.\' Felix shook his head and tucked himself in the bedsheets.

He wanted to sound his request, but he didn\'t want to ruin her sleep two times in a row as he knew that if he went and did so, she would act spitefully and ignore his request.

\'Queen, please Log me in.\'


10 minutes later, inside Fuzzia Stones Shop, Felix was sitting on a comfy armchair while drinking a cup of coffee, waiting patiently for Jadie, the shop owner to finish his business deal with another customer.

Thankfully, he wasn\'t left waiting for long as that customer shook Jadie\'s hand and left through the door.

After seeing that Jadie was approaching him, Felix stood from his seat and extended his hand forward with a polite smile.

Long time no see, brother Felix. Delighted, Jadie straightaway went for a hug instead of shaking Felix\'s hand.

To treat Felix this friendly, he must have gotten the shapeshifter p.e.n.i.s from Looby\'s shop.

For a man with problems down there to get the shapeshifter p.e.n.i.s was the greatest wish he could ever ask for.

After a quick hug, Jadie let go of Felix and requested, How can I serve you, brother Felix. He smiled confidently, Just say the word and it shall be achieved.

I need 12,500 high-grade sand stones, when do I take them Felix asked while blinking his eyes innocently.

You said 1250 stones right Jadie drew closer to Felix as he asked with a tingle of disbelief.

Nope, 12.500, and I need them as fast as possible. Felix coughed with shifty eyes, I believe getting them won\'t be that hard for you with your wide network.

Brother Felix, stop jesting. Troubled, Jadie had creases on his forehead as he leaned back on his chair.

I don\'t know why you need such a high amount again and I honestly would rather not ask.

However, I can\'t give you all that amount at once and you know it already. He smiled wryly, We discussed it before.

Well, you told me to ask what I need. Felix shrugged his shoulders, That\'s what I did.

Felix knew that Jadie wasn\'t going to sell him that amount even if he somehow managed to secure it.

Jadie\'s shop was most of the time empty wasn\'t because he didn\'t have clients, but in fact, he had hundreds upon hundreds all with business contracts.

Some signed a contract entailing that Jadie had to deliver 100 high-grade stones each month, while some were signing 10 or 500 per three months.

All it mattered was that the limit was 1000 stones per 6 months.

This meant, that Jadie\'s stone stock would never be enough to give each customer what he asked for.

Felix was well aware of this, but he couldn\'t help but want to tease him a bit as he was always overly excited whenever he saw him.

1000 is not doing anything for me. Felix took a small sip, Can you recommend me to one of your mining companies

Brother Felix, I hope you understand that those companies never deal directly with customers. Jadie informed him with good intentions, You will just waste your time trying to convince them into selling you what you seek.

I am planning on investing in one of them, but I\'m not really that familiar with the elemental stones mining industry. Felix said, very serious.

I see, may I know which elements do you require the most Jadie asked.

Poison and sand. Felix replied.

Jadie nodded his head and started tapping on his bracelet.

In a moment, a hologram displaying five names was shown to Felix.

Those are the companies best known for mining stones for those two elements in the Kingdom. Jadie pointed at the one in the middle and suggested, Do consider investing in this company, as I own some shares in, and so far it has been rising in a steady manner.

I appreciate the recommendations. Pleased, Felix smiled while pointing his bracelet at the list, wanting to copy it.

It\'s nothing. Jadie waved his hand dismissively while asking, Are you planning on buying only the 1k high-grade stones, or should I throw in medium-grade as well

Give me both. Felix answered.

Medium-grade might not help much in increasing his affinity but at this point, Felix would buy anything related to sand element to hasten the affinity enhancement.

Please sign this. Jadie sent him a standard contract, which Felix signed after reading it carefully.

After the payment was wired and the serial codes were given, Felix stood up and extended his hand with a polite smile, I will show myself out.

You are always welcome. Jadie smiled and let go of his hand.


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